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Parishmouse is currently being moved from Wordpress to a static site built with Hugo. This means that temporarily some info will be missing but I will get it all back as fast as I can. During the process a lot of the articles will be combined into one which will mean that all the information for a parish will, generally, be available from the one page. This should make things a lot easier. The reason for the move is twofold. The main reason is security. The amount of hacking attempts that have been made against the site is unbelievable, thankfully due to the security installed on the site none have been successful but I seem to spend more time tending to the security of the site than writing articles. The second reason is cost. Over the years parishmouse has grown quite big and its hosting requirements have also grown. To continue to run the site on wordpress was going to mean hosting costs running into many hundreds of pounds. Whereas in the past this may have been feasible, unfortunately, with more and more people running adblockers the revenue from advertising is falling and therefore it is not financially viable to continue to use software to run the site that needs such powerfull hosting. By switching to a static site the hosting requirements are a lot less and much cheaper and hopefully Parishmouse will be self-funding in future.

Many thanks for your continued support. Sally

Parishmouse provides a wealth of information about the history of parishes, towns and hamlets throughout the United Kingdom, transcribed from historical books and parish registers. The information will be of particular interest to those tracing their family histories or researching local history.

In addition to parish history there is also a growing collection of historical and modern day photos of the parishes.

The information is organised by country, then county and parish. Each county page has an index of articles for places within that county.

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