The following are the principal inhabitants:


Booth Henry, Esq.

Brown George, Esq.

Creyke Ralph, Esq. Justice of Peace

Dales Thomas, Esq.

Darley George, Esq.

Foster William, Esq.

Ganton Benjamin, Esq.

Greame John, Esq.

Greame Robert, Esq.

Heblethwayte William, Esq.

Hodgson George, Esq.

Moon Thomas, sen. Esq.

Pitts John, Esq.

Sanders Nicholas, Esq.

Taylor Francis, sen. Esq.

Taylor Francis, jun. Esq.

Wall Isaac, Esq.


Henderson Rev. Joseph

Lundy Rev. Francis, Vicar

Sanders Rev. William

Ward Rev. John, Curate


Doeg John, Surgeon and Man-Midwife

Dawson George, Surgeon and Man-Midwife

Kentish Richard, M.D.

Whiteacre Thomas, Surgeon and Man-Midwife


Moon Thomas, jun. Notary Public

Prickett and Son, Notary Publics

Taylor and Harland, Notary Publics

Traders, &c.

Addy George, Sail-maker

Auther Francis, Anchorsmith

Allison Jos. Victualler, (Black Bull)

Allinson Moses, Cooper

Allison George, Plumber and Glazier

Atkinson Samuel, Ironmonger

Anlaby Tho. Victualler, (Nag’s-head)

Barker Wm. Victualler, (Pack Horse)

Brandom Robert, Horse-dealer

Brambles Thomas, Butcher

Brambles William, Butcher

Bell William, Taylor

Brown George, Butcher

Brown Rob. Hatter & Woollen-draper

Brown Thomas, Maltster

Baker William, Grocer, &c.

Broad Robert, Stay-maker, Mercer, & Linen-draper

Beilby Rob. Draper, Mercer, & Grocer

Baron Francis, Maltster and Manufacturer of Linens

Beverley John, Boot and Shoe-maker

Cape James, Victualler, (Boar)

Carr John, Victualler, (Shoulder Mutton)

Carr William, Sadler

Carter Luke, Peruke-maker

Cook Isaac, Grocer, Wine and Brandy-merchant

Cook John, Butcher

Cook Henry, Post-office, (Black Lion)

Cook Seth, Baker

Cowton Samuel, Stay-maker

Clubley Richard, Butcher

Collinson William, Butcher

Collinson Benj. Joiner & Cabinet-maker

Collinson Samuel, Common Brewer, &c.

Coates Francis, Joiner, &c.

Clarkson John, Maltster

Dandy John, Boot and Shoe-maker

Dixon George, Plumber and Glazier

Dale John, Ironmonger and Grocer

Dickinson Hannah, Grocer

Dickinson Anne, Milliner

Dickinson John, Tallow-chandler

Darley Jane, Grocer

Darley George, Butcher

Dawson Edward, Flax-dresser

Douglas Jos. Baker & Tallow-chandler

Dewell John, Cart and Waggonwright

Draper Robert, Taylor

Danby Robert, Cooper

Doeg James, Peruke-maker

Ellis Francis, Ship-builder

Elliott Robert, Baker

Eggleston John, Boot and Shoe-maker

Eggleston John, Victualler, (Globe)

Edmond Christopher, Taylor

Fletcher Francis, Boot & Shoe-maker

Furley John, Bookseller & Linen-draper

Fox Richard, Grocer and Draper

Forth William, Hatter

Ford Thomas, Cart and Waggonwright

Frankish Robert, Victualler

Frankish Richard, Victualler

Frost Henry, Butcher

Frost John, Butcher

Greenhead William, Victualler

Glover Robert, Joiner & Cabinet-maker

Greenwood William, Worsted-maker

Gawkrodger James, Grocer, &c.

Haworth Pierson, Tinner and Brazier

Harrison Thomas, Horse-dealer

Hall John, Taylor

Hall Richard, Common Brewer, Corn & Coal-merchant

Hodgson James, Victualler (Swan)

Hardy Mat. Victualler (Pack Horse)

Hardy John, Butcher

Hardy Matthew, Cooper

Hardy Michael, Butcher

Hardy J. Confectioner and Linen-draper

Hardy Ruth, Linen-draper & Grocer

Holiday George, Blacksmith

Holmes Thomas, Hosier

Holmes Thomas, Boot and Shoe-maker

Holderness Thomas, Bricklayer, &c.

Husband Anthony, Taylor

Holder William, Taylor

Heselton Ebenezer, Fellmonger, &c.

Harward Robert, Sadler

Horsley Wm. Common Brewer & Maltster

Hunter John, Clock and Watch-maker

Holtby, Nightingale, and Haggit, Common Brewers and Maltsters

Holtby Wm. Draper, Mercer, & Grocer

Hopper Richard, Maltster and Grocer

Innis James, Nursery and Seedsman

Jackson Benjamin, Boot & Shoe-maker

Jefferson William, Butcher

Johnson Geo. Weaver & Linen-draper

Kerry William, Boot and Shoe-maker

Knowles Gabriel, Flax-dresser, &c.

Linton Thomas, Fellmonger

Lowery Wm. Glover & Breeches-maker

Leadley John, Linen-draper, Tea-dealer, Printer, Bookbinder, and Stationer

Meek John, Miller

Marshall Aaron, Corn & Coal-dealer

Marshall Stephen, Timber, Corn, and Coal-merchant, and Maltster

Molden John, Licensed to let Post-horses

Molden John, Victualler, (Ship)

Mackiever James, Taylor

Nickson John, Grocer

Noble John, Cheesemonger, &c.

Oliver John, Common Brewer & Maltster

Plummer Thomas and Son, Drapers, Mercers, Grocers, &c.

Porter Dan. Mercer, Draper, & Grocer

Porter Mary, Linen-draper

Popplewell John, Clock & Watch-maker

Pool William, Boot and Shoe-maker

Philiskirk Ann, Grocer & Linen-draper

Parrot John, Miller

Perrit Francis, Boot and Shoe-maker

Pool John, Weaver

Preston Francis, Peruke-maker

Preston Wm. Hair-dresser & Perfumer

Rape William, Excise-office

Rickaby John, Sadler

Redpeth Robert, Boot and Shoe-maker

Raffield Mark, Peruke-maker

Reaston Edward, Victualler, (Star)

Robinson Tho. Cart & Waggonwright

Robson Richard, Victualler

Sawdon Thomas, Currier

Sawdon Wm. Corn and Coal-merchant

Scott Richard, Currier

Stork Thomas, Blacksmith

Shield William, Shoe-maker

Stockell William, Taylor

Sales John, Taylor

State Charles, Horse-dealer

Smith Joseph, Horse-dealer

Simpson Hutchinson, Victualler (Ship)

Simpson Thomas, Maltster

Siver Richard, Maltster

Sedman Benjamin and Son, Plumbers, Glaziers, and Painters

Sinkler Matthew, Victualler

Stephenson William, Victualler

Skelton William, Bricklayer & Grocer

Savage Wm. Block and Mast-maker

Sutton Stephen, Victualler, (Angel)

Swan Anne, Milliner

Taylor John, Rope-maker

Taylor Wm. Grocer and Tea-dealer

Thompson Wm. Boot and Shoe-maker

Thompson Eliz. Milliner & Confectioner

Twisleton John, Ship Rope-maker

Teale James, Victualler (Red Lion)

Vickerman Edward, Butcher

Vickerman Tho. Boot and Shoe-maker

Vickerman W. Weaver & Linen-draper

Wright Esther, Mercer and Draper

Williamson Elizabeth, Milliner

Williamson Mat. Corn & Coal-merchant

Williamson M. Licensed to let Post-horses

Waring and Agar, Brandy-merchants

Winteringham John & Robert, Millers

Winteringham Wm. Cabinet-maker

Wilcock James, Blacksmith

Wiles William, Blacksmith

Wetman George, Miller

Watson Mich. Hair-dresser & Perfumer

Wilson Charles, Taylor

Ward John, Licensed to let Post-horses

White Yates, Butcher

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.