Aberford Yorkshire Universal British Directory 1791

Situate in the West Riding, and 188 miles from London.  It stands on the great Roman causeway, which, all the way to Castleford-bridge, appears as entire as when first made, though it is upwards of seventeen hundred years old.  Under the town runs the river Cock; and near it may be seen the foundation of an old fort, called castle-cary.  Here was formerly a priory of Franciscan friars.  This town has been many years noted for its manufactory of pins; but otherwise it is a place of no trade.  It has a market on Wednesday, and five annual fairs, viz. the last Monday in April, the last Monday in May; the first Monday in October; the first Monday after St. Luke; and first Monday after All Souls.  If All Souls by upon a Monday, it is held on that day.  There are three coaches, the mail, the Newcastle, and Carlisle; the two former pass to and from London every day; and the latter every other day; and arrives in London in about two nights and one day.  The post in and out daily.  The following are its inhabitants:


Browne Captain Richard (F.)

Bullock William, Esq. (F.)

Greys William Robert, Esq.

Raper John, Esq.

Witham William, Esq.


Carne, Rev. Edward, Vicar of Aberford

Story – , Roman Catholic Priest


Atkinson Charles, Surgeon and Apothecary

Kay Richard, Surgeon, Apothecary, and Man-midwife

Traders, &c.

Addie Elizabeth, Victualler

Backus Andrew, (F.) Pin-maker

Backus Richard, Farmer

Bainbridge Timothy, (F.) Farmer

Blackstone Samuel, Basket-maker

Braithwaite William, Farmer

Braithwaite William, Taylor

Bloom James, Tallow Chandler

Bloom Matthew, Sadler

Clarckson Robert, Farmer

Clemishaw John, Inn-keeper

Cooper John, (F.) Farmer

Crossland Henry, Farmer

Emmingway Robert, Roper

Farrer Richard, Farmer

Frew Robert, Peruke-maker

Gibson Mr. – , Officer of Excise

Gibson George, jun. Butcher

Giles Robert, Hatter

Goodhall George, Clock-maker

Hague William, Joiner

Hemsworth John, Farmer

Hick George, Blacksmith

Hick George, sen. Blacksmith

Howcroft Robert, Shoe-maker

Howdle Thomas, Farmer

Jackson Miles, (F.) Miller

Jackson William, Farmer

Layster Elias, Mason

Liverseege Edward, Farmer

Lorriman John, jun. Farmer

Malthouse Thomas, Blacksmith

Middlebrough Edward, (F.) Wheelwright

Milner William, Saddler

Moorhouse Stephen, Mercer and Woollen Draper

Morton John, (F.) Labourer

Myers Samuel, Wheelwright

Naylor Richard, Mason

Ovington Robert, Shoe-maker

Pearson Thomas, Farmer

Preston William, Farmer

Priestman George, Farmer

Prince John, (F.) Taylor

Reynoldson Thomas, Taylor

Richardson Thomas, Shoe-maker

Robinson Anthony, (F.) Sadler

Sanderson Ephraim, (F.) Schoolmaster

Scrivin John, jun. Tallow Chandler

Scrivin John, Butcher

Selby Caleb, (F.) Farmer

Shaw Edmund, Schoolmaster

Shipen Richard, Grocer

Simpson John, Baker

Stanley Thomas, Inn-keeper

Stead John, Farmer

Tomlinson Robert, (F.) Butcher

Trickett Joshua, (F.) Butcher

Varley John, Taylor

Varley John, jun. Taylor

Walker John, (F.) Farmer

Whitehead Thomas, Baker

Wilkinson Joseph, (F.) Cooper

Wilks John, Linen Draper

Wood Christopher, (F.) Joiner

Wood Thomas, Victualler

Wray Peter, Mason

From Aberford to Bramham is four miles North, at which place are the seats of Sir George Allanson Winn, Bart. and Lady Goodrick.  Becca Lodge, one mile, the seat of William Markham, Esq.  Potterton, one mile and a half West, the seat of Edward Wilkinson, Esq.  Barwick, two miles; Parlington Hall, one mile, seat of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, Bart.  Garforth, three miles South West; Micklefield, two miles South; Lotherton, one mile, seat of John Kendall, Esq.  Saxton, three miles East; Haselwood Hall, two miles, seat of Sir Walter Vavisor, Bart.  Bramham Moore, four miles North East, seat of Peregrine Wentworth, Esq.

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 5.