Worcestershire Parish Registers Marriages Vol. 2

Title: Worcestershire Parish Registers Vol. II Series: Worcestershire Parish Registers Publisher: London, Phillimore Format: PDF Pages: 188

Transcriptions of the marriages of people from parishes in Worcestershire as listed below. This book is free to download in PDF format.


The books contains transcriptions of the marriages for the following Worcestershire parishes. Each parish is linked here to the main parish page which contains further information about the parish and links to other resources that you may find helpful in tracing your family history.

North and Middle Littleton 1662-1812

South Littleton 1539-1812

Churchill-in-Halfshire 1564-1812

North Piddle 1571-1810

Himbleton 1713-1812

Huddington 1695-1812

Cleeve Prior 1599-1837

Little Comberton 1540-1812

Upton Snodsbury 1587-1837

Bushley 1539-1837

Birtsmorton 1539-1812

Rushock 1667-1837

Frankley 1604-1812

Eastham 1571-1837

Hanley Child 1754-1836

Orleton 1760-1780

Hanley William 1586-1837