Sansome Place Worcester 1905

Right Side From Sansome Street

Roman Catholic Church (St. George’s) Rev. Father Edward Kernan, Rev. Father Francis McShane, and Rev. Father New, Priests.

The Presbytery – Kernan, Rev. Father Ed.

The Presbytery – McShane Rev. Father Francis

The Presbytery – New Rev. Father

St. George’s Convent – Sisters of Charity of Saint Paul

  1. Void

4 & 5 Curtler, Davis& Curtler. Solicitors

4 & 5 Davis Edward Amphlett (Curtler, Davis & further), clerk to the county magistrates for Worcester division

4 & 5 Curtler Walter Thomas (Curtler, Davis & Curtler), solicitor

  1. Day Ernest, architect, F.R.I.B.A.

  2. Void

  3. Campbell & Garrard, solicitors

  4. Campbell Wm. Art. (Campbell & Garrard)

  5. Garrard Samuel Bromley, M.A., (Campbell & Garrard)

  6. Porter Miss Annie, apartments

  7. Thompson W. & Co., leather merchants

  8. Void

  9. Rutter Thomas, hay and straw dealer

  10. Ings Mrs. Adelaide, apartments

  11. Cullis Mrs. Emily, apartments

  12. Rowbrey Mrs. Clara, apartments

  13. Barber Henry James, city turncock

Here Is Manning Place

Roman Catholic Schools (boys and girls) – Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul

Girls’ National School (Holy Trinity) – Miss Kate Blanche Gibson, Mistress; Bowen Mrs., caretaker

Back entrance to Black Horse, Lowesmoor

Ackroyd Merrall Michael, Thorncliffe Model Laundry

Evans George, foreman

Underhill C. T., builder (yard)

Temperance Hall – Tetstall Wm., Secretary

Workshop void

  1. Harding William, painter

  2. Watts Henry, labourer

  3. Poyser William, foreman wheelwright

Middleton & Co., wheelwrights and smiths (see advt.)

Here Is Lowesmoor Wharf


Green Fredk. John Wm., Elephant & Castle

  1. Blunt Charles, labourer

  2. Garbett George, j’man wheelwright

  3. Rutter Thomas, hay trusser

  4. Langley Frederick, j’man gardener

  5. Barker Richard, carter

  6. Barratt Edgar, bricklayer

Here Is Lion Walk

  1. Spragg William, labourer

  2. Watts Thomas, labourer

  3. Langford John, labourer

  4. Sanders John, porter

35 & 36. Moseley Vincent, j’man shoemaker

  1. Hughes Edwin John, tin-plate worker

  2. Denmead Mrs. Ann, gloveress

  3. Savage Harry, foreman

  4. Void

  5. Mable Henry, journeyman blacksmith

  6. Brooks Thomas, fitter

  7. Allen William, journeyman blacksmith

  8. Brown Mrs., laundress

  9. Davis William, journeyman painter

  10. Griffiths William, drayman

  11. Coleman Mrs. Eliza, charwoman

  12. Knight Charles, labourer

  13. Thomas Joshua, blacksmith

  14. Kendrick Frederick, labourer

Larkworthy J. L. & Co., agricultural engineers (workshops)

Here Is Lion Walk

Lowesmoor Iron Works – Larkworthy J. L. & Co., agricultural engineers

Here Is Sansome Walk

Middleton & Co., wheelwrights and smiths; William Poyser, Foreman

Friends’ Meeting House

Friends’ Yard – Skarratt Miss Caroline E.

Friends’ Yard – Hodges Mrs.

Friends’ Yard –Tipping Miss Emma, seamstress

Mills Albert, engineer

Here Is Sansome Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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