Infirmary Walk Worcester 1905

Right Side From The Butts

Witts Lewis, market gardener

Yarnold Elias, boot maker

House void

Here Is Butts Walk

Thomas Albert, journeyman tinman

Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth shopkeeper

Gothic House- Davis John A., prison warder

Woodbine Cottage – Bury Miss

Rose Cottage – Wainwright Mrs. E.

Here Is cherry Tree Walk

  1. Magdala Terrace – Pegg Charles, glover

  2. Magdala Terrace – Linton Colin, shopkeeper

  3. Magdala Terrace – Higgins Alfred, j’man coachsmith

  4. Magdala Terrace – void

  5. Magdala Terrace – Green Harry, mail cart driver

  6. Magdala Terrace – Fielding Thomas, gardener

  7. Magdala Terrace – Dyke Mrs. Mary, sextoness of St. Nicholas Church

  8. Magdala Terrace – Clarke Albert, ostler

  9. Magdala Terrace – Cornish George, cab driver

  10. Magdala Terrace – Wood Richard, cab driver

  11. Magdala Terrace – Brooks John, law clerk

  12. Magdala Terrace – Page Walter, journeyman painter

  13. Magdala Terrace – Twinning Wm., labourer

  14. Magdala Terrace – Drake Miss H., shopkeeper

  15. Magdala Terrace – Connop William, hairdresser

  16. Clifton Ter. – Perring Mrs. Susan, Indrs.

  17. Clifton Ter. – Thwaites Archibald, engineer

  18. Clifton Ter. – Talbot Joseph, compositor

  19. Clifton Ter. – Garland Mrs., apartments

  20. Clifton Ter. –Walters Mrs. Mary, charwmn.

  21. Clifton Ter. – Prior Ernest, porter

  22. Clifton Ter. – Margaret Herb. Ed., ch. bdr.

  23. Clifton Ter. – void

  24. Clifton Ter. – Perks Newton Harry, engi’nr

  25. Clifton Ter. – Gibbons J., glover

  26. Clifton Ter. – Till Miss Lucy

  27. Clifton Ter. – Grist S. J., commercial clerk

  28. Clifton Ter. – Culter Mrs. E. M., widow

  29. Clifton Ter. – Grimes Thos., j’man watchmkr.

  30. Clifton Ter. – Finnigan John, pensioner

  31. Clifton Ter. – Hobday H. .E.

Constabulary Office – Lieut.-Col. H. S. Walker, Chief Constable of the County; William Henry Farmer, Superintendent and Chief Clerk

Here Is Castle Street

Left Side From The Butts

Back way to Paul Pry Inn

Jones Benjamin, wardrobe dealer

Netherton Lane – Savage Mrs. J., charw’mn

Netherton Lane – Evans Thomas, hawker

Netherton Lane – Hughes John, labourer

Netherton Lane – Jeynes William, labourer

  1. Netherton Place – Hill G., j’man painter

  2. Netherton Place – Glover Thomas William, glover

  3. Netherton Place – Davis Mrs., charwoman

  4. Netherton Place – Lane Thomas, rural postman

  5. Netherton Place – Wedgbury Harry, labourer

  6. Netherton Place – Brookings Mrs. Clara, charwoman

  7. Netherton Place – Davis Samuel, stoker

  8. Netherton Place – Widdowson Rbt., j’man basket mkr.

  9. Netherton Place – Walker Mrs. Emma, charwoman

  10. Netherton Place – Tilbrook William, labourer

  11. Netherton Place –Hodgetts Samuel, labourer

  12. Netherton Place – Bradley Walter, j’man bootmaker

  13. Netherton Place –Baker Henry, iron moulder

Lea’s Almshouses (for six women)

St. Nicholas National Schools – Mrs. Anne Tustin, Mistress of Girls; Miss Ada Miller, Infant’s Mistress.

Walnut Tree House – Olver John Sobey

House occupied by the Nurses of the Infirmary

Worcester General Infirmary – V. G. Heseltine, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), House Surgeon; Dudley R. Harris, M.R.C.S. (Eng), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), House physician

Here Is Castle Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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