Happy Land West (St Johns) Worcester 1905

Right Side From Bromyard Road

  1. Sandpit Ter. – Davis Wm., labourer

  2. Sandpit Ter. – Wilshaw William, drayman

  3. Sandpit Ter. – Badger James, j’man blacksmith

  4. Sandpit Ter. – Munn Thomas, labourer

West Boulton Cots. – Clarke Thomas, tailor

West Boulton Cots. – Void

Fir Cottages – Bannister J., jobng. gardener

Fir Cottages – Yeates Ernest, packer

Here Is Happy Land North

Here Is Lambert Road

Here Is A footpath Leading To Broadheath

Percy Villa – Roberts James, dairyman

4.Comer Terrace – Bleakman Henry, j’man confectioner

  1. Comer Terrace – Prosser Charles, cab driver

  2. Comer Terrace – Chance Ann

  3. Comer Terrace – Chance Mrs. Mary Ann, seamstress

Townley Villas – Bradley Francis Samuel, lino. operator

Townley Villas – Poole Sarah

Laburnum Cottages – Parker Geo., packer

Laburnum Cottages – Johnstone Ernest, letter carrier

  1. Laughern Ter. – Williams Miss, laundress

  2. Laughern Ter. – Rowland James, j’man gardener

  3. Laughern Ter. – Lewis William, shoemaker

  4. Laughern Ter. – Mason William, j’man joiner

Elm Cots. – Fennell Wm., police constable

Elm Cots. – Branthwaite William

Here Is Bromyard Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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