Fort Royal Hill Worcester 1905

From London Road

Fort Royal – Steward John Alfred, J.P.

  1. Millin Miss

  2. Arnall Miss Ann

  3. Holland Herbert, j’man shoemaker

  4. Lewis Thomas Albert, Park Tavern

Here Is Upper Park Street

  1. Lawson Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper

  2. Pinches Mrs. Anne

  3. Ainslie Mrs. A. M., teacher of singing and dancing

Park Villa – Nash Mrs. Harriet

Hawthorne Cots. – Darke Mrs. Sarah

Hawthorne Cots. – Allen Joseph, stoker

  1. Albert Ter. – Potter Wm., j’man baker

  2. Albert Ter. – Webb John, insurance superin’dnt.

  3. Albert Ter. – Grimes Thomas, watchmaker

  4. Albert Ter. – Walker Mrs. Margaret, apartments

Fort Royal Lane – Pooton Miss M., servants’ registry

Fort Royal Lane – Colwell Fredk., bookseller

Fort Royal Lane – Derbyshire William, engine driver

Fort Royal Lane – Park House – Hyde Wm. Edwd.

  1. Fort Royal Lane – Layton Joseph, j’man stonemason

  2. Fort Royal Lane – Griffiths James L., packer

  3. Fort Royal Lane – Lloyd Ann Mary, apartments

  4. Fort Royal Lane – Thompson Charles, lifter

Fort Royal Villa – Void

  1. Rose Ter. – Frevillier Mrs. Mary, apartments

  2. Rose Ter. – Hunter William, jobbing gardener

  3. Rose Ter. – Bartlett Walter

Eversfield – Beevor Frederick Arthur

Here Is Cole Hill

Stanhope Villa – Boyce Thomas

Sunny Bank – Caink Thomas, C.E.

  1. Greenway Mrs. Elizabeth, apartments

  2. Glover Albert, china gilder

  3. George Henry, journeyman locksmith

  4. Brown Mrs.

  5. Smith George Herbert, lay clerk

  6. Done Mrs. Mary, apartments

  7. King Mrs. Emma, apartments

28A. Allen Mrs. E. S. P., apartments

28A. Warner Charles W., butcher’s assist.

  1. Bowker George, china potter

  2. Eades Mrs. Elizabeth

  3. Wadely Mrs. Clara Elizabeth

  4. Smith H. Percy, architect and surveyor

  5. Williams William, j’man carriage painter

  6. Dinley John, carrier’s agent

  7. Birbeck William Henry, fitter

Ayliffe Frederick, shopkeeper

Here Is Wyld’s Lane; Also Great Park Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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