Farrier Street Worcester 1905

Right Side From Castle Street

Stokes Charles, Three Tuns Hotel

Vine Cottage – Brace William, bricklayer

  1. Tyler’s Bldgs. – Orchard Edwd., saddler

  2. Tyler’s Bldgs. – Morris John, glover

  3. Tyler’s Bldgs. – McKinnon Hy. James, fishmonger’s assistant

  4. Tyler’s Bldgs. – Painting Mrs. Alice, charwoman

  5. Dunn’s Buildings – Badham Mrs. Mary, charwoman

  6. Dunn’s Buildings – Walton Arthur, labourer

  7. Dunn’s Buildings – Green Edward, mail driver

  8. Dunn’s Buildings – Void

  9. Dunn’s Buildings – Fowler Joseph, labourer

  10. Dunn’s Buildings – Void

  11. Dunn’s Buildings – Tipper Henry, cars driver

  12. Dunn’s Buildings – Poole Mrs. Mary Ann, laundress

Dunn’s Cottage – Perks John, stableman

Albert Cottage – Williams John, boot maker

Here Is Court No. 2.

Court No. 2 :-

Andrews John

Worthington George, fish hawker

House void

Munckton Henry, sheet dresser

Cumbley Hubert Tom, groom

End of Court No. 2.

Tyler Harry, shoeing smith

Dancocks Alfred, fly and hearse proprietor

Smith Thomas G., horse breaker (stables)

Here Is Cherry Tree Walk

Hubbard Harry, milkman

Gregory Charles, labourer

Smith Joseph, potman

Stanley William, coachman

Tarrant Mrs. Mary Ann, charwoman

Hughes George Henry, Farriers’ Arms

Here Is Butts Walk

Goodman & Sons, ironmongers, &c.

Here Is Shaw Street; Also The Butts

Left Side From Castle Street

Ophthalmic Hospital – (patients’ entrance), Emma Harrison, Sister in charge

Warehouse void

Here Is Cheshire Cheese Entry

Griffiths & Millington’s Auction Sale Rooms (goods entrance)

Museum Cottage – Rowberry Allen, groom

Veterinary Infirmary and Shoeing Forge –Franklin & Balls, veterinary surgeons

Bowen James, groom

Evans William, journeyman shoeing smith

Taylor John, journeyman blacksmith

Anderson H. P., hay and straw stores

Potter Miss Christiana E, shopkeeper

Here Is Court No. 3.

Star Hotel (back entrance) – George Edwin Spurr, Proprietor

Star Hotel Stables – Jones H. G., livery stables

Star Hotel Tap – Charles Edwd. Franklin, Manager

Bank House –Dancocks Alf., cab propr., &c.

Bank House – Balls R. W. J. (Franklin & Balls)

Here Is Shaw Street; Also The Butts

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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