East Street (Arboretum) Worcester 1905

Left Side From Northfield Street

  1. Walker Arthur Joseph, shopkeeper

  2. Norman Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress

  3. Pepper Edward, goods foreman

  4. Parker Mrs., lodgings

  5. Bloomer Alfred, laundry manager

  6. Hamblin John, glover

  7. Fysh Anthony Clayton, billiard marker

  8. Sewell John, coachmaker

  9. Lander Mrs., apartments

  10. The Constance Hardware Company (offices and stores)

10A. City and County Laundry – William Bloomer, Manager

  1. Arboretum Boot Wks. – Olds Edwd. Jas., wholesale boot & shoe manufacturer

  2. Rink Cot. – Whitworth Thos., turf agent

  3. Verna Cots. – Jackson Ernest G., coal dlr.

  4. Verna Cots. – Day Richard Alf., engine drvr.

  5. Dooley Henry, agent

  6. Cambridge Ho. – Gibbs Wm. T., law clerk

Here Is Southfield Street


  1. Beauchamp Vils. – Dukeswell Eliza, ldgs.

  2. Beauchamp Vils. – Knott William, j’man shoemaker

  3. Beauchamp Vils. – Stanley William, coal merchant

  4. Beauchamp Vils. – Naish Geo. H., goods guard (M.R.)

Here Is The Railway Mission Hall

Armstrong Joseph, journeyman carpenter

Parker Mrs. Ellen, apartments

Here Is Arboretum Road

  1. Plymouth Brethren Meeting Room

  2. Mayfair Villas – McGrath, compositor

  3. Mayfair Villas – Kelf Robert, fitter

  4. Mayfair Villas – Scott Wm., j’yman bookbinder

  5. Margetts George, French polisher

  6. Budden Mrs. Mary Jane, apartments

  7. Roberts Mrs. Amelia, dressmaker

  8. Passey Robert, journeyman bricklayer

  9. Davis Harry, letter carrier

  10. Ballard John, bill poster

  11. Farmer Francis George, Arboretum Inn

Here Is Northfield Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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