Cumberland Street Worcester 1905

Left Side From White Ladies Close

  1. Cross Arthur, timekeeper

  2. Taylor Mrs. Emma, apartments

  3. Harding Soloman Price, j’man brush mkr.

  4. White Joseph, viceman

  5. Wood Ernest, j’man baker

  6. Whitcombe Mrs.

  7. Lewis Mrs. S.

  8. Morris Mark, journeyman carpenter

  9. Mason Herbert, journeyman brewer

  10. Wilkes -., police constable

  11. Weaver Charles, j’man coachsmith

  12. Bishop Benjamin, journeyman baker

  13. Nash Thomas, journeyman tailor

  14. Castle William, glover

  15. Greaves John William, fitter

  16. Jevons Mrs.

  17. Winterdine – Davis Thos., j’man carpenter

  18. Lewis Benjamin, blacksmith

  19. Carter Ernest, letter carrier

  20. Walker George M., electrician

  21. Huffnell William, telegraph linesman

  22. Smith William Henry, shopkeeper

Here Is Somerset Place


Here is Lansdowne Street

  1. Turvey Mrs. Eliza, Peep o’ Day

23 A. Cheese Thomas, builder (yard)

  1. Williams Miss, machinist

  2. Moore James, pattern maker

  3. Beatty The Misses

  4. Modley Thomas, petty officer (navy)

  5. Farrant George, glover

  6. Holt Richard, tailor

Here Is The White Ladies Close

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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