Churches – Worcester Places of Worship Littleburys Worcester Directory 1905

All Saints’, All Hallows, Broad Street. – Rev. Benedict Arthure, M.A., Rector, Rev. G. A. Irving, M.A., Curate; W. W. Grundy and F J. Hall, Churchwardens; G. H. Hunt, Organist; H. T. Langford, Clerk and Sexton.

St. Alban’s, Fish Street. – United with St. Helen’s.

St. Andrew’s, Copenhagen Street. – Rev. Canon T. L. Claughton, M.A., Rector; G. Sanders and Albert Webb, Churchwardens; Richard Warren, Organist; John Jordan, Sexton.

St. Barnabas, Rainbow Hill. – Rev. William J. Worster, A.K.C., Vicar; E. Haywood and A. Usher, Churchwardens; C. A. Munn, Organist; J. Green, Verger.

St. Clement’s, Henwick Road. – Rev. Frederic Henry Richings, M.A., Rector; Rev. Thomas Davies, B.A., Assistant Curate; A. W. Knott and R. Morris, Churchwardens; W. G. Willoughby, Organist, Archibald Hardman, Clerk.

St. George’s, St. George’s Square. – Rev. Gerald M. Isaac, M.A., Vicar; Rev. Johnson Barker, M.A., and Rev. H. J. Chandos Burton, M.A., Assistant Curates; W. T. Curtler and J. A. McNaught, Churchwardens; C. H. Baker, Choirmaster; Percy S. Tyler, Organist; F. Marshall, Sexton.

St. Helen’s, High Street. – Rev. Charles Chaytor, M.A., Rector; W. Napper and F H. Plum, Churchwardens; George H. Smith, Organist; William Moore, Verger.

St. John-in-Bedwardine, St. John’s. – Rev. Canon Walter Raleigh Carr, M.A., Vicar; Rev. E. P. Rowland and Rev. C. R. Martyn, B.A., Assistant Curates; Albert Buck and W. Johnson, Churchwardens; George Street Chignell, F.C.O., Organist; Samuel J. Ranford, Parish Clerk.

St. Martin’s, London Road. – Rev. Robert Raikes Needham, M.A., Rector; Francis Barnitt, Churchwarden; F. Fielder, Organist and Choirmaster; W. G. Ross, Verger.

St. Martin’s Old Church, Old Corn Market (now joined with St. Swithin’s).

St. Mary Magdalene’s (Parish of The Tything), Sansome Walk. – Rev. Samuel Wallis Frost, Vicar; A. Randle and J. G. Armstrong, Churchwardens; Reginald Prosser, Organist; Chris. Fleet, Choirmaster; H. Pardoe, Verger.

St. Michael-in-Bedwardine, College Street. – Rev. Richard Thursfield, M.A.. Rector; C. Widdop and A. O. Mainwaring, Churchwardens; Henry Peach, Organist; W. Brook, Clerk.

St. Nicholas, The Cross. – Rev. G. F. Williams, M.A.. Rector; C. J. Whitehead and W. S. Carless, Churchwardens; Harry G. Bishop, Organist; Mrs. and F. Dyke, Sextons.

St. Oswald’s Hospital Chapel, Tything. – The Very Rev. the Dean of Worcester, Master; Rev. George F. Hooper, M.A., Chaplain; John Harvey Hooper, M.A., Steward.

St. Paul’s, St. Paul Street, Blockhouse. – Rev. Fredk. Wilkinson, Vicar; Rev. A. E. Holloway, Curate; Alfred Savage and George W. Glover, Churchwardens; J. Brook, Clerk.

St. Peter’s, Sidbury. – Rev. G. A. K. Simpson, M.A., Vicar; Rev. H. S. Chignell, B.A., and Rev. J. T. C. Davies, Curates; T. O. B. Norman and W. Bladon, Churchwardens; A. Neale, Organist; James Kite, Sexton.

St. Stephen’s, Barbourne. – Rev. Charles Ernest Hopton, M.A., Vicar; Rev. E. J. R. Lemon, M.A., Curate; W. Birch and A. Hill Parker, Churchwardens; Stanley James, Organist; G. L. Fowler, Clerk.

St. Swithin’s with Old St. Martin’s, Corn Market. – Rev. William Beattie Monahan, M.A., B.D., Rector; Rev. E. Stephens, Curate; H. B. Kenward and S. Branch, Churchwardens of St. Swithin’s; Francis Barnitt and T. Brown, Churchwardens of Old St. Martin’s; C. Lane, Organist.

Holy Trinity, Shrub Hill. – Rev. George F. Hough, M.A., Vicar; A. B. Rowe and E. L. Adlington, Churchwardens; William Arthur Parry, Organist and Choirmaster; Mrs. Gretton, Caretaker.

Waterman’s Church, Upper Quay. – District Church of St. Clement’s.

The Moors Mission Room – in connection with St. George’s Church.


Baptist Church, Sansome Walk. – Rev. Henry Wyatt, Pastor; Edgar Deacon, Organist.

Baptist Mission Chapels, Rainbow Hill, and Red Hill, London Road.

Congregational Church, Angel Place. – Rev. Arthur Hallack, M.A., Pastor; L. G. Winter, Organist.

Countess of Huntingdon’s Free Church, entrances from Bank Street and Birdport. –Rev. E. J. Boon, Minister; A. G. Lewis, Organist.

Presbyterian (Christ Church), Castle Street. – Rev. W. Wallace Duncan, M.A., Pastor; A. Milne, Session Clerk; D. McKelvie, Organist.

Primitive Methodist, St. Paul Street. – Rev. J. A. Taylor, Minister; Samuel Smallwood, Organist.

Plymouth Brethren Meeting Rooms, St. Nicholas Street, Bank Street, and Arboretum.

Religious Society of Friends’ Meeting House, Sansome Place.

Roman Catholic (St. George’s), Sansom Place. – Rev. Father Kernan, Rev. Father F. McShane, and Rev. Father F. New, Priests; Harry Burgess, Organist.

United Methodist Free Church (Zion), Great Park Street. – Rev. Arthur Barlow, Pastor; W. Alcock, Organist.

Wesleyan Chapels, Pump Street; Bromyard Road; St. John’s; and Ombersley Road. – Rev. Arthur Westcombe (Supertndt.), and Rev. G. Leonard White, Ministers; A. E. Woodhouse, Organist (Pump St.).

Mission Hall, Lowesmoor.

Mission Hall, Wyld’s Lane

Salvation Army Barracks, Lowesmoor.

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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