Church Terrace (St Johns) Worcester 1905

Acacia House – Taylor Elijah, bricklayer

Jessamine Villa – Smeaton James, printer

Ivy Cottage – Hammett Mrs. H., charwoman

Fidoe Mrs. Sarah

James Miss Mary, charwoman

Grazier Mrs. Esther

Nelson Cottage – St. John’s Workmen’s Club, Walter Morton, Secretary; Henry Bright, Manager

Albert Villa – Milner Mrs. Eleanor

Lettice William

Rea Henry, labourer


Gough Thomas, journeyman gardener

  1. Coucher’s Cots. – Outram Geo.. bootmkr.

  2. Coucher’s Cots. – Tegg John R., electrician

  3. Coucher’s Cots. – Coombs Mrs., gloveress

  4. Coucher’s Cots. – Batchelor William, labourer

  5. Coucher’s Cots. – Stinton Joseph, wharf clerk

  6. Coucher’s Cots. – Brush Charles, glover

  7. Coucher’s Cots. – Void

  8. Coucher’s Cots. – James Chris., jobbing gardener

  9. Coucher’s Cots. – Spencer Mrs. Ann

  10. Coucher’s Cots. – Osborne William, shoe repairer

  11. Coucher’s Cots. – Creese Mary, charwoman

  12. Coucher’s Cots. – Orgee Mrs. Emma, charwoman

Here Is Bransford Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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