Worcester Hackney Coaches Chairmen and Watermen Rates 1791

Rates of Hackney Coaches s d
To any distance from the coach-stand, in Angel-street, to any part of the city, except Barbourn 1 0
St. John’s and Barbourn 1 6
Within Henwick Turnpike 2 0
Bromwich Farm 2 0
Airing round Pitchcroft 2 0
Henwick Hill, Crown in Wich road, Red House, Barn’s-hall, or any distance within one mile from a turnpike 2 6
Ketch, Whitehall, Wick, the Raven, the New Inn, or any distance within two miles of a turnpike 3 0
Hallow, Powick, Claines, Whittingham, or Leopard 3 9
Any distance not exceeding three miles from a turnpike 4 0
Not exceeding four mile from a turnpike 5 0
Leigh, Leigh Sinton, Ombersley. Stoulton, or any distance not exceeding five miles from a turnpike 6 6
Not exceeding six miles from a turnpike 7 6
Holt, Holt-fleet, Droitwich, Servern-Stoke, Martley, or any distance not exceeding seven miles from a turnpike 9 0
Malvern, Croome, Knightsford-bridge, or not exceeding eight miles 10 6
Malverne Wells 18 6
Attending a funeral to any part of the town, within the turnpike 2 6
For every hour in waiting, the charge for each hour is 1 0
Taking up at different places, for each place an extra 0 6
To any distance of more than nine miles, to be charged in proportion as to any of the other places and distances above mentioned.
Rates of the Chairmen s d
From the Cross to any part of the college precincts, and back again without waiting 1 6
From the Cross to the Tything and Barbourn, ditto 1 6
From Foregate-street to the bridge, ditto 1 6
Any shorter stages 1 0
From the Cross to the Township of St. John’s 2 0
From Forgate-street to Bath-row 2 0
From the Cross to Henwick Hill 3 0
From the Cross to Oxford-road 3 0
For every hour in waiting 1 0
Rates of the Watermen s d
Bewdley 1 0
Bridgnorth 1 6
Gloucester 1 6
Kempsey 0 6
Shrewsbury 5 0
Stourport 0 9
Tewkesbury 1 0
Upton 0 9

Source: Universal British Directory 1791