Bedwardine St Michael is an Ancient Parish in the county of Worcestershire.
Parish church:

Parish registers begin:

  • Parish registers: 1546
  • Bishop’s Transcripts: 1621

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Historical Descriptions

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A Topographical Dictionary of England 1848

MICHAEL, ST., BEDWARDINE, a parish, in the Lower division of the hundred of Oswaldslow, union of Worcester, W. division of the county of Worcester; locally forming part of the city of Worcester, and containing 476 inhabitants. The living is a discharged rectory, valued in the king’s books at £7. 12. 1.; net income, £90; patrons, the Dean and Chapter of Worcester. Here is an endowed school.

Source: A Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis 1848

The Church of St Michael in Bedwardine Worcester, Worcestershire

The Church of “St. Michael the Archangel, near the City of Worcester”, served a small but important parish, which included the ancient Sanctuary, the Bishop’s Palace and Castle or County Prison. The parish remained outside the confines of the City and exempt from its jurisdiction until 1832.
When the Cathedral became monastic it was necessary to make provision for the spiritual needs of this district, and the Church of St. Michael was built in the north east corner of the College Churchyard. The Churchyard had been the only important cemetery in the neighbourhood from Saxon times, and the church no doubt owed its dedication to the fact that it was to serve as a cemetery chapel. The Archangel Michael was always considered to have a special interest in the burial of the dead.
The Sacrist of the Cathedral had from the beginning been responsible for burials in the Churchyard, and, after the building of St. Michael’s Church, he became its patron but seems to have left this duty to the Rector.
There were no Cathedral Registers until 1693, so that all records which concern the Cathedral and its precincts must be sought in the registers of St. Michael’s Church.
The parish is fortunate in having registers, dating from 1542, and also a very complete series of churchwardens’ accounts from 1539 to 1881; those from 1539 to 1603 have been printed and published. From these sources we can obtain a picture of the parish and its inhabitants. A new church of little interest was built in 1842, on the north side of the newly constructed College Street, and in 1881 the parish of St. Michael was united with that of St. Helen.
The few mural inscriptions which remain can be found in this latter church; and some grave-stones which formed part of the floor of the old church may still be seen in the Churchyard.
The Worcestershire Archaeological Society published a short article in vol. XIX of its Transactions, entitled “Old St. Michael’s Church and the College Churchyard”.

St. Michael in Bedwardine Parish, Worcester in 1796

Or, as it is more generally called, St. Michael in Bedwardine, is a chapelry in the lower division of Oswaldslaw hundred. It is bounded on the east and south by St. Peter’s parish, on the west by the Severn, and on the north, by the parishes of St. Alban and St. Helen. It includes within its limits, the cathedral churchyard, the episcopal palace, and the charnel-house, north; and the castle, with its hill, down to the river south of the cathedral, which, with its precincts, is wholly surrounded by them to the Severn. This parish, in 1775, contained 99 houses, and 622 inhabitants.
The church of St. Michael is a peculiar, in the gift of the dean and chapter of Worcester. About the year 1551, this living lapsed to the crown, and has so continued ever since, it not being worth while to pay the expence of the seals, &c. on account of the smallness of the rectory ; it is, therefore, held by licence. The first incumbent was Will’us de Norton, pbr. 12 kal. Oct. 1280, according to Bishop Giffard’s Register, f. 109. a. The present minister is the Rev. Thomas Clarke, M. A. This church, which is situated at the north-east angle of the cathedral, is an ancient building ; its inside, by the last fitting up it received, hath been rendered extremely neat, decent, and commodious. A new altar-piece, communion-table, and a pulpit, embellished with good carvings, which, with a new gallery and pews, have given it altogether a very respectable appearance.
The boundaries of the manor of Guestenhall (the hall of which yet remains within the precincts of the cathedral) cannot well be ascertained, as they extend into all parts of the city, and almost into every street where the church had either lands or houses. In the Parliamentary Survey is the following account of some of its customs: “There is a court leet and court baron belonging to this manor, where the tenants are bound to appear, as well leaseholders as copyholders; the freeholders hold by fealty and rent.
“The fines upon the copyholders are uncertain, and the copyholders may take for as many lives as they can agree with the lord, there being no custom for any certain number; their fines are arbitrary, at the will of the lord. The heriots reserved in money upon the copies, and upon some leases, which usually are a year’s rent, payable only upon the death of the tenant in possession. The widow has her free bench.
“In 1649, there were about 36 freeholders, whose rent amounted to 7l. 18s. 11d.; 62 copyholders, whose rent was 26l. 14s. 4d. ; and 127 leaseholders, whose rent was 155l. 14s. 4d.”
The precincts of the cathedral, in 1779, contained 28 houses and 201 inhabitants.
Source: Green, Valentine. The History and Antiquities of the City and Suburbs of Worcester. London, Printed for the Author by W. Bulmer and Co. 1796.

Parish Registers



Jan. 1. Elizabeth d. of William & Elizabeth Morris
Feb. 4. Allen s. of Allen & Sarah Weaver
Feb. 4. John Thomas s. of John & Mary Powell
Feb. 25. William Henry s. of William & Eleanor Woodhouse
Feb. 26. George s. of John & Mary Pardoe
Apr. 24. Jane d. of John Clifton & Frances
May 1. Betsy d. of John & Elizabeth Stinton
May 8. Jemima d. of James & Elizabeth Ward
May 20. William s. of David & Elizabeth Jones
May 26. Thomas s. of William & Amelia Bolton
May 27. Ann d. of Thomas & Ann Crowther
July 22. Henry s. of John Lowe & Jane
Sep. 5. Ann Elizabeth d. of William & Elizabeth Harris
Sep. 27. Richard s. of Richard & Mary Taylor
Nov. 5. William Matthews s. of William & Margaret Marks
Dec. 25. John Norris s. of Robert & Dorothy Wilkie
So far transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 24. Susanna d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Eaton
Mch. 31. Thomas s. of John & Elizabeth Roberts
Apr. 6. Robert s. of Robert & Mary Birbeck
Apr. 9. James s. of James & Elizabeth Maria White
Apr. 14. Joseph s. of Joseph & Ann Burden
Apr. 26. Susanna natural d. of Elizabeth Bourne
Apr. 30. Mary Ann d. of John & Mary Davies
Apr. 28. Henry s. of Joseph & Sarah Williams
May 22. Eliza d. of William & Ann Rea
June 26. Harriott natural d. of Elizabeth Heath
Aug. 6. Lewis Hervey s. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary
Sep. 5. Sarah d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Mead
Sep. 1. Sarah d. of John & Elizabeth Hughes
Oct. 2. Jane d. of John & Ann Brace
Oct. 23. Samuel s. of Thomas & Ann Hayes
Sep. 17. Williams. Of William & Elizabeth Kempson
Dec. 8. William s. of William & Mary Axall
Dec. 22. James s. of James & Rebecca Plant
Dec. 22. Susan d. of William & Elizabeth Morris


Jan. 15. Gervase s. of John Cliftton & Frances
Jan. 19. Samuels. Of Andrew & Mary Inight
Mch. 27. Harriet d. of John & Elizabeth Stinton
Apr. 17. Jane d. of Robert & Mary Birbeck
Apr. 17. Mary natural d. of Esther Petters
Apr. 6. Sarah d. of John & Esther Marigold
Apr. 30. Mary Ann d. of Richard & Ann Davis
May 13. Thomas Henry s. of Thomas Henry Wheeler & Mary
June 11. Benjamin s. of John & Jane Lowe
June 16. Louisa d. of William Cumming Boyce & Louisa
June 21. Mary d. of William & Mary Williams
July 1. Marcus s. of Allen & Sarah Weaver
Aug. 7. Ann d. John & Mary Pitt
Aug. 25. Martha d. of Thomas Jones Jackson & Amelia
Oct. 11. Robert s. of William & Ann Rea
Oct. 22. Carolina d. of James & Elizabeth Ward
Nov. 13. Mary d. of Edward & (Margaret altered) to Martha Clarke. (corrected by T. Clarke, Rector)
Nov. 8. Joseph s. of John & Sarah Parsons
Nov. 22. Ann Ford d. of Henry Talbot & Mary Elizabeth Ford
So far transmitted to the Registry
Thomas Clarke, Rector.

N. B. This register book discontinued by Act of Parliament Jan. 1st. 1813
End of record of Baptisms in the 2nd register book


Jan. 4. Christopher s. of William & Sophia Shipley
Mch. 15. John s. of John & Mary Crockett
Apr. 8. Hannah natural d. of Mary Corbett
June 14. Samuel s. of Amias Kirkham, (a soldier on his march) & Mary his wife. N.B. The child was stated to have been born in Litchfield.
June 21. Mary Ann d. of Joseph Burden & Ann
June 21. William Jonathan s. of Thomas & Ann Allen
July 29. Matilda Hervey Davis d. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary
Aug. 3. Jane d. of John Moore & Ann
Aug. 3. Robert s. of Robert Howse & Martha
Aug. 5. Thomas s. of William & Elizabeth Pugh
Aug. 11. Martha d. of Andrew Inight & Mary
Aug. 9. Charlotte d. of George Reeks & Hannah
Sep. 6. William s. of Richard Matthews & Sarah
Sep. 13. Jane d. of John Pitt & Mary
Oct. 11. John Fisher s. of John & Mary Green
Nov. 15. Elizabeth d. of Charles & Sarah Powell
Nov. 25. Ann d. of Samuel & Sarah Patrick
Dec. 10. John s. of John Davies & Mary
So far transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 13. Mary d. of Joseph & Hannah Hopkins
Jan. 17. Mary d. of George Harris & Elizabeth
Jan. 31. Maria d. of William & Margaret Marks
Feb. 23. Caroline d. of James & Elizabeth Davis
Mch. 2. Alinda d. of John & Mary Courtney
Mch. 7. Mary d. of John & Charlotte Morgan
Mch. 13. Edwin s. of Joseph & Sarah Williams
Mch. 20. George Hill s. of John Clifton & Frances
Mch. 30. Mary Ann d. of Richard & Mary Taylor
Apr. 17. Mary d. of Richard & Mary Beeken
Apr. 24. Thomas s. of John & Jane Lowe
May 7. Mary Newman d. of James & Mary Buckman
May 15. Henry s. of John & Elizabeth Roberts
July 26. William s. of John Marigold & Esther
Oct. 9. Thomas s. of Charles Brown & Eleanor
Oct. 23. Lucy d. of Thomas Vaughan & Mary
Dec. 18. Caroline d. of Thomas & Susanna Pemberton N.B. This child is stated by the parents to have been born & named in the parish of St. Martin in Birmingham.
Dec. 25. Mary Ann d. of John & Charlotte Morgan
Dec. 26. Thomas s. of Thomas & Ann Hayes
So far transmitted to the Registry


Mch. 3. Mary d. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary
Mch. 19. John Garratt s. of Joseph Burden & Ann
Apr. 30. Mary d. of John & Elizabeth Moore
May 21. Charles s. of Thomas & Mary Coulston
May 28. Thomas John s. of Thomas & Ann Allen
June 9. Mary d. of John & Helen Macguire
July 4. Charlotte d. of Joseph Cowell & Mary
July 7. Samuel Francis s. of Samuel & Mary Haswell. N.B. Posthumous.
July 18. Daniel s. of Thomas Eaton & Elizabeth
July 21. John s. of John & Elizabeth Jones
Nov. 12 John Delinose s. of John & Rebecca Brace
Dec. 4. Elizabeth d. of Andrew & Mary Inight
Dec. 7. George s. of John & Mary Davies
Dec. 10. John s. of John & Mary Pitt
So far transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 1. Charles Haywood s. of John & Mary Southall. (Interlined with note: “Omitted by mistake, T. C. Rector”).
Apr. 25. Frederick s. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann.
May 12. Herbert s. of William & Maria (Caldwell deleted) Gordle.
June 2. Frances d. of John Clifton & Frances.
June 5. Thomas Jool s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Hitchcock.
Aug. 7. Eliza. d. of Henry & Ann Heming.
Aug. 28. Benjamin s. of Benjamin Tanner & Elizabeth.
Transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 30. Sarah d. of John Bennett & Sarah.
Feb. 8. William s. of John Grove & Sarah.
Feb. 12. Henry s. of Thomas Millard & Sophia.
Apr. 8. Susanna d. of John Lamb & Mary.
June 3. Mary d. of Robert & Powell.
June 14. Elizabeth d. of John Clifton & Frances.
June 29. Thomas s. of Thomas & Sarah Witing.
July 22. David Williams s. of David And Read.
Aug. 12. Ann d. of George Harris & Elizabeth.
Sep. 16. Rice s. of Rice Prickett & Sarah.
Oct. 8. Robert Raxter s. of John Postans & Mary.
Oct. 4. Thomas s. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann.
Dec. 18. Hannah d. of George Reeks & Hannah.
Mem: So far transmitted to the Registry.


Feb. 10. Phoebe d. of John Hobbs & Phoebe
Feb. 13. Mary d. of William Cooke & Elizabeth.
Feb. 17. Susanna d. of Moses Clifton & Sarah.
Mch. 7. Sarah Hervey davis d. of Lewis Hervey D’Egville & Mary.
Mch. 24. William s. of William Broughton & Margaret.
Mch. 25. Edgar s. of Joseph Heath & Diana.
May 7. Edwin s. of John Davies & Mary.
May 19. Elizabeth d. of Edward & Mary Mascall.
June 2. William s. of Richard & Mary Yarnall, received. N. B. He was privately baptized at Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire.
June 2. Mary Ann d. of Richard & Mary Yarnall.
Aug. 4. Elizabeth d. of William & Sophia Shipley.
Aug. 4. Ann d. of John & Esther Marigold.
Aug. 20. Martha d. of Robert Howse & Martha.
Aug. 30. Caroline Frances d. of Marcus John Annesley & Caroline Frances.
Aug. 30. John s. of John Grove & Sarah.
Sep. 4. Elizabeth d. of John Pitt & Mary.
Sep. 21. James Westwood s. of James Hayward & Sarah.
Sep. 25. Ann d. of Joseph Burden & Ann.
Nov. 4. Mary Ann d. of Richard Matthews & Sarah.
Nov. 24. Letitia d. of Richard Taylor & Mary Scriven.
Dec. 18. Robert s. of John Clifton & Frances.
N.B. So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 9. Ann and Elizabeth twin dd. Of John & Elizabeth Stinton.
Mch. 2. Jane d. of John & Jane Lowe.
Mch. 31. Henry s. of William & Ann Yarnold.
Mch. 10. James s. of Thomas & Mary Phillips.
June 1. John s. of Thomas & Mary Vaughan.
July 13. Ann d. of Samuel & Ann Kettle.
Aug. 9. Charles s. of John & Mary Davies.
Aug. 31. Thomas s. of Thomas & Ann Hardwick.
Aug. 31. Mary Ann d. of Joseph & Elizabeth Mitchell.
Sep. 28. Ann d. of Robert & Ann Salt.
Sep. 28. Harriott d. of Thomas & Hannah Wright.
Oct. 21. Mary Anne d. of John & Sarah Grove.
Nov. 2. Elizabeth Matilda d. of Marcus John Annesley & Caroline Frances.
Nov. 2. Richard s. of Thomas & Mary Coulston.
Nov. 30. William David s. of Thomas Williams & Sylvia.
Dec. 25. Sarah d. of Willm. & Hannah Watkins.
Dec. 21. Fredrick s. of Thomas & Sarah Brooks.
Dec. 26. Joseph s. of Joseph (Powell altered to) Cowell & Mary.
So far transmitted to the Registry.


Feb. 19. Ann base born d. of Elizabeth Hall
Mch. 16. Hannah d. of Charles Richards & Elizabeth
Mch. 23. James s. of James Manton, a soldier, & Ann
Apr. 1. Samuel Alden s. James Rogers & Susanne
Apr. 27. Elizabeth d. of Charles Miller & Sarah
On a slip of paper affixed into the register is recorded the following :-
1800 Elizabeth d. of John & Phoebe Hobbs bapt. Jan. 22. The irregularity of the above entry was occasioned by the Clerk’s mislaying of the memorandum which was not found till it was too late to enter in the proper place. T. Clarke, Rector.
May 5. Elizabeth d. of George Bennett & Elizabeth. (born Apr. 21st 1800.)
May 16. John s. of Samuel Paine & Elizabeth
May 17. Harriott d. of Daniel Plant & Sarah
June 21. William s. of William Day & Ann
July 8. Diana d. of Joseph Heath 4 Diana
July 18. Henry s. of John Clifton & Frances
Aug. 1. Cornelia d. of Joseph Williams & Sarah
Aug. 12. Ann d. of William Jackson & Elizabeth
Aug. 13. Harriott d. of James Freame & Sarah
Sep. 14. Henry s. of George Harris & Elizabeth
Oct. 3. Thomas s. of Joseph Hammond & Sarah
Dec. 2. Mary Ann d. of John Hobbs & Phoebe
Dec. 6. Thomas s. of Thomas Millard & Sophia
Dec. 31. Eliza. d. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann


Jan. 7. Sarah d. of James Price & Frances
Feb. 8. Mary d. of Thomas Jolley & Sarah
Feb. 11. James s. of John Overton & Mary
Mch. 9. Elizabeth d. of Joseph Knight & Ann
Apr. 19. Martha d. of John Allcroft & Mary
Apr. 26. William s. of Timothy Jenkins & Catharine
June 13. Anne d. of John Clifton & Frances
Oct. 12. Sarah d. of Charles & Sarah Miller
Nov. 15. John s. of William Staples & Elizabeth
Nov. 20. Anne d. of Benjamin Tanner & Elizabeth
Nov. 29. George s. of William & Sarah Higgins Mem. This child was brought from St. Nicholas parish to be baptised.
On a piece of parchment tied into the register the following is recorded:-
John St. George son of John Berkeley Deane & Cecilia his wife born Nov. 29 was privately bapt. By Mr. Cliffe Dec. 2nd 1801. The due information concerning the Baptism of the above mentioned child was not communicated tome till this day, Apr. 20th 1804 which accounts for the present irregular insertion. Thomas Clarke, Rector of St. Michael in Bedwardine.
Dec. 25. Elizabeth d. of Rice Prickett & Sarah
Transmitted to the Registry


Feb. 3. Wilhelmina d. of John & Rebecca Williams (from St. Peter’s parish)
Feb. 21. John s. of George Bennett & Elizabeth
Feb. 28. William s. of William Bond & Ann
Mch. 9. Elizabeth d. of George Harris & Elizabeth
Mch. 17. James s. of Samuel Smith & Mary
Mch. 17. Henry s. of Thomas Hardwick & Ann
Apr. 15. William s. of John Clifton & Frances
May 16. Mary d. of James Holland & Mary
May 23. Ann d. of William Haywood & Ann
June 7. Charles s. of Charles Taylor & Mary
Aug. 1. Ann d. of John & Sarah Yeomans
Aug. 16. William s. of Joseph Williams & Sarah
Oct. 10. George s. of George Reeks & Hannah
Nov. 24. Charles s. of Joseph & Elizabeth Thomason
Transmitted to the Registry



Apr. 20. William Cormell of Inkberrow & Mary Bourton of Cropthorne. L.
June 17. William ffidkin of Rock parish & Sarah Whitty of Shrawley. L.
Aug. 1. Thomas Cleaton & Anne Cater both of this parish. B.
Nov. 9. Francis Taylor of Throckmorton & Margaret Turner of Norton near Kempsey. B by Mr. Forester.
Nov. 23. William Brookbank & Hannah Rumford both of Powick. L.
Jan. 21. Richard Bond & Hannah Evans both of Upton Snodsbury. L.
Jan. 25. John Jones of Elmley Lovett & Elizabeth Tomms of Hinlip. L.
Tho. Smith, Minister.
Feb. 4. Richard ffalkner & Anne Dipple both of St. John’s in Bedwardine. L.


Apr. 1. George Knight & Eleanor Gorle both of Powick. L.
Apr. 2. Joseph Read & Elizabeth Nash both of Stoke Prior. L.
May 21. John Pardoe & Mary Lilley both of Elmley Lovett. L.
June 14. Ananias Fitzer of Shrawley & Mary Wilkinson of this parish. L.
July 5. John Flewitt of Tything of Whistones & Mary Doxley of this parish. L.
July 14. Thomas Bunn of Pinvin & Sarah Wheeler of Churchill. L.
July 16. Edward Roberts of St. Martin Worcester & Elizabeth January, of Hallow. L.
Aug. 19. Benjamin Hodghip & Elizabeth Burnham both of Dodderhill. L.
Aug. 22. Edward Leeke & Alice Granger both of St. Andrew Droitwich. L.
Sep. 1. Richard Allen & Sarah Summers both of Welland. L.
Sep. 15. Thomas Franks of Womborn co. Stafford, & Mary Lamb of Crowle near Worcester. L.
Oct. 6. William Jones & Elizabeth Blundel both of Norton near Kempsey. B.
Oct. 6. John Aylesbury of Huddington & Sarah Hackett of the same. L.
Tho. Smith, Minister.
Dec. 24. Tho. Higgins & Anne Mackeril both of this parish. B.
Jan. 3. John Davis & Olive Moul both of Elmley Lovett. L.
Feb. 10. John Manns of Elmley Lovett & Bridgett Moore of St. Andrew’s in Droitwich. L.


May 1. Thomas Watkins & Mary Inston both of Wolverley. L.
May 16. Henry Hook of Martley & Mary Gears of Doddenham’s Chapel. L.
July 16. Edward Cartridge & Sarah Webb both of Eldersfield. L.
Aug. 23. Ambrose Hawkes & Elizabeth Coates of Claines. L.
Aug. 26. Thomas Penny of Cotheridge & Elizabeth Edwards of All Saints Worcester. L.
Oct. 12. Daniel Collins of Shelsley & Eleanor Carpenter of Asteley. L.
Jan. 19. Thomas Kingett & Mary Hughes both of this parish. B.
Feb. 6. William Poney of Crowle & Elizabeth Hall of Bosbury Herefordshire. L.


Apr. 2. Thomas Stephens & Sarah Gold both of Grafton Flyford. L.
Apr. 30. Thomas Hurdman & Mary Burraston both of Lulsley. L.
May 24. Thomas Colebatch ‘Castle’ & Anne White of Fladbury. B.
Thomas Smith, Minister.
June 11. Edward Colley of Whitburne Herefordshire & Elizabeth Badham of Martley Worcestershire. L.
June 23. Thomas Roberts & Elizabeth Reynolds both of Strensham. L.
July 9. John Thrapp of Shrawley & Sarah Reynolds of Grimley. L.
July 12. George Rickards of Breedon & Alice Smith of Pirton. L.
Sep. 10. Edward Baker & Hannah Liddell both of Bromsgrobe [sic]. L.
Aug. 30. John Griffin & Elizabeth Nicholls both of Hartlebury. L.
Sep. 18. John Bennitt & Anne Leage both of this parish. B.
Oct. 22. John May of Hampstead in Berkshire, a soldier, & Mary Meats of Holt, Worcestershire. L.
Oct. 31. William Aston of Birmingham & Sarah Poole of King’s Norton. L.
Nov. 8. Thomas Shipman of this parish Bridewell & Elizabeth Willis of Rock. B.
Nov. 22. Thomas Wooldridge & Anne Panting both of this parish of St. Michael, B. in the Bishop’s Chapel at the Palace.
Dec. 3. Charles Oakley of the Berrow & Anne Hartland of Mathon. L.
Feb. 6. Thomas Munsloe of Norton by Kempsey & Priscilla Handley of Spetchly. L.
Feb. 6. William Crump of Lenchwick & Mary Emms of Great Hampton. L.
Mch. 12. John Bowing of this parish & Hannah Porter of the Precincts of the College. B.
Mch. 18. Thomas Day & Sarah Lyes of Strensham. L.
The. Smith, Minr.


June 10. Richard Holland of Astely & Hester Wittingslow of Arley Kings. L.
July 1. John Wancklen & Hannah Smith both of this parish. B.
July 21. Wm. Minchin of Himbleton & Eliz. Attwood of St. Peters, in Droitwich. L.
Sep. 16. Thomas Aldridge of Martley & Eliza. Knowles of Great Witley. L.
Oct. 21. Richard Rudge & Catherine Budd both of St. Clements in Wor. L.
Nov. 5. Edmund Amiss & Mary Higgins both of this parish. L.
Nov. 13. Charles Howard & Jane Speed both of this parish. B.
Nov. 21. Samuel Coopstick & Eliz. Oliver both of Broadwas. B. by Mr. Miles.
Dec. 5. Moses Cowley & Elizabeth Lightburn both of Ombersley. L.
Dec. 12. Giles Grimmitt & Ann Pitt both of Longdon by Mr. Smith. L.
Jan. 1. Thomas Moule & Elizabeth Bromley both of Dodderhill. L.
Jan. 6. Richard Pritchard & Ann Hill both of Martley. L.
Jan. 10. Edward Cardee of Stourbridge co. Worcester & Diana Skidmore of Amblwat co. Stafford. L.
Feb. 2. George Barnett of Maddresfield co. Worcester & Ann Hartle of Bromsgrove co. aforesaid. L.
Edward Taylor, Minr.
Feb. 8. James Forrester & Elizabeth Powel both of St. Andrews in Worcester. L.
Feb. 12. Joseph Perrins & Rachel Daw both of Kidderminster. L.
Feb. 17. William Watkins & Hannah Nott both of this parish. B.
Mch. 6. James Birch of St. Helens in Worcester & Elisabeth Powel of St. Nicholas in Worcester. L.
Mch. 9. John Viner of Cromb Dabitot & Ann Waller of same. L.
Mch. 24. William Bellamy & Elizabeth Potter both of Kidderminster. L.


Mch. 25. Joseph Dovey & Anne Dovey of Hampton-Lovett. L.
Apr. 16. Lewin Bing & Anne Kineton of Broadwas by Mr. Miles. B.
Apr. 16. Richard Clay & Mary Holland both of Bushley. L.
Apr. 9. Thomas Cother of Eckington co. & diocese of Worcester & Alice Boulter of same parish. L.
May 16. James Yates & Elizabeth Haywood of Hanbury, L.
Edward Taylor, Minr.
June 1. Samuel Evans & Mary Spencer both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.
June 25. Joshua Collier of Suckley & Mary Pilliner of Bromyard. L.
July 23. John Crundel of Over Arely & Mary Jones of Kidderminster. L.
Aug. 27. William Phipps & Mary Price of Tardebigg. L.
Sep. 22. John Burton & Eleanor Hall of Suckley. L.
Sep. 26. John Sidoway of Elmley Lovett & Elizabeth Walker of Bromsgrove. L.
Sep. 28. John Bray & Mary Moorley of Castlemorton. L.
Oct. 8. Richard Greaves & Hannah Lewis both of Shrawley. L.
Oct. 15. Matthew Yeomans & Elizabeth Portman both of Suckley. L.
Oct. 16. Thos. Hill of Martley & Mary Spencer of Ombersley. L.
Oct. 29. Richard Rawlins of Great Hampton & Frances Bickerton, of Henly Castle. L.
Nov. 28. Thomas Arnway & Elizabeth Vaughan both of St. Clements in Worcester. By Mr. Hughes.
Edward Taylor, Minr.
Nov. 10. Richard Bromley of Wichbold & Mary Maris of Throckmorton. L.
Nov. 27. Thomas Randle & Anne Hill of Severn Stoke. L.
Dec. 24. William Barley & Anne Scrivin both of Grafton Flyford. L.
Feb. 4. John Oliver of Ribbsford & Mary Smeethes of Stoke Prior. L.
Feb. 11. Richard Aston & Anne Cooper of Powick. L.
Jun. 26. Henry Turner & Elizabeth Marshall of Hadsor. L.


Apr. 1. Samuell Hollins of Cleobury in Salop & Frances Lawrence of St. Peters co. Worcester. L.
Apr. 1. John Hand of Martley & Anne Bullock of St. Peters in Worcester. L.
Apr. 12. Thomas Gwinnell & Elizabeth Martin both of this parish. L. in St. Clements Church.
Apr. 13. William Panting & Elizabeth Hussey both of Upton upon Severn. L.
Apr. 18. Samuel Nayer & Elizabeth Hemus both of Ombersley. L.
Apr. 20. William Clemens & Anne Moore both of Little Comberton. L.
May 19. Robert Watts & Mary Davis both of this parish. B.
May 24. Edward Spooner & Elizabeth Fitters both of Crowl. L.
May 25. Richard Dovey of Cradley Co. Hereford & Elizabeth Hemming of Mathorn . L.
May 29. William Brasher of Belbroughton & Elizabeth Guest of Kings Norton. L.
May 29. Samuel Southall & Mary Free both of Kidderminster. L.
May 31. Joseph Mason & Joanna Bennitt both of Tardebigg. L.
June 1. Richard Bayliss & Hester Scriven both of Severn Stoke. L.
June 4. Richard Dobbs & Mary Hart both of Hanley Castle. L.
June 8. James Wargen of Severn Stoke & Anne Tandy of White Lady Aston. L.
June 15. Thomas Hunting of Cowl & Sarah Pardoe of Kemsey. L.
June 15. Richard Rogers otherwise Morrice of Martley & Mary Hacokes of Lulsley. L.
June 18. John Dutton & Mary Pursall both of Powick. L.
June 22. John Edwards & Jane Potter both of Lower Areley. [L. ?]
June 26. Thomas Jeens & Elizabeth Fewtrell both of Norton, near Bredon. L.
June 28. Joseph Maddox & Margarette Salley both of this parish. B.
July 1. John Sillcock of All Saints & Mary Soule of St. Clements. L.
July 15. John Tresar & Anne – – – both of this parish. B.
July 20. Josiah Edwards & Mary Sanders both of Great Shelsley. L.
July 24. Samuel Perkins & Sarah Holt both of Stourbridge in the parish of Old Swinford. L.
July 30. John Burch & Martha White both of Hartlebury. L.
Aug. 3. John Bennitt of Earls Cromb & Mary Stokes of Hanley Castle. L.
Aug. 13. Joseph Roberts of St. Johns & Mary Child of Broadwas. B. by Mr. Miles.
Aug. 21. Henry Chance & Elizabeth Redding both of this parish. L. at St. Clements Church.
Sep. 12. Richard Winter of the City of London & Sarah Williams of Kidderminster. L.
Sep. 21. Joseph Drinkwater & Mary Burford both of Longdon. L.
Sep. 27. Edward Maddox & Anne Bradshaw both of Hadsor. L.
Sep. 30. Benjamin Winnwood of St. Johns & Elizabeth Bullock of College Precincts. B.
Oct. 2. Richard Jones of Himbleton & Elizabeth Pinchey of Claynes. L.
Oct. 12. Joseph Knell & Elizabeth Maysey both of Suckley. L.
Oct. 21. John Ball of Kyre Wire & Eleanor Collier of St. Swithuns. L.
Oct. 27. Benjamin Child & Elizabeth Hallard both of Broadwas. B. by Mr Miles.
Nov. 9. John Knott & Hannah Smith both of Hallow. L.
Nov. 14. William Kennard of St. Andrew & Margarett Husey of this parish. L.
Nov. 16. Hugh Price & Mary Randle both of Ombersley. L.
Nov. 27. John Ewins of Hampton Magna & Susanna Holland of Cropthorne. L.
Nov. 30. William Olives & Mary [Taylor ?] both of Feckenham. L.
Dec. 7. Edward Powell of North Piddle & Anne Tushingham of Stock & Bradley. L.
Mch. 8. John Harriss of St. Nicholas & Eliz. Higgins of this parish. B.


Apr. 7. Peter Yeates & Elizabeth Hodges both of this parish. B.
Apr. 8. Thomas Doughty & Mary Hill both of St. Johns in Bedwardine. L.
Apr. 23. William Holyhead & Mary Cartwright both of Broadwas. B.
May 6. Shadrack Clinton & Frances Hanbury both of St. Andrew in Droitwich. L.
June 15. William Battersby of St. Andrew & Margaret Steadman of this parish. L.
June 21. John Marriott of this parish & Mary Holt of the Collegde precincts. B.
June 24. John Parry of this parish & Anne Hitchcott of Stoke Prior. L.
July 23. William Stanhope & Sarah Hughson both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.
July 25. John Tawnny of Maddresfield & Sarah Freeman Horniblow of Severn Stoke. L.
Aug. 25. John Voyer & Lucy Dipple both of this parish. B.
Sep. 19. John Gunner & Elizabeth Ellins both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.
Oct. 7. Peter Perkins & Elizabeth Detheridge both of St. Andrew in Pershore. L.
Oct. 12. William Shaw of Mathon co. Worcester & Margarett Collins of Sherrington co. of Gloucester. L.
Oct. 13. John Smith of Credley co. Hereford & Anne Pengrey of Hanley Castle co. Worcester. L.
Oct. 17. Samuel Arnold of Castle Moreton & Mary Meek of Eastnor co. Hereford. L.
Oct. 21. Edward Banner & Hester Tandy both of Severn Stoke. L.
Oct. 21. Phillip Mathews & Anne Dunne both of Mitton in parish of Hartlebury. L.
Oct. 23. Edward Tomlins of St. Peter & Sarah Perkes of thin parish. L.
Oct. 26. John Pedley & Margarett Southern both of All Saints. L.
Oct. 28. Thomas Etheridge & Elizabeth Gardner both of Ombersley. L.
Nov. 4. John Simmonds of Powick & Mary Morris of Sned in Salop. L.
Nov. 4. William Jones & Anne Shinn both of Great Malvern. L.
Nov. 8. Benjamin Jones of Bromsgrove & Phebe Horton of Cofton Hackett. L.
Nov. 18. Thomas Brettle of Bromfield in Salop & Elizabeth Hadley of this parish. L.
Nov. 18. Edward Turner & Margarett Dovey both of Mathon. L.
Nov. 25. Edward Biddlestone of Severn Stoke & Esther Bennett of Earls Cromb. L.
Dec. 23. William Fifield & Elizabeth Cole both of Throckmorton. L.


Jan. 27. Samuel Randle & Mary Cooke both of this parish. B.
Jan. 6. William Fluett of St. Clements & Hannah Surman of Pirton. B. marrd. at St. Michaels, St. Clements being flooded. Edwd. Taylor, Minr.
Feb. 10. Richard Smith of Bengeworth & Eliz. Day of Pinvin. L.
Feb. 17. William Stone of Martley & Sarah Gumery of Broadwas. B. by Mr. Miles.
Feb. 24. Thos. Price & Mary Moreton both of Churchill. L.
Mch. 6. John Smith & Margaret Barnes both of Holy Cross Pershore. L.
Apr. 5. James Howman & Anne Tolley both of Hartlebury. L.
Apr. 19. John Gibbons of St. Chadds in Shrewsbury & Eliz. Clarke of Birtsmorton in this county. L.
Apr. 21. William Walker of Holy Cross Pershore & Eliz. Coles of St. Johns. L.
Apr. 28. Thomas Lavender of Hartlebury & Margaret Beech of Mitton. L.
Apr. 28. Abraham Crump of Salwarp & Winifred Morris of Dormston. L.
May 25. Edward Berry of Whitborn in diocese of Hereford & Ann Hunt of Broadwas in dioc. Of Wor. B. by Mr. Miles.
June 9. Arthur Ellis of Much Marcle co. Hereford & Jane Holder of St. Swithun in City of Worcester. L.
June 13. James Willcox of Claries & Mary Fellott of this parish. B.
July 2. Thomas Pitt & Elizabeth Coates both of Kidderminster. L.
July 7. John Joines of Defford & Sarah Hawkes of Upton. L.
Sep. 22. John Stanton of Claines & Sarah Walsgrove of White Lady Aston. L.
Oct. 1. Henry Thomas & Catherine Cockshett both of Birtsmorton. L.
Nov. 1. Richard Stinton of St. Peters in Droitwich & Mary Stanton, of same. L.
Nov. 10. Thomas Perkins & Elizabeth Checkett both of Holy Cross in Pershore. L.
Nov. 12. John Furnall & Elizabeth Stone both of Warndon. L.
Nov. 29. Edward Leek & Sarah Jones both of St. Nicholas in Droitwich. L.
Dec. 7. William Linton of St. Michael in Bedwardine & Sarah Evett of the Tything of Whistones in Claines. L.
Dec. 25. Joseph Wilkinson & Anne Taylor both of St. Peters in Worcester. L.
Dec. 29. Jeston Cooper of Great Wittley & Anne Pickernell of Little Wittley. L.


Jan. 1. Edward Philips of Cotheridge & Ann Munn of Broadwas by Mr. Miles. B.
Feb. 19. William Pain & Elizabeth Powell both of Upton upon Severn. L.
Feb. 24. William Weaver & Ann Bibb both of Areley. L.
Feb. 24. Joseph Avery on Sarah Prescott both of Hanbury. L.
Mch. 23. Thomas Quick & Deborah Whitehall both of Hallow. L.


(1755. Probably an error for 1754, though Georgii 2di. Anno 28 is added)
Apr. 14. James Smith & Betty Gowers. L.
May 28. Christopher Harton & Catherine Bennett. B.
June 1. Joseph Harris & Susanna Evett. L.
July 15. Samuel Martin & Amphillis Pratt. L.
July 30. John Dews & Esther Vaughton. L.
Nov. 22. John Morgan & Sarah Perkins. L.
Nov. 22. John Bradley & Elizabeth Blizzard.
“See a marriage Register Book from the year 1754 in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 26th. year of King George the third. Which Restrictions commence from 25th March 1754.”
END of Record of Marriages in first register book.



Jan. 12. Willm. Sharp
Jan. 31. Revd. Mr. Thos. Smith
Feb. 9. Elizabeth Amiss
Feb. 16. William Charington
Mch. 4. Benjn. Miller
Apr. 23. Mary Amiss
May 4. Elizabeth Southall
May 5. Joseph Morgan
May 15. Samuel Surman
May 18. John Mason
July 27. Ann Parnel
July 29. Willm. Tanner
Sep. 1. Susanna Baker
Sep. 12. John Wylde
Sep. 21. Richd. James
Nov. 30. Elizabeth Dullason


Jan. 27. Anne Francombe at St. Oswalds
Feb. 17. Charles Price, at St. Oswalds
Feb. 20. Thos. Davis from the Castle
Mch. 2. Mary Hodgkins
Mch. 5. John Vale
Apr. 11. Joseph Forester
Apr. 28. Eleanor Roberts
May 2. Elizabeth Cox
May 6. John Stevens
May 20. Sarah Tanner
May 22. Elizabeth Forester
May 27. Elizabeth Jenkins
May 30. Robert Lee
June 8. John Kinchett
June 10. John Winnyat
June 13. Mr. Benjamin Richards
July 4. Mr. John Morris
July 17. Jane Waring
July 25. Anne Watkins
Aug. 9. William Boulter
Aug. 23. Mr. Haywood at St. Oswalds
John Arnold, Minister
Aug. 24. John Jenkins
Aug. 31. Elizabeth Gibbes
Sep. 12. Thomas Summerland
Sep. 28. Thomas Bennett
Oct. 12. Elizabeth Tanner
Dec. 27. William Fowkes
Dec. 12. Anne Nash
Dec. 15. Mary Beach
Dec. 17. John Crane


Jan. 6. – – -Wakeman, at St. Swithun
Jun. 12. Thos. Cammeron
Jan. 26. Richard Mitchell
Jan. 28. Judith Leacourt, at St. Andrews
Mch. 9. John Tinney from Bridewell
Mch. 15. Anne Jones
Mch. 24. Elizabeth Taylor
Mch. 29. James Manison
Mch. 29. Mr. John Bodledge (Deputy Register).
June 2. Betsy Lea
June 19. Elizabeth Uffingham
June 27. Thomas Kinchett
June 29. Elizabeth Bissell
July 9. Elizabeth Piercy & Elizabeth Salmon
Aug 18. Thomas Doxley
Aug. 20. Isaac Summerland
Aug. 28. William Poole
Aug. 31. Anne Jefferis
Sep. 2. Jenkin Jones
Sep. 11. Anne Southal (at St. Oswalds)
Oct. 10. James Forester
Nov. 14. Mrs. Elizabeth Germain


Jan. 13. Mr. Germain
Jan. 26. Mary George
Feb. 14. William Salmon
Apr. 24. Sarah Griffin
Apr. 26. Mary Manison
John Arnold, Minister
June 3. Mary Harris
Oct. 4. Thomas Doxley
Oct. 14. Susanna Griffiths
Nov. 16. Mary Anchors
Dec. 19. John Lea
Dec. 29. Elizabeth Poole


Jan. 14. John Stevens
Jan. 14. — Barnaby. A Roman Catholic.
May 27. James Mitchell
June 17. George Hopkins
July 12. Thomas Kingett
July 14. Anne Campbell
July 18. Mary Cammeron
July 29. Mrs. Peace
Sep. 3. Mrs. Damaris Smith


Jan. 10. Elizabeth Higgins
Feb. 4. Mary Amiss
Feb. 14. John Brookes
Feb. 21. Hannah Haywood
Feb. 30 [sic] Anne Surman
May 6. William Bott
June 12. Joseph Warton


Jan. 5. Mrs. Mary Hughes
Jan. 13. Rebecca Clay
Apr. 13. Mrs. — Taylor
Apr. 28. Elizabeth Oldbury
Apr. 30. John Warton
May 16. Mary Spare
June 6. Mrs. Blount, at St. Oswalds
July 30. Miss Apollonia Blount, at Mamble in Shropshire. A Roman Catholic.
Sep. 13. Martha Mills
Nov. 14. Rebecca Taylor
Dec. 30. John Jones
Dec. 30. Sarah Southal


Jan. 29. Elizabeth Hopkins
Ach. 16. Miss Constance Blount, at Mamble in Shropshire. A Roman Catholic.
Mch. 24. Elizabeth Smith from the Castle
Apr. 1. Elizabeth Hughes
Apr. 26. Esther Davis
May 8. William Higgins
June 7. Sarah Bodon
Dec. 19. Anne Ball
Dec. 28. Anne Challingworth. Rom. Cath.


Jan. 8. … Evans from Workhouse
Jan. 23. George Freeman, a child
Feb. 20. Thomas Palmer, parish clerk
Mch. 25. William Harris
Mch. 29. Colonel David Chapeau of this parish was buried in the Cloister Green belonging to the Cathedral Church
Mch. 30. Mrs. Williams
Apr. 15. Abel Pardoe, a child
May 29. Sarah Pardoe mother of the above
June 2. Thomas Freeman a child
June 28. Mrs. Joyce Smith widow of the Revd. Mr. Thomas Smith formerly Minister of this parish – in the Chancell.
J. Arnold, Minr.
July 14. Sarah Tolieu, a child
July 31. Henry Southall (St. Oswalds).
Nov. 19. William Wormington
Dec. 25. John Chelker from Bridewell


Jan. 13. Willm. Thompson, a Rom. Cath.
Jan. 22. Joseph Baylis a child
Feb. 24. Edward Nuonham [sic], at Chaddesley
Feb. 24. Elizabeth Dullason a child
Feb. 29. Anne Moores a child
Apr. 23. Joseph Harris a child
Apr. 23. Charles Cameron a child
May 21. Mrs. Anne Wilde, wid. Of … Wilde Esq. was taken from a House in Coll. Church Yard May 21 to be burd. Bath.
June 20. Susannah Walton a child
June 24. William Holland from the Castle
July 2. Mary Ranford, at St. Oswalds
Sep. 21. Wm. Skynner Esqr. Of Underdown was removed from a House in Coll. Churchyard Sep. 21 to be burd. at Ledbury.
Sep. 22. Elizabeth Dipple at St. Oswalds
Oct. 1. Richard Clymor a child from Bridewell
Nov. 9. Anne Prime a child
Dec. 11. Josiah Walton
Dec. 21. Elizabeth Osenald at St. Martin
Dec. 30. Henry Ophingham
J. Arnold, Minister


Jan. 30. Rhoda Brooks
Mch. 2. William Stephens taken from the Castle, to be buried at Broadway
Mch. 18. William Green a child
Mch. 18. Fanny Cameron a child
Apr. 5. Edward Snout
Apr. 5. John Knowles a child
June 13. Mary Maria Freeman, a child
July 31. Eliz. Davis
Aug. 11. Mary Lawrence a Child, bur. in the churchyard in the Angel Lane.
Sep. 2. Sarah Binley a child
Sep. 6. Thomas Binley a child
Oct. 17. Jane Jones a child
Oct. 20. Mary Palmer mother of the late Clerk
Oct. 27. Grazley Swan
Dec. 7. Mary Maddison, wife of Osborne Maddison
Dec. 23. Anne Hickman was removed from Mr. Abley’s in Coll. Yard.
Dec. 27. Eliz. Baker a child


Jan. 2. George Jones from ye Castle
Jan. 3. Joan Lawrence
Jan. 25. Grey Dovy from the Castle
J. Arnold, Minister
Jan. 26. Lowis Price a child
Feb. 5. Elizabeth Abley
Mch. 28. Judith wife of John Bissell
Apr. 20. Elizabeth Walton
Apr. 22. Osbaldeston Maddison
May 27. Anne Townsley
July 8. Jane Hopley
Aug. 9. Samuel Howton
Sep. 4. Edward Ridge
Sep. 10. Sarah Fell
Oct. 3. Anne Mitchell, a child
Nov. 16. Dorothy Hughes
Dec. 8. William Baylis, a child


Jan. 9. Mary Osborne
Jan. 9. Sarah Baylis
Jan. 14. Anne Yeates
Jan. 30. Mary Flewett
Mch. 1. Jacob Summerland
Mch. 21. Margaret Powell, a child
Mch. 31. Jenny Hunt
Apr. 22. William Powell
May 9. Jane Long, a child
May 21. Martha Sheat, a child
May 31. Anne Hotchkis, a child
June 2. Richard Moore, a child
June 20. Janes Theene [sic]
June 22. John Jones
July 16. — wife of James Sheene
J. Arnold, Minister
Aug. 3. Sarah Turberville
Aug. 7. Anne Newport
Aug 19. John Swan, a child
Sep. 8. Nancy Martin
Sep. 21. Anne Baylis, a child
Oct. 5. William Gwinnell
Dec. 17. Elizabeth Mitchell


Jun. 10. Mary Crump
Feb. 21. Thomas Cotterell, a child
Feb. 26. Grace Harris
Mch. 12. Thos. Petters, at St. Andrews
May 4. Thos. Lingham Governor of the Castle, at St. Hellen’s
July 4. Elizabeth Williams
July 8. Anne Hopley
Sep. 11. Benjamin Mann
Oct. 19. Philip Prime, a child
Nov. 7. Elizabeth Turner
Nov. 11. William Fiddes, a child
Dec. 11. Mary Crump, a child
Dec. 11. Mary Miles
Dec. 28. John Everett, a child
Dec. 30. Thos. Rouse Esqr. of Rouse Lench, at Rouse Lench


Jan. 18. William Watkins, a child
Feb. 12. Anne Badham
Apr. 1. John Skinner
Apr. 13. Richard Poole
J. Arnold, Minister
Apr. 28. Susannah Sparrowe a child
June 27. Thomas Harris a child
July 2. Mary Morgan
Aug. 7. William Bromley Esqr. at Abberley
Sep. 23. John Flewett
Oct. 15. Mary Westwood, a child
Oct. 22. Rebecca Riddel, at St. Hellen
Dec. 10. Henry Allen


Feb. 14. William Hopley
Feb. 28. Susannah Sheate, a child
Mch. 14. Elizabeth Boycutt
Apr. 9. Edward Kent, at St. Oswalds, a child
May 30. George Dipple, at St. Oswalds
June 6. Andrew Karr
June 14. Sarah Gardiner, a child
July 27. James Mitchell, a child
Aug. 12. Thomas Jackson
Aug. 24. Daniel Cameron, a child
Aug. 29. — Moore
Sep. 22. Mary Malins
Sep. 28. Anne Goold
Oct. 10. Paul Hughes
J. Arnold, Minister
Oct. 28. William Thompson, a child
Nov. 9. Mary Kitchin, at St. Oswalds
Dec. 16. George Griffiths, a child
Dec. 27. William Phitian


Jan. 15. Samuel Severn
Jan. 17. Joseph Edgenton
Feb. 6. Charles Magenis who died by his own hand in the County Gaol was byr. in the College Churchyard by an order from Mr. long, Coroner at Pershore.
Feb. 13. John Nevill, a child
Feb. 19. Letitia Morgan
Feb. 26. Samuel Miller
Mch. 1. Mary Lewty, a child
Mch. 19. Elizabeth Moreton, in the church
Mch. 21. Revd. John Smith precentor of the Cathedral Church of Worcester bur. In the North Isle of the College Cloisters.
Mch. 27. Isaac Holt, a child
Mch. 31. Thomas Malpas, Governor of Bridewell, at St. Oswalds
Apr. 3. Frances Thompson, a child
Apr. 3. Letitia Holt, a child
Apr. 22. Thomas Fell, a child
Apr. 28. Lucy Ann Holt
May 13. Mary Clift
J. Arnold, Minister
May 22. George Crump, a child
June 2. Martha Fisher, at St. Martins
July 3. Richard Jones
July 7. —- Mullins, a child
July 18. Nancy Holt, a child
July 28. Prudence Sparrow
July 28. Mary Marstone
Aug. 6. Thomas Palmer
Aug. 7. James Moores
Aug. 7. Sarah Briscoe
Aug 12. Mary Meysey
Aug. 12. Ann Carr
Aug. 22. Mary Dalloway
Sep. 11. William Sparrow
Sep. 29. Thomas Taylor
Dec. 12. Edward Jones
Dec. 30. George Gillam, at Pershore


Jan. 7. John Ellis at St. Oswalds
Jan. 16. Sarah Meysey
Jan. 28. Mary Roberts
Feb. 13. Sarah Kinchett
Feb. 21. Ann Dunn
Mch. 2. Ann Allen
Apr. 20. Sarah Pinfield
May 13. Dannet Chapeau at St. Oswalds
May 20. John Reynolds at St. Peters
May 31. Job Sheat
Aug. 2. William Roberts
Oct. 4. Lucy Partridge
Oct. 5. Eliz. Anson at St. Peters
J. Arnold Minister
Oct. 18. Elizabeth Ramson
Dec. 7. George Roberts


Jan. 9. Daniel Bath
Jan. 13. Mary Healey
Feb. 13. Joseph Bullows
Feb. 14. Thomas Downes at St. Andrew’s
Feb. 17. James Mitchell
Mch. 15. Gilbert Davies
Mch. 20. Grace Alexander
Apr. 1. Sarah Russel
Apr. 23. Mrs. Mary Jackson at Overbury
May 8. Eliz. Lewis
May 25. Mary Mitchel
June 20. Susanna Dipple at St. Oswalds
July 7. Ann Pearks
Sep. 29. Mary Williams


Jan. 25. Elizabeth Ball
Jan. 25. John Pritchard
Feb. 26. Sarah Yeates
Mch. 22. Elizabeth Young
Apr. 22. Elizabeth Poole
May 16. Eliz. Widows at St. Oswalds
May 16. Mary Lea
June 17. James Lewty
June 24. Samuel Skinner at St. Oswalds
July 3. Elizabeth Cotterel
Oct. 9. — Ellis at St. Oswalds
Nov. 30. Frances Sheat
John Arnold, Minister


Mch. 2. Eliz. Pembridge
Mch. 12. Revd. Mr. Jno. Arnold
Mch. 21. Robt. Waring
May 5. John Crane
May 30. Mary Sheasby, a child
July 23. Eliz. Falkener, a child
July 27. Thos. Pritchard
Aug. 18. Eliz. Dudman
Sep. 4. Eliz. Ackrill
Sep. 7. Winny Ramson
Sep. 12. Ann Dunn
Sep. 17. Thos. Parker
Sep. 25. Mary Ackrill
Oct. 28. Rob. Payne
Dec. 9. Susannah White
Dec. 31. John Smith


Jan. 9. Joseph Burbeck, a child
Jan. 23. Mary Long, a child
Jan. 24. Eliz. Davis
Jan. 26. Eliz. Harris
Feb. 2. Eliz. Francis
Feb. 3. Sarah Turberville
Feb. 6. Mary Duckwall
Mch. 7. Ann Ellis at St. Oswalds
Mch. 15. Willm. Buckle
Mch. 21. James Smith
Apr. 10. Eliz. Powell
May 15. Eliz. Dixon
June 4. Johanna Sewell
June 5. Robt. Hyde
June 9. Eleanor Roberts, a child
July 4. Thos. Hughes
Aug. 11. Eliz. Stevenson
Aug. 30. Willm. Crane at St. Oswalds
Oct. 18. Ann Malpas
Oct. 26. John Heathcott


Jan. 27. Mary Clarke
May 1. Nancy S[?]one, a child
May 6. Willm. Smith, a child
July 4. Sarah Stokes
July 8. Eliz. Yates
Aug. 3. George Hughes at St. Oswalds
Sep. 27. Phoebe Hitchcock
Sep. 29. Mary Gwynnell
Nov. 1. Ann Chapeau in ye Cloyster Green
Nov. 11. Rchd. Hemming
Nov. 14. Eliz. Southall at St. Oswalds
Nov. 28. James Dixon, a child


Feb. 6. Thos. Higgins
Mch. 10. Joseph Kent a child at St. Oswalds
Mch. 21. John Glover at Martley
Apr. 23. Eliz. Mason, New Churchyard
May 3. George Hughes a child at St. Oswalds
May 19. Eliz. Waring
June 1. Sarah Bluck
June 1. Ann Smith, a child
June 28. Eliz. James, a child
July 19. Willm. Browing, a child
Aug. 22. George Dunn, a child
Aug. 29. Nancy Matthews, a child
Sept. 26. Margaret Perkins
Sept. 30. Ann Cameron
Sept. 30. Thos. Gaskell at St. Peters
Nov. 16. Hannah Watkins
Nor. 23. Phillip Prime, a child at St. Oswalds
Dec. 2. Willm. Flewitt, a child
Dec. 9. Lydia Dixon, a child
Dec. 23. John Smith


Mch. 12. Charles Moore, a child
Mch. 22. John Bolt
May 25. Anne long
June 1. Martha Crump, a child
July 5. Hannah Higgins
Aug. 7. Sarah Flewitt
Aug. 14. Eliz. Morgan.
Sep. 15. Samuel Mackenley. New churchyard.
Nov. 28. Willm. Charles Helm, a child.
Nov. 28. William Walker, a child
D. Smith, Minr.
Dec. 14. Ann Tayler from Mr. Griffinss [sic]
Dec. 14. Nath. Bond, Clerk of ye Parish
Dec. 31. Ann Cockell


Jan. 17. Mary Harris
Feb. 16. Anne Manison
Feb. 17. Ann Yeates
Feb. 26. Mary Clarke
Mch. 16. Christiana Kinchett
June 1. John Grimshire
Aug. 17. Sarah Hughes
Aug. 18. Mary Williams
Sep. 14. William Powell, St. Oswalds
Sep. 16. Ann Underhill
Sep. 18. Mary Osburne
Oct. 29. Robert Waring
Dec. 26. Eliz. Lowbridge, All Saints
Dec. 31. William Green


Feb. 14. Mrs. Baddeley, All Saints
Feb. 20. Esther Lissimore
Mch. 12. Frances Prime
Mch. 25. Richard Kinchett
Apr. 8. Betty Jones
May 11. Ann Smith
May 11. Ann Jones
May 12. Thomas Harvey Blayney
May 17. George Pardoe
May 22. Sarah Lewty
May 26. James Lewty
May 27. Mary Mitchell
June 1. Ann Gardner
June 3. Ann Mountfort
June 18. Esther Prime
June 19. Eliz. Harris
June 20. Willm. Benson
June 29. George Romney
July 2. John Harris
Aug. 20. Sarah Kent, St. Oswalds
Oct. 8. Mary Groves
Oct. 26. Mrs. Bright. All Saints
Nov. 8. Mary Love
D. Smith, Minr.
Nov. 16. Sarah Arrowsmith
Nov. 30. William Wright
Dec. 8. William Baylis, St. Oswalds
Dec. 16. Lavinia Ransom
Dec. 25. Philip Prime
Dec. 27. William Ransom


Jan. 12. John Manning
Jan. 13. Eliz. Jones
Jan. 18. Hannah Bennett
Jan. 19. John Vaughan
Feb. 14. Butler Powell, St. Oswalds
Feb. 19. Ann Beauchamp
Mch. 5. Ann Baker Grafton
Mch. 8. Eliz. Guier
Mch. 26. Thomas Stokes
Apr. 24. Samuel Morris
May 13. William Spencer
July 11. Mary Jones
July 18. Elizabeth Flewitt
Sep. 14. Solomon Holloway
Nov. 3. Edward Long
Nov. 15. Ann Ridge
Nov. 23. Rich. Fomstom
Nov. 27. Thomas Williams, St. Peters
Dec. 8. Lavinia Randall. St. Helens
Dec. 10. Jane Waring
Dec. 19. John Baylis 


Jan. 4. Jane Smith
Jan. 18. Moses Chapell
Feb. 2. William Shirley
Feb. 16. Thomas Bevan
Mch. 11. James Maddison
Mch. 5. Thomas Sparkes
Apr. 27. Mary Ransom
June 9. Martha Holloway
Aug. 7. Jane Ballas
Aug. 17. Thos. Brown
Aug. 28. Ann Long.
D. Smith, Minr.
Sep. 3. Thomas Griffin
Oct. 16. John Blake
Oct. 18. Ann Matthews, Pr.
Nov. 8. Eliz. Gilbert
Nov. 9. Rich. Herbert at St. Oswalds
Nov. 10. Thos. Radcliffe
Dec. 4. Mary Moore
Dec. 22. Frances Griffiths
Dec. 23. Francis Simpson, Pr.
Dec. 24. John Bowder, Pr.


Feb. 8. William Griffiths, Pr.
Feb. 8. William Morgan
Feb. 22. Maria Baylis
Feb. 25. Mrs. Amphlett. St. Swithunes
May 18. Mary Tipton, St. Oswalds
May 28. John Crump
July 14. Thomas Lucas, a child
Aug. 24. Ann Pearkes, a child, Pr.
Aug. 26. James Browning, a child, Pr.
Sep. 5. Sarah Lutwyche, Pr.
Sep. 15. Elizabeth Ransom, a child
Sep. 24. Elizabeth Lewty, a child
Oct. 14. Edwd. Brampton, a child, St. Oswalds
Oct. 22. John Bingley, a child, Pr.
Oct. 24. Ann Pritchard, Pr.
Oct. 26. John Edwards from Castle, Pr.
Nov. 3. Mrs. Ann Wynne burd. at Kempsey
Nov. 21. Ann Long, a child
Dec. 2. Sarah Bingley from Bridewell, Pr.
Transmitted to ye Registry.


Jan. 11. Mrs. Ann Cockle
Feb. 10. John Pritchard, a child, Pr.
Feb. 23. George Brasier, Pr.
Mch. 20. Mr. Wm. Watkins from Powick
Mch. 31. Mr. Roger Moores
Apr. 10. John Gower, St. Oswalds
Apr. 16. Sarah Mullins, a child, Pr.
May 27. Abdial Freeman
July 3. Philip Dovey, a child, St. Oswalds
Digby Smith, Minr.
Aug. 7. John Flewitt
Sep. 7. Thos. Feilder Griffin, a child
Sep. 20. Edwd. Wall from Bridewell, Pr.
Sep. 24. Samuel Archall from Bridewell, Pr.
Sep. 26. Mrs. Ann Linton, St. Oswalds
Exd. & recd. the duty to 1 Oct. 1785.
For Ben. Pearkes, sub-Distributor, J Wensley.
Oct. 2. Elizabeth Ransom
Oct. 25. Eliz. Price from Bridewell, Pr.
Oct. 30. Thomas Gwinnel
Oct. 31. Nath. Cook, St. Oswalds
Nov. 9. Jane Hodges, St. Oswalds
Dec. 11. James Griffiths & Susannah his wife.
Transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 2. Eliz. Nott, St. Oswalds
Jan. 27. Margaret Foley
Feb. 15. John Hickes
Feb. 16. Benj. Corbett
Mch. 4. Benj. Halward from Castle. Pr.
Mch. 8. Ann Morgan
Mch. 15. Eliz. Duncan
Mch. 24. Eliz. Slade
Apr. 3. Eliz. Prescot. Pr.
Apr. 21. Eliz. Baylis
May 16. Michael Gaskin. Pr.
May 25. Thos. Harris, Bridewell
May 26. Sarah Waring. Pr.
Aug. 5. Charlotte Southall
Aug. 16. Eliz. Cookes. Pr.
Sep. 5. James Waring. Pr.
Sep. 17. Susannah Hodges
Oct. 25. Mary Singleton, St. Oswalds
Dec. 13. Eliz. Lucas, a child
Transmitted to ye Registry


Jan. 2. Maria Wells, St. Oswald,
Jan. 10. Mrs. Mary Linton, St. Oswalds
Digby Smith, Minr.
Jan. 16. William Bevan, a child
Jan. 19. Michael Boyce from ye Castle. Pr.
Feb. 10. Daniel Cameron
Feb. 22. Edwd. Hammond, St. Oswalds.
Mch. 11. Mary Forrester, a child. Pr.
Mch. 23. Ann Duncan, a child
Apr. 23. Mary Clay. Pr.
Apr. 25. Henry Dovey, a child, St. Oswalds
May 2. Mary Allport. Pr.
May 15. Eliz. Moore, a child
May 25. Mary Jones, Pr.
June 22. Mary Moore, a child
July 1. Margaret Maddison
July 6. James Palmore, a child
July 10. Mary Andrews, a child, Pr.
July 17. John Lucas, a child
July 22. John Howell, a child
July 26. Samuel Ricketts, from Castle, Pr.
Aug. 7. Eliz. Spencer
Aug. 10. Peter Parker, a child, Pr.
Oct. 2. John Francis a child
…… Elizabeth Hall, a child
Oct. 7. Jemina Hall a child
Oct. 31. Mary Bates. New churchyard
Nov. 3. Wm. Milling a soldiers child. Pr.
Dec. 5. James Bishop from Castle. Pr.
Dec. 12. Sarah Spalding, a child
Dec. 22. Susannah Smith
Dec. 23. The Revd. James Swift
Dec. 29. Samuel Bowen, a child
Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 1. John Watkins, a child. Pr.
Jan. 6. Thos. Bowerman, a child. Pr.
Jan. 23. Margaret Pengry, a child
Jan. 24. Mary Wedgeberrow from ye workhouse. Pr.
Jan. 27. Richard Bissell. Pr.
Feb. 20. Elizabeth Peyrton a child, St. Oswalds
Mch. 14. John Ransom
Digby Smith, Minr.
Apr. 18. Mary Surman
July 11. John Fowler, a child
Aug. 9. Henry Hopley, a child
Sep. 7. Susannah Brasier. Pr.
Sep. 11. John Dooley
Sep. 22. Ann Bevan. St. Oswalds
Oct. 5. John Morgan.
Transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 9. Mr. George Smith s. of a former Minister of this parish
Jan. 18. Richard Wedgeberrow
Feb. 2. Charles Mitchell
Feb. 16. Eliz. Davis, St. Oswalds
Mch. 3. Thomas Bevan, St. Oswalds
Apr. 2. Mrs. Ann Westwood wife of Daniel Westwood
Apr. 6. John Wood from Castle. Pr.
Apr. 17. Thomas Bond
Apr. 26. Mr. Willm. Faulkener
May 21. Willm. Norgrove, a child. Pr.
June 16. Thos. Pritchett. Pr.
July 6. Richd. Wedgberrow, a child
Aug. 28. Willm. Starkey, a child
Sep. 7. Mrs. Eliz. Davies
Sep. 13. Susannah Hull, a child
Nov. 16. John Baylis, at St. Oswalds
Nov. 27. James Cramand, a child
Dec. 17. William Jones, a child
Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 5. George Pingree, a child
Jan. 7. William Haywood, child
Jan. 7. Benjamin Walker, Pr. Child
Jan. 29. Thomas Jones, a child
Feb. 24. Sarah Smith, child
Mch. 28. Joseph Strephon (Stephan written above it). Child.
Apr. 1. Thomas Ilip. (at St. Oswalds.)
Apr. 12. Constant Jones
Apr. 28. George Stewart Falkener
June 23. Hannah Yarnold
June 28. Thomas Jones, a child
July 5. Philip Griffin. (at Kempsey).
July 17. Noah Francis, a child
Aug. 10. Sarah Lucas, child.
Oct. 20. Sarah Edgington, a child
Dec. 8. Ann Baylis
Dec. 12. Elizabeth Howell. Pr.
Dec. 14. William Sermon. P’pr.


Feb. 13. Mary Mitchell. P’pr.
Feb. 20. William Davis, a child. P’pr.
Mch. 16. John Henry Smith, a child
Mch. 20. Harriot Mason, child
Mch. 22. William Smith, child.
Mch. 20. Ann Paterson
Apr. 1. Elizabeth Yarnold. Child. P’pr.
May 1. Mary Shalard. Ppr.
May 29. Elizabeth Yeals, child.
June 6. Thomas Westwood
June 30. William Yeals, child
July 6. Francis Lamb, child
Sep. 10. Sarah Davis, child. Ppr.
Sep. 24. William Andrews, child
Sep. 30. Mary Parker, Ppr.
Oct. 18. Mary Shin, child (This entry has a sign which appears to indicate it should go between 10 Aug. & 20 Oct. 1790).
Oct. 20. Samuel Lucas, child
…… Thomas Warinton, from the Castle, Ppr.
Dec. 13. Elizabeth Moss
Dec. 25. Catharine Smith
Dec. 29. James Forrest. Ppr.
1792 in the new register book.
END of record of Burials in first register book.


Jan. 25. Francis Jeal, a child.
Feb. 4. Mary Hathaway, at St. Oswalds, a child.
Feb. 17. James Haywood, a child.
Feb. 21. John Slade, a child.
Feb. 23. Thomas Johnson, at St. Oswalds.
Feb. 27. Elizabeth Dickson, a child.
Apr. 1. Jane Morgan.
Apr. 4. William Smith, father of Revd. D. Smith, Minr. of this parish, aged 83.
July 31. Ann Ball.
Aug. 2. Elizabeth Jobson, from the Bridewell, a pauper.
Sep. 26. Thomas Robinson.
So far sent in to the Collector of Taxes.
Dec. 20. John Lowe, from the Bridewell.


Feb. 27. Ann Car.
Mch. 13. Mary Griffith.
Apr. 16. Ann Stinton, a child.
May 15. George Lewis Wharam, a child.
June 11. Hannah Basford, a child.
June 27. Eleanor Lench.
July 13. Ann Arnold, widow of a former minister of this parish.
Aug. 20. Sarah Gwinnell.
Aug. 31. Louisa Smith, a child, d. of Revd. D. Smith, Minister of this parish aged 1 yr. 10 m.
Sep. 17. Mary Vernon at St. Oswald’s, a child.
So far sent in.
Oct. 8. Mary Ann Baldwin, a child.
Oct. 29. Joseph Allcroft, at St. Oswald’s, a child.


Jan. 24. Ann Pingry, a child.
Feb. 12. George Baldwin, a child.
Feb. 21. Mary Walker.
Mch. 16. Charles Weston, at St. Oswald’s.
Mch. 27. Mary Yarnold.
Apr. 14. Susannah Kingett, a pauper.
May 9. Elizabeth Williams, a child.
Transmitted to the Registry.
May 18. Mary Andrews, a child.
Aug. 3. Catharine Amelia Susanna Rogers, a child.
Sep. 6. George Hadley, a child.
Sep. 9. Mary Jenkins, a child.
Sep. 14. Henry Parry.
Oct. 28. Mary Yeates.
Nov. 20. Ann Hall.


Jan. 19. Jane Clarke, a d. of the Minister.
Jan. 22. James Hunderayes, a child.
Jan. 26. Francis Lamb, a child.
Feb. 18. Keturah Templer Bond, a child.
Mch. 4. Jane Grennal, a child.
Mch. 13. Jane Higginbottom.
Mch. 15. James Beaverstock, a child.
Mch. 23. Richard Barnes, from the Castle.
Apr. 8. Edward Davis, from the Castle, a child.
Apr. 17. William Salmon.
Apr. 23. Mary Gardner, a child.
Apr. 27. Elizabeth Burnett, a child.
May 9. Sarah Haywood, a child.
June 5. Elizabeth Brasier, a child.
June 23. John Scott, a sexton of the Cathedral.
Transmitted to the Registry.
July 9. Patrick Corby, a debtor from the Castle.
July 26. Edward Fowler, a child.
Aug. 23. Green Palmer.
Sep. 3. William Gordon Hitchkiss, a child.
Sep. 25. John Harbury, in the New churchyard.
Nov. 8. Mary Ann Wanklin, a child.


Jan. 1. James Williams, in the new church yard.
Jan. 12. Elizabeth Staples. A child.
Jan. 16. Mary Edginton, a child.
Mch. 29. Humphrey Brasier, a child.
Apr. 26. Edward Fowler.
Apr. 29. Mary Bywater, at St. Oswald’s, a child.
May 10. John Devenhill, at St. Oswald’s.
May 11. James Yeals at St. Oswald’s, a child.
June 3. Harriott Lucas, a child.
June 10. Henry Basford, a child.
June 29. Susanna Cox, from the Castle, a child.
July 15. Elizabeth Williams.
Aug. 6. John Haycock, from the Castle.
Aug. 25. Ann Price.
Sep. 16. Thomas Hardwick, a child.
Sep. 19. Sarah Yarnold.
Sep. 30. Sarah Whitehouse, from the Castle.
Oct. 23. Ann Hardwich, a child.
Nov. 11. John Browning.
Transmitted to the Registry.
Nov. 14. Joseph Frances, a child.
Nov. 17. Elizabeth Salmon.
Dec. 4. Edmund Moore, a child.
Dec. 30. John Hayward, a child.


Jan. 15. John Maurice at St. Oswalds.
Feb. 1. William Overton from the Castle.
Feb. 12. John Mullins, a beadsman of the Cathedral.
Mch. 2. Ruth Vobes from the Infirmary.
Mch. 10. Mary Hardwick, a child.
June 8. Elizabeth Wilmore from the Workhouse.
June 11. Mary Ann Moore, a child.
July 14. Charlotte Clemmin.
July 29. Eliza Ann Jackson, a child.
Aug. 6. John Hardwick, a child.
Aug. 7. John Bateman, at St. Oswalds.
Nov. 6. Jeremiah Smith.
Dec. 11. Edward Jeal, a child.
Dec. 19. Mary Hayward, a child.


Jan. 21. Ann Gaskins.
Jan. 21. James Dowding, a child.
Feb. 11. Susanna Miller.
Mch. 14. Charles Pratt, a twin, infant.
Mch. 29. Thomas Millard, a child.
Apr. 3. Charlotte Bond, a child.
May 13. Susanna Davis.
May 13. Henry Baldwin, a child.
June 17. Fanny Hodnight.
July 9. Ann Duncan.
Aug. 23. John Hobbs, a child.
Aug. 29. William Bishop, a porter of the Cathedral.
Nov. 26. Maela Hardwick, a child.
Dec. 4. William Andrews, a child.
Dec. 6. Ann knight, at St. Oswald’s, a child.


Jan. 29. James Hill, a soldier, in the new burying ground.
Feb. 1. Thomas Ward from the Castle.
Feb. 12. Catherine Cradock.
Mch. 10. William Grennal.
Mch. 28. Elizabeth Moore.
Mch. 31. John Vernall.
May 12. Thomas Hill.
May 16. Elizabeth Pound.
May 26. Elizabeth Wilkes, a child.
June 2. William Bond, a child.
Aug. 21. David Williams.
Sep. 18. Ann Bishop, widow of the above William.
[Next entry 1800] 


Jan. 8. Ann Hobbs, a child.
Jan. 9. Sarah Leland, at St. Oswalds.
Jan. 13. Joseph Hodges, from the Castle.
Jan. 21. Edward Hardwick, a child.
Jan. 26. Rebecca Smith.
Feb. 18. Ann Reeks.
Feb. 19. James Yeates.
Feb. 21. Ann Hardwick, a child.
Mch. 10. Joseph Simms.
May 20. Esther Lashford, a child.
May 22. John Paine, a child.
May 25. Mary Wall Yarnold, a child.
June 19. Daniel Westwood.
July 20. Mary Stokes.
Aug. 3. Henry Clifton, an infant 15 days old.
Aug. 9. Samuel Paine, from the Castle.
Aug. 22. Elizabeth Forest.
Sep. 25. Harriot Freame, an infant.
Oct. 4. Robert Davis.
Oct. 17. Tabitha Davis, widow of a late sexton of the Cathedral.
Oct. 19. Elizabeth Lamb.
Oct. 31. Joseph Brydges an infant from Bridewell.
Nov. 2. Martha Baylis.
Nov. 6. Sarah Pritchett.
Dec. 3. Frances Faulkner.
Dec. 6. Thomas Bourne from the Castle.
Dec. 8. Thomas Millard, an infant.
Dec. 19. Ann Anderson, a child.


Jan. 20. Jeremiah Powls, a child from the workhouse.
Jan. 26. William Anderson, a child.
Jan. 30. Thomas Smith, a child.
Feb. 3. Ann Moore.
Feb. 15. Ann New, a child at the New churchyard.
Mch. 3. Ann Jackson, a child.
Mch. 5. Mary Skyrme.
Mch. 11. James Rice.
Mch. 12. Samuel Alden Rogers, a child.
Mch. 22. Ann Ball, a child.
Apr. 5. Henry Est, a child from Bridewell
Apr. 8. Edward Thewtes.
Apr. 9. Ann Reeks, a child. Apr. 9. Rebecca Reeks, a child – Sisters.
Apr. 12. Mary Mitchell.
Apr. 15. Charlotte Pitt.
Apr. 20. Elizabeth Tombs, a child.
Apr. 21. Barnaby Langdale, a child.
May 4. Sophia Williams, a child.
May 17. Charles Savage, a child at St. Oswalds.
May 21. William Day, a child.
May 22. Hannah Mitchell.
June 20. James Francis, a child.
June 21. Ann Clifton, a child.
June 29. Benjamin Worron, from the Castle.
July 4. John Clarke, from the Castle.
July 6. Thomas Smith, a child.
Sep. 10. Elizabeth Knight, a child at St. Oswalds.
Sep. 12. Zachariah Kingett.
Oct. 6. Mary Grove.
Nov. 27. Mary Clifton, wife of Moses, at St. Oswalds.
Nov. 29. James Heartley, from the Castle.
Transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 3. George Brown.
Jan. 20. Paul Heynes, from the Castle.
Feb. 14. Joseph Francis.
Feb. 28. John Green.
Mch. 7. Elizabeth Yeals, at St. Oswalds.
Mch. 10. Eleanor Walsh, a child.
Mch. 14. Elizabeth Moore, a child.
Mch. 30. William Bond, a child.
Apr. 18. Henry Hardwick, a child.
Apr. 26. William Clifton, a child.
Apr. 28. John Vernall, a child.
July 20. John Clarke, eldest son of the Rector.
Aug. 12. William Pingree, a child.
Oct. 10. Elizabeth Pitt.
Transmitted to the Registry.


Feb. 13. Mary Mullings
Mch. 6. Ophelia Phillips, a child.
Mch. 29. Anne Day.
June 8. Frances Clifton, a child.
July 15. Thomas Pitt.
July 24. Sarah Pope.
Nov. 25. Charles Walker, a child.
Dec. 5. Mary Welles.
Transmitted to the Registry.


June 3. James Hobbes, a child.
Sep. 11. Samuel Smith
Sep. 24. Catherine Gedies.
Oct. 1. Charles Teach, a child at St. Oswalds.
Nov. 4. Esther Thomas.
Dec. 26. Fredrick Hardwick, a child.
Mem: So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 7. Sarah Sheate.
Jan. 24. Thomas Hardwick, a child.
Feb. 10. James Smith, a child, at St. Oswalds.
Feb. 18. John Moore.
Mch. 3. Thomas Lewis.
Apr. 26. Edgar Heath, a child.
May 27. Ann Wilkes, at St. Oswalds.
June 9. Thomas Asbury.
June 12. Diana Heath.
July 17. John Parker.
Aug. 25. Matthias Gaskin.
Aug. 30. Thomas Brennan, from the Castle.
Sep. 8. George Munslow.
Oct. 11. Ann Radcliffe.
Oct. 27. William Gwinnell.
Oct. 21. Catherine Williams.
Nov. 14. Frances Ann Cope.
N.B.: So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 27. William Edgington, a child.
Mch. 12. Joseph Mitchell, at St. Oswalds.
Apr. 6. Naomi Maund, a child at St. Oswalds.
Apr. 17. Maria Bettington, a child.
May 4. Ann Burdin, a child, at St. Oswalds.
May 11. Elizabeth Day.
May 20. Elizabeth Haycock, from the Bridewell.
May 25. Harriott Hardwick, a child, 14 yrs.
July 3. Mary Ann Bettington, a child.
July 9. Jane Johnson.
Sep. 14. James Field, a child.
Sep. 14. Thomas Hardwick, a child.
Oct. 5. Martha Brazier, a child.
Oct. 26. Mary Ann Dovey, a child.
Nov. 11. Susanna Hodges.


Jan. 4. Mary Smith
Jan. 18. Mary Coulston, a child
Jan. 23. John Lamb, a child
Feb. 18. Elizabeth Sidaway, a child, from the Bridewell
Feb. 20. George Hill
Mch. 11. Henry Pingree, a child
Mch. 18. James Stephens, a child from the Bridewell
Mch. 22. Thomas Burford, a child from the Bridewell
Apr. 3. Mary Ann Grove, a child
Apr. 7. Margaret Rea
Apr. 16. Charlotte Clarke, youngest d. of the Rector
June 24. Sarah Cope, a child
July 17. Charlotte Taylor
July 29. John Scott, out of St. Helens Parish
Sep. 10. Charlotte Crockett, a child
Sep. 22. Nathaniel Bond, aged 17 years.
Oct. 11. Elizabeth Rawbone, a child
Nov. 4. Elizabeth Thomason
Nov. 14. William Shipley
Nov. 24. Elizabeth Powell, a child
Nov. 28. Samuel Simmans, a lay clerk of the Cathedral
Dec. 13. George Crowther
Dec. 14. Elizabeth Dooding, a child
So far transmitted to the Registry


Feb. 2. Elizabeth Crane
Feb. 26. William Hobbs, a child
Mch. 11. Mary Morgan, an infant
May 4. Ann Walker
May 7. Christian Wall
May 22. John Morgan, a child
June 8. Edward Edwards
June 24. Ann Tolly, a child
Aug. 4. Mary Ann Need, a child
Aug. 7. John Jauncey
Aug. 24. John Williams, a child
Aug. 31. Mary Tolly, a child
Sep. 2. Thomas Hardwick
Sep. 6. Mary Lane, a child
Sep. 11. Thomas Meers
Nov. 8. Elizabeth (Bauldren deleted Baldwin. N.B. The first name was enter’d by mistake of the Clerk. Thomas Clarke. Rector.
Dec. 7. Samuel Haswell at St. Oswalds
So far transmitted to the Registry


Feb. 15. Elizabeth Davis
Apr. 5. Richard Incell
May 28. Mary Dooding
June 15. Elizabeth Done, a child
June 23. Ann Vaughan
July 16. Richard Harper
Aug. 11. John Griffiths
Aug. 27. Elizabeth Edhington
Oct. 15. Sarah Mathews
Oct. 21. Barbara Thewles
Nov. 8. Thomas Rawbone, a child
Nov. 15. Elizabeth Noxon
Nov. 26. Aurelia Maund, a child at St. Oswalds
Dec. 17. Henry Grove, a child
So far transmitted to the Registry.


Jan. 3. Sally Green, a child
Jan. 12. Charles Digby Smith, aged 15 years
Jan. 14. Joseph Potten, a beedesman of the Cathedral
Jan. 28. Mary Norris Wilkie, a child
Mch. 5. Elizabeth Davis
Mch. 11. Ann Bruce
Mch. 19. Elizabeth Stinton, a child
Mch. 20. George Harris, a child
Mch. 25. George Pardoe, a child
Apr. 6. Thomas Allen, a child
May 11. Samuel Payne
June 4. Elizabeth Roberts
June 21. William Clarke, son of the Rector
July 9. Mary Baylis
July 15. Thomas Anstee, a child
Sep. 4. Ann Matilda Need, a child
Sep. 6. Phoebe Hobbs, a child
Sep. 20. Sarah Hobbs, a child
Sep. 27. Ann Edwards
Sep. 27. Mary Mayer
Sep. 30. Harriott Green, a child
Nov. 7. Rebecca Williams, a child
Nov. 7. Lydia Williams, a child
Nov. 18. Sophia Williams, a child
Nov. 21. William Andrews
Nov. 23. Thomas Pardoe, a child
Nov. 28. Joseph Mitchell
Nov. 28. Ann Field, a child
Dec. 1. Caroline Helm
Dec. 2. Elizabeth Eaton, a child
Dec. 7. Elizabeth Baker
Dec. 12. William Broughton, a child
Dec. 30. William Matthews Marks, a child
Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 4. Ann Clarke, a child
Jan. 11. William Marigold, a child
Jan. 20. Elizabeth Inight, a child
Jan. 28. Frederick Wilks, a child
Feb. 6. John Philips
Mch. 15. Ann Brown
Mch. 20. Ann Skinner
Mch. 25. Archibald Duncan
Apr. 3. John Pitt, a child
Apr. 8. Robert Birbeck, a child
Apr. 30. Mary Tranter Ann Need, a child
May 14. Phoebe Bond
May 19. Hannah Reeks, a child
May 19. Sarah Dovey, a child
June 25. Susanna Bourne, a chid
June 26. John Meyrick
July 24. David Davis, a child
Aug. 10. Mary Dovey
Aug. 18. John Cole, a child
Aug. 30. Thomas Webbe, a child
Sep. 11. Henry Smith, a child
Sep. 16. Margaret Brown, from St. Peter’s Parish
Oct. 29. Mary Osborn, from St. Peter’s Parish
Nov. 17. Elizabeth Webb, a child
Dec. 30. Sarah Done, from St. Peter’s Parish
Transmitted to the Registry


Jan. 12. Mary Lloyd, from St. Peter’s
Jan. 23. John Day
Feb. 11. George Harris, atty. At Law.
Feb. 12. James Brown from St. Peter’s parish
Feb. 17. Joseph Helm from St. John’s parish
Apr. 16. Mary Axwell, a child
May 15. Thomas Henry Wheeler, an infant
May 12. Mary Long
May 29. Sarah Whitehouse at St. Oswalds.
Jure 5. Elizabeth Francis
June 12. Robert Ackrill, jnr. from St. Peter’s parish
June 16. Edward Jones
June 23. Mary Petters, an infant
July 20. Elizabeth Green
July 31. Mary Simmans from Claines
Aug. 9. John Ainsworth
Sep. 7. Marry Perry
Sep. 20. Martha Jackson, an infant
Oct. 6. Thomas Green.
Oct. 24. Sarah Sheerwood, a child
Oct. 28. Anne Field, a child
Nov. 11. Richard Wight
Dec. 7. Martha Hatfield
Dec. 24. John Hannaford

So far transmitted to the Registry.
Thomas Clarke, Rector.

This register book discontinued by Act of Parliament Jan. 1st. 1813.

End of record of Burials in 2nd. Register book.


County: Worcestershire
Civil Registration District: Worcester
Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Worcester (Episcopal Consistory)
Diocese: Worcester
Rural Deanery: Worcester
Poor Law Union: Worcester
Hundred: Worcester Borough
Province: Canterbury

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