Upton (Upton-upon-Severn) Universal British Directory 1791

Upton-upon Severn is a market-town, nine miles and three quarters from Worcester, sixteen from Gloucester, five and three quarters from Tewkesbury, and one hundred and nine from London. Market-day, Thursday; fairs, first Thursday after Midlent, Thursday in Whitsun-week, Thursday before St. Matthew, and September 2. This place is noted for giving name to a hundred; Roman coins are often dug up here, which proves it to have been a station of the Roman soldiers. Here is a harbour for barges, and a charity-school for sixteen girls. The church has a square tower and five bells, also a clock. The body of the church is very neat, built in 1758. Here is a stone bridge with six arches, over the Severn.
Bankers – Skey, Brockhurst, and Co. draw on Foster, Bosanquet, and Co. London. – Leechman, Wall, and Co. draw on Roberts, Curtis, and Co. 35, Cornhill, London. – Banking hours from ten till one, and from three till five. The post goes regularly every day to Worcester, at ten in the morning; returns at six in the evening. – A mail-chaise to Worcester Tuesday and Saturday, at ten in the morning; returns the same afternoon: William Jackson, post-master. – The principal inhabitants are as follows:


Bayley Mr.
Brown Mr. John
Long William, Esq.


Bolter Rev. Dr.
Edmunds Rev. Thomas
James Rev. Dr.
Salmon Rev. Henry


Aycrigg Benjamin, Surgeon
Baylis Joseph, Surgeon
Crow John, Surgeon
Davis Thomas, Surgeon


Burtle Robert, Attorney
Long William, Attorney
Smith Abraham, Attorney
Wells Francis, Attorney


Adams Thomas, Linen-draper
Archer John, Gardener
Armstrong George, Cooper
Armstrong George, Huckster
Attwood Adam, Victualler, (Crown)
Baker William, Shoemaker
Bamford Samuel, Victualler, (Cross Keys,) and Excise-office
Barnes Benjamin, Taylor
Barnet Henry, Sadler
Bartlett Stephen, Cabinet-maker
Bayliss Joseph, Builder
Bick John, Carpenter
Bird Thomas, Baker
Brandard Samuel, Plumber
Brick Martha, Victualler, (7 Stars)
Brown Thomas, Plumber
Burgess Sampson, Hatter
Burgess John Howard, Hatter
Callow Elizabeth, Star Inn
Callow Thomas, Baker
Clarro Thomas, Grocer
Clay George, Taylor
Clay John, Taylor
Clisset Samuel, Chacemaker
Cooper John, Ironmonger
Crees Richard, Shoemaker
Crump William, Huckster
Dalby Mary, Victualler, (Cow)
Dalby Samuel, Victualler, (Crown)
Davis Thomas, Bricklayer
Davis Elizabeth, Midwife
Day Joseph, Shoemaker
Dodderidge Elizabeth, Ironmonger
Dutteridge Richard, Baker
Edwards Thomas, Shoemaker
Farmer William, Chairmaker
Fields John, Hatmaker
Floyd Charles, Bricklayer
Gardner – , Shoemaker
George Samuel, Grocer and Tallow-chandler
George Thomas, Butcher and Victualler
Gillett Jane, Grocer
Gloster Abraham, Shopkeeper
Griffith – , Excise-officer
Grove Richard, Watchmaker
Haines Mrs. Grocer
Hall Richard, Hair-dresser
Hartland Richard, Cooper
Hartland Robert, Cooper
Hatton Thomas, Victualler, (Brewer’s Arms)
Heath Thomas, Huckster
Hodgson Mrs. Huckster
Hodgson Edward, Plumber
Holder Sarah, Linen-draper Hooper John, Butcher
Husband Thomas, Linen and Woollen Draper
Jackson Mary, Victualler, (Swan)
Jackson William, Talbot Inn
James O. Trow-master
Jones Arnold, Smith
Jones Thomas, Staymaker
Kendall Thomas, Cider-merchant
Kent John, Mason
Kent William and Samuel, Brandy & Cider Merchants
Lane Robert, Sadler
Massey Joseph, Hatter
Morris Humphrey, Butcher
Orme Thomas, Schoolmaster
Overton John, Glover
Page Thomas, White Lion Inn
Page John, Tanner
Paine Joseph, Victualler, (Bull’s Head)
Pearce Aaron, Tallow-chandler
Perton William, Butcher
Phillips Thomas, Shoemaker
Pirkis Stephen, Butcher
Proctor William, Hair-dresser
Purcen James, Gardener
Rickards Miss, Milliner
Rickards John, Taylor
Ridgeway William, Carpenter
Roberts Thomas, Huckster
Rogers – , Excise-officer
Ross John, Victualler, (Black-boy)
Sanderlands Samuel, Draper
Sandlands R. Victualler, (Wheatsheaf)
Sandlands Edward, Ironmonger
Sands William, Gardener
Self Owen, Victualler, (Trow)
Sheriff Elizabeth, Victualler
Skey and Blockhurst, Ironmongers
Skey George, Cider-merchant
Thacker Samuel, Nailer
Thomas Charles, Cork-cutter
Tyler Benjamin, Grocer
Walker Jane, Midwife
Ward Richard, Breeches-maker
Warren John, Gardener
Warren William, Weaver
Weaver Thomas, Baker
Webb Edward, Smith
Williams Thomas, Cooper
Worrall – , Excise-officer
On the left, westward of this town, and which part this county from Herefordshire, are Malvern-hills, which consist of large mountains, prodigiously high and lofty, gradually rising one above another for about seven miles together. On the hills are two villages, called Great Malvern and Little Malvern, at the distance of about two miles from each other, each having had formerly an abbey of Benedictines, the last lying in a dismal cavity between the hills. On the very top of these hills may be seen the ruins of a prodigious ditch, which Gilbert earl of Gloucester dug, to separate his possessions from those of the church of Hereford. On these hills are two medicinal springs, called Holy Wells: one is good for the eyes and liver; and the other for cancers.
Source: Universal British Directory 1791