Priest Lane Pershore Worcestershire 1905

Right Side From Church Walk
Turner Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings
Jones Henry
Need William, beadle
Bishop George, journeyman butcher
Playdon William, journeyman bricklayer
Smith James William, builder
Haynes Mrs. Louisa Esther
Gould Joseph, labourer
Evans Mrs.
Mason Henry, labourer
Nutting Herbert, labourer
Annis James, labourer
Workman Joseph, labourer
Collins Samuel, labourer
Harvey Mabel, baker’s assistant
Workman Harry, labourer
Hook Richard, coach builder and smith
Here Is Worcester Street
Newman James, fitter
Davis James, labourer
Bell Joseph, moulder
Pratt James, labourer
Workman Edmund, labourer
Dunsby George, labourer
Cowley William, labourer
Mumford George, journeyman gardener
Surman Ernest, journeyman painter
Beard Thomas, journeyman gardener
Reynolds Charles, labourer
Smith Harry, journeyman gardener
Russell Mrs.
Dolphin Thomas, letter carrier
Smith Arthur, labourer
Sherriff Henry, labourer
Clements William, journeyman butcher
Baylis Benjamin, insurance agent
Hopkins Mrs.
Wells Mrs.
Overd William, journeyman bricklayer
Shotton Mrs. Mary
Lane William, fitter
Winwood Harry, journeyman painter
Wright Mrs. Mary
Woods Mrs. Susan
Dennick Harry, labourer
Browning Mrs., housekeeper
Hall Arthur, labourer
Here Is Little Lane
Tuck James, shepherd
Fletcher Thomas, journeyman blacksmith
Ferris Henry, labourer
Saunders Henry, journeyman carpenter
Bozzard George, letter carrier
Savoy William, beer retlr. (Black Horse)
Here Is Church Street; Also Church Walk

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.