Broad Street Pershore 1905

Left Side From Bridge Street

Bird William, manager, Three Tuns Wine and Spirit Vaults

The London Central Meat Company – William Chandler, Salesman

Andrews Alfred Howes, baker, &c.

Bell Mrs. Ruth Vina, tobacconist

Cook George, cab proprietor

Ganderton’s Yard – Young H. J., coachman

Ganderton’s Yard – Barber William, j’man painter

Ganderton’s Yard – Brown Mrs.

Ganderton’s Yard – Beard Samson, labourer

Ganderton’s Yard – Knight Henry, j’man basket maker

Ganderton’s Yard – Gould George, labourer

Ganderton’s Yard – Lee Mrs. Eliza, charwoman

Ganderton’s Yard – Howes Charles, j’man painter

Ganderton’s Yard – Amphlett Mrs. Elizabeth, chrwmn.

Ganderton’s Yard – Payne William, labourer

Ganderton’s Yard – Bozzard William, labourer

Ganderton’s Yard – Barber Mrs. Ann

Ganderton’s Yard – Reeves Wm., labourer

Ganderton’s Yard – Bickerstaff Wm., farm labourer

Ganderton’s Yard – Best Mrs. Ann

Milward Edmund, family butcher

Caldicott Alfred, fly proprietor

Spiers Joseph, journeyman basket maker

Birt Mrs.

Price Ernest, labourer

Bradley Mrs. Louisa

Telephone Call office (No. 1) – Mrs. S. Baylis, Caretaker

Wagstaff Francis Wm. Bentley, solicitor, commissioner of oaths

Smith Miss M., milliner

Coombe Joseph, journeyman bricklayer

Nutting Edward, fitter

Baptist Chapel – Rev. J. Dolphin, Pastor

Chapel House – Dolphin Rev. J.

Here Is Cemetery Road, Also Church Walk

Myrtle Cottage – Feek Mrs.

Abbey Place – Smith Mrs. John

Depot of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Worcestershire Regiment – W. H. Greenway, Sergeant Instructor

Southan Henry Walter

Southern House – Hosgood Sebastian, (Brookes & Badham)

Ludford House – Checketts Miss Emma

Harris Walter John, plumber, &c.

Gregory Mrs.

Smith William

Phillips Charles, grocer’s assistant

Lloyds’ Bank, Ltd. (branch of), bank hours 10 till 3, on Saturdays 10 till 1; Walter Thomas Pace, Manager

Pace Walter Thomas, bank manager

Prothero Peter Jones (Prothero & Co.)

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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