Bridge Street Pershore 1905

Right Side From The Square

Bird William, manager, Three Tuns Royal Hotel Posting House

Hanson Peter, draper and outfitter

Righton Edward Graham, auctioneer, &c.

Matthews William Joseph, managing clerk

Hall Henry Jas., beer retlr. (Millers’ Arms)

Kings Mrs. William, butcher

House void

Elkerton Mrs. Mary Eliza, butcher

Stephens Miss Jane E.

Bloxham Irving Geo., baker & confectioner

Champken Albert, hairdresser

Long John, boot and shoe maker

Winwood William, fruiterer

Emerton Nurse

Birch Thomas, wool merchant & insurance agent

Glover Jos., photographer, musical instrument, fancy & general goods dealer

Taylor William, house decorator

Summerton Henry Thos., tailor & breeches maker

London Tea Warehouse – Crooke Brothers, family grocers, tea dealers, &c.

Fern house – Bunn Mrs. Anne

Colston Miss Amelia, dressmaker

Bloxham William

Crooke Fred (Crooke Brothers)

Davis James

Crooke Samuel, county court bailiff

Seymour Alfred, journeyman blacksmith

Hunt George

Nicholas George (Nicholas Brothers)

Morlock Captain

Brookes & Badham, solicitors

Hosgood Sebastian (Brookes & Badham), magistrates’ clerk

Hudson Alfred Ricketts, solicitor; registrar and high bailiff of the county court

Coombe Mrs. Frances Emmeline

Baker John C. (warehouse)

Glenhurst – Moulson Frank Wilkinson, building surveyor and sanitary inspector

Clayton Lionel E., dep. Registrar of births, marriages, etc. for district of Pershore, and clerk to burial board

Humphrey The Misses Sarah and Lucy

Avondale – Ball Frank Britton, inland revenue officer

Manor House – Roberts Mrs. M.

Manor House – Cross E. W., plumber

Foster Thomas, journeyman saddler

Collett William, journeyman carpenter

Dance George, labourer

Chandler Joseph, journeyman miller

Mence Mrs. Jane, dressmaker

Chick William Salathiel, letter carrier

Here Is The Bridge


Pershore Mill – Goodwin & Sons, millers

Mill House – Goodwin Philip Bucknall (Goodwin & Sons)

Nicholas William, builder. &c.

Riverside – Wilding Rev. H. St. John, M.A.

Crooke W.

Nicholas Harvey (Nicholas Brothers)

Amphlett Miss Delia, apartments

Lees Michael Yates, M.R.C.V.S., vet. surgn.

Swain William, millers’ foreman

Chick Miss E., dressmaker

Hopkins John, shopkeeper

Nicholas Brothers, builders, etc. (see advt.)

Nicholas Frank (Nicholas Brothers)

Earl Isaiah

Osborne Mrs. Fanny

Spiers James Michael, cabinet maker, and Midland Railway receiving office

Brickell William

Baker Arthur Edward, solicitor; clerk to the guardians and rural district council; commissioner for oaths, & superintendent reg. of births & deaths for Pershore dist.

Baker John G., wine and spirit merchant

Bunn Albert, Star Inn, and coach builder

Mills R., plumber and painter

Woodward Martin, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., surgeon

Perrott House – Pearce William, J.P.

Avon Printing Works – Fearnside and Martin, printers, booksellers, stationers, billposters, &c. (see advt.)

Fearnside William (Fearnside & Martin)

Martin David (Fearnside & Martin), residence, Broughton

Gould Charles, agent for R. T. Smith and Co. ( G. W.R. )

Adams Alfred, basket maker

Smith Arthur, journeyman blacksmith

Bedford House – Hanson Peter

Martin James, clerk

Allard Miss

Fire Brigade station – P. Hanson, Sec.; Ernest Smith, Captain

Larghan House – Grewcock Mrs. Bridget

Clifton Ho. – H. B. Emerson, M.R.C.S., surgeon

Smith Arthur William, family chemist

Field Charles H., ironmonger, &c.

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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