Newlands Pershore Worcestershire 1905

Right Side From Priest Lane And Church Walk
Church Row – Savoy William, Black Horse
Church Row – Dolphin John, letter carrier
Church Row – Phipps Job, maltster
Church Row – Giles Mrs.
Church Row – Carter Joseph, labourer
Church Row – Annis Chris., labourer
Church Row – Perks F., postman
Church Row – Giles Mrs. Catherine
Church Row – Rogers Mrs. Jane
Church Row – Amiss Herbert, labourer
Church Row – Clarke - , labourer
Church Row – Bell John, letter carrier
Godfrey John, coal dealer
Beard Stephen, gardener
Clemens Mrs., butcher
Dufty Frederick, market gardener
Butler John, basket maker
Dolphin Wm. John, beer retlr. (White Hart)
Insell Harry
Dufty Mrs. Ann
Turvey Mrs. Mary, working gardener
Bell William, gardener
Askew Alfred, labourer
Pritchard Mrs. Sarah, seamstress
Heeks Neighbour Henry, j’man carpenter
Shepherd George, labourer
Heeks Mrs. Martha, laundress
Barnes Mrs.
Hall James, journeyman baker
Clifton Samuel, chimney sweeper
Lewis William, journeyman bricklayer
Spencer William, journeyman gardener
Haywood John, labourer
Palfrey Charles, vanman
Bozward Thomas
Lewis George, journeyman gardener
Carter Frederick, drayman
Champken F., Talbot Inn
Marshall Charles, journeyman bricklayer
Brookes Thomas Henry, shopkeeper
Newland House – Andrews Alfred, grocer
Here Is Head Street
Tombs William Henry, Victoria Hotel
Twigg Mrs.
Cosnett Mrs. Elizabeth, working gardener
Need Mrs. Murtha, working gardener
Evans Mrs.
Dufty Andrew, market gardener
Newman James, labourer
Peat William, labourer
Ball William, journeyman basket maker
Angell Mrs.
Pender Walter
Dufty Mrs. Sam., market gardener
House void
House void
Stratford James, foreman
Waters Thomas, labourer
Hall Thomas, labourer
Kings Thomas, labourer
Wright William, market gardener
Collins Thomas, market gardener
Amerie Court – Cartland Captain Bertram
Here Is Three Springs Road
Clarke William, market gardener
Cosnett Samuel, market gardener
Carter Mrs.
House void
Workman Frederick, labourer
Dufty Andrew
Marshall William, labourer
Hewlett Mrs.
Mann Robert, labourer
Marshall John, labourer
Gosney Mrs. S.
Archer Joseph, fitter
Cowley John, labourer
House void
Palfrey William, baker and confectioner
Hemmings William, gardener
Annis Solomon, journeyman machinist
Dolphin George, journeyman carpenter
North Thomas, labourer
Annis Reuben, labourer
Teague Alfred, labourer
Revill John, marine store dealer
Revill Mrs. Louisa
Cosnett Thomas, labourer
Oakley Harry, labourer
Rock Daniel, labourer
Here Is New Road
Wall Letter-box cleared at 10.55 a.m., 1.10, and 6.30 p.m. week-days only.
Clarke William, labourer
Palfrey Thomas, journeyman baker
Brant Alfred, labourer
Turvey Charles, labourer
Palfrey Frederick, market gardener
Wright Charles, labourer
Cook Mrs.
Haines Mrs.
Pritchard Mrs.
Andrews Holland, baker and gardener
Cosnett Herbert, market gardener
Gregg Mrs.
Price Charles, journeyman bricklayer
Stanton George, journeyman gardener
Phillips William, journeyman carpenter
Turfield Mrs. Sarah, charwoman
Bonner Robert, market gardener
Groves William, journeyman gardener
Clarke Frederick John, coachman
Here is the Back Entrance to The Abbey
(Colonel Hudson’s)
Here Is Priest Lane, Also Church Street, Also Church Walk.

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.