Transcription of the Kidderminster Worcestershire Poll Book 1868. Lists surname, first name and address of where in Kidderminster they lived.
Kidderminster Borough Election 1868
Copy of the Poll
Candidates: Thomas Lea, Esq., Kidderminster; William Thomas Makins, Esq., Holland Park, London.
Number of Votes Given
For Mr. Lea … 1262
For Mr. Makins … 802
Majority for Mr. Lea … 460
Total Votes Polled … 2064
NB. * are Lodgers
Adams, John, St. John-street
Adams, Joshua, Worcester-street.
Adams, Samuel, Constitution-hill
Adams, Thomas, Love-lane
Adams, Thomas Hall-street
Adams, William, Leswell-place
Ainsworth, Daniel, Blackwell-street
Ainsworth, James, Coventry-street
Ainsworth, John, Mount Pleasant
Alexander, James, New Wood-street
Allbutt, James, Clensmore-lane
Allbutt, William, 15, South-street
Allcock, Benjamin, Coventry-street
Allcock, Benjamin, Bewdley-road
Allcock, Charles, Mill-street
Allcock, George, Habberley-street
Allcock, John, Chapel-street
Allen, Benjamin, Hoo-lane
Allen, James, Brussells-street
Allen, James, Bird-lane
Allen, John, Bewdley-street
Allen, John, Brussells-street
Allen, Richard, Hoo-lane
Allen, Richard, Coventry-street
Allen, William, Wood-street
Allingham, Benjamin, Worcester-street
Amos, William, Dudley-street
Amyes, Edward, Comberton-hill
Anderson, Wm. Henry, Oxford-road
Andrews, George, The New Closes
Andrews, James, Coventry-street
Andrews. Walter, Bird-lane
Anglin, Robert, Mill-street
Ankrett, Benjamin, Arch-hill
Ankrett, Henry, Comberton-hill
Ankivtt, Richard, New-road
Arkill, William, George-street
Arnold, Benjamin, Broad-street
Arnold, Edwin, Bewdley-road
Arnold, Joseph, Worcester-cross
Arnold, William, Horsefair
Ashcroft, Samuel, Wood-street
Askin, Francis, Townshend
Askin, George, Broadwatere
Asprey, Frederick, St. George’s-fields
Aston, James, St. Mary’s-street
Austin, Edward, Aggborough
Austin, George, Upper Habberley-street
Avery, William, Wood-street
Ayers, Jas., St. James’-row, George-st
Ayers, John, senior, Broad-street
Ayers, William, Raekfields
Ayers, William, Broad-street
Aymer, George, Bromsgrove-street
Aymer, Thomas, Leswell
Ayres, Richard, Sutton-common
Bacchus, William, Mill-street
Bach, John, High Habberley
Badger, Alfred, Windmill-row
Badland, Charles Davies, Short-heath
Bailey, Robert, Prospect-row
Baines, Charles, Mill-street
Baker, Alfred, Back Queen-street
Baker, Alfred, St. John-street
Baker, John, Chapel-street
Baker, John, George-street
Baker, Richard, Bromsgrove-street
Baker, Richard, Leswell-place
Baker, Thomas Dod, Church-street
Baker, William, Blacliwell-street
Baldwin, John, Leswell-place
Bale, Alfred, Hoo-lane
Bale, Herbert, Wood-street
Bale, Thomas, Lion-hill
Ball, Charles Broad, Franche *
Ball, Frederick, Broad-street
Ball, George, Back-lane, Bromsgrove-st.
Ball, Samuel, York-street
Ball, Silvanus, Lark-hill
Bamfield, Henry, The Closes
Bamfield, John, Bird-lane
Banks, George, Oxford-road
Banks, Richard, Wood-street
Banks, Thomas, Leswell-house
Barber, Benjamin, York-street
Barber, Charles, Waterloo-street
Barber, Joseph, Churchfields
Barber, Thomas, New-road
Barber, William, Bromsgrove-street
Barber, William, York-street
Bark, William, Worcester-street
Barker, George, Cemetery-row
Barker, James, Park-lane
Barker, James, Sutton-common
Barker, John, Lark-hill
Barker, Moses, George-street
Barker, Richard, Chapel-street
Barker, Thomas, New Wood-street.
Barker, William, Constitution-hill
Barlow, Richard, Stourbridge-street
Barlow, Thomas, Stourbridge-street
Barlow, William, Stourbridge-street
Barnes, Henry, Rackfields
Barnes, Henry, Worcester-street
Barnes, James, Hoo-lane
Barnet, Alfred James, Worcester-street
Barnsley, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Barratt, G., Oakland, St. George’s-fields
Barth, Henry, George-street
Barth, John, Bewdley-street
Barton, John, Farfield
Barton. John Everard, Vicar-street
Bash, John, Oxford-road
Batchelor, James, Park-lane
Bate, William, Back Queen-street
Bate, William, Swan-street
Bayes, David, Cussfield
Bayes, Isaiah, Boulter’s-lane
Bayes, John, George-street
Bayes, John, Mill-street
Bayes, Thomas, Broad-street
Baylis, A., St. James’-row, George-st
Baylis, Frederick, Bewdley-street
Baylis, John, Bromsgrove-street
Baylis, Thomas, Park-street
Baylis, William, Back Queen-street
Baynham, James, Stourbridge-street
Baynton, Thomas, Farlield
Beach, Alfred, Old Workhouse-yard
Beach, Jesse, Broad-street
Beach, John, Farfield
Beach, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Beach, William, York-street
Beams, Charles, Blackwell-street
Beams, William, Orchard-street
Beard, Alfred, Bird-lane
Beddoes, Thos. Blankley, Oxford-road
Bedford, James, George-street
Beech, Benjamin, Worcester-street
Beeston, William, Coventry-street
Belcher, Paul, St. John-street
Bell, Charles, Comberton-hill
Bell, Henry, Lion-street
Bell, James, Farfield
Bell, Robert, Comberton-hill
Bell, Robert, Farfield
Bell, William, Hoo-lane
Bellamy, Henry, Back of South-street
Benbow, Joseph, Fair-street
Bennett, Charles, Bird-lane
Bennett, Edward, Chapel-street
Bennett, Henry, Mill-street
Bennett, Herbert, Bromsgrove-street
Bennett, Herbert, High-street
Bennett, James, Coventry-street
Bennett, John, Blackwell-street
Bennett, John, Clensmore-lane
Bennett, Joseph, Lark-hill
Bennett, Luke, Paradise-street
Bennett, Stephen, Wood-street
Bennett, Thomas, Broadwaters
Bennett, Thomas, Church-street
Bennett, William, Bewdley-street
Bennett, William, George-street
Bennett, William, Horsefair
Bennett, William, Lark-hill
Bennett, William, Oxford-road
Bennett, William, Stourbridge-street
Best, Joseph, Blakebrook
Best, Elijah, Churchfields
Best, Henry, Coalfield-row
Best, Henry, Mount Pleasant
Bevan, James, Love-lane
Bevan, William, Sutton-common
Bickerton, William, Broad-street
Bigg, Alfred, Hoo-lane
Biggs, William, Rackfields
Billingsley, John, Broad-street
Billingsley, Joseph, Broadwaters
Billingsley, Richard, Broadwaters
Bingham, Benjamin, Churchfields
Binnian, James, Мill-street
Binns, Henry, Sutton-common
Bint, John, Broadwaters
Birch, Peter, Leswell
Bird, Benjamin, Stourbridge-street
Birt, William, Bull-ring
Bishop, George, Oxford-road
Bishop, Thomas, Back Queen-street
Bishop, Thomas, Mill-street
Bishop, William, Back Queen-street
Blackford, James, Cussfield
Bladen, James, Chapel-street
Blagborough, Thomas, Chester-lane
Blakeway, Henry, St. John-street
Blandford, Tom R., 18, Habberley-st *
Blent, Charles, Mill-street
Blount, William. Mill-street
Bluck, Thomas, Sutton-common
Blunt, Thomas, Bull-ring
Blowen, William, Duke-street
Bodell, William, Orchard-street
Boese, Bernard, Bull-ring
Bond, Charles, High-street
Bond, James, Duke-street
Bond, John, Worcester-street
Boraston, Charlee, St. George’s-fields
Bosley, George, Broadwaters
Boucher, Charles, Marl Pool
Boucher, James, Bull-ring
Bouet, Jean, Blakebrook
Bough, Thomas, Mill-street
Boulter, George, York-street
Boulter, William, Love-lane
Bourne, Henry, Worcester-street
Bowen, Edward, Broad-street
Bowen, Thomas, Stourbridge-street
Bowen, William. 88, Bromsgrove-street
Bowler, James, Sutton-common
Bowman, John, New-place, Bird-lane
Bowyer, Emanuel, Worcester-street
Bowyer, George, The New Closes
Bowyer, James, Park Lane-court
Bowyer, John, Woodfield-street
Bowyer, Joseph, 8, Constitution-hill
Bowyer, Josiah, St. John-street
Boyle, John, Union-street
Boyle, Martin, Waterloo-street
Brace, Samuel, Waterloo-street
Bradford, Thomas, New Wood-street
Bradley, Alfred, Stourbridge-street
Bradley, Frederick, Wolverley
Bradley, Joseph, New-place, Bird-lane
Bradley, Richard, Dudley-street
Bradley, Thomas, Blakebrook
Bradley, William, Park-butts
Bradney, Richard, Whitville
Bradshaw, William, Blackwell-street
Braggington, William, Worcester-cross
Branford, James. Boulter’s-lane
Branford, John, Bewdley-street
Branford, John, Chapel-street
Bray, Thomas, Duncan’s-yard, Mill-st
Brazier, Joseph, Bewdley-street
Brazier, William, Hoo-lane
Breadney, John, Boulter’s-lane
Breeze, John, Stourbridge-street.
Brewer, John, Milk-street
Brewster, John, Broadwaters
Brewster, Robert, Broadwaters.
Brighton, Benjamin, Brussells-street
Brinton, John, Moor Hall, Stourport
Britton, Joseph, Oxford-road
Broadfield, Edward, Church-street
Broadfield, Thomas, York-street
Bromley, Thomas, Coventry-street
Brommage, Edward, Hill-street
Brommage Joseph, Mill-street
Bromwich, Joseph, Brussells-street
Brookin, Edward, Broadwaters
Brooks, Charles, Bromsgrove-street
Brooks, Charles, Chapel-street
Brooks, George, Bird-lane
Brooks, James, Worcester-street
Brooks, John, Bird-lane
Brooks, John, Churchfields
Brooks, John Thomas, Hill-street
Brooks, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Brooks, Richard, St. George’s-fields
Brooks, Samuel, Love-lane
Brooks, Thomas, Chapel-street
Broom, Edward Alfred, Comberton-rd *
Broom, Henry William, Broadwaters
Broom, Russell, Comberton Hall
Broom, Samuel, Comberton Hall
Broom, William, Coventry-street
Broom, William, New-road
Brothers, William, Duke-street
Brown, Edward, Mount Pleasant
Brown, George, Coventry-street
Brown, Joseph, George-street
Brown, Joseph, St. George’s-fields
Buckley, Edwin, Love-lane
Bucknall, Thomas Silvester, Farfield
Bucknall, William, Orchard-street
Bullin, John, Oxford-road
Bullock, Alfred, Dudley-street
Bunting, Thomas, Horsefair
Burchall, Charles, Churchfields
Burchall, John, Churchfields
Burden, James, Broad-street
Burden, Joseph, Hall-street
Burford, Jarvis, sen., Orchard-street
Burford, Jarvis, jun., Bewdley-street
Burgin, William, St. John-street
Burlingham, John, Earfield
Burns, Daniel, Blackwell-street
Burns, James, Mount Pleasant
Burns, John, Stourbridge-street
Burrows, George, Hoo-lane
Burtonwood, Isaiah, Back Queen-street
Bury, John, Whitville
Butcher, Daniel, Cussfield
Butcher, George, New-road
Butland, William, Court, Mill-street
Butler, John, Park-lane
Butler, Joseph, Hall-street
Butler, Thomas J., Mill-street
Butler, William, Broad-street
Butler, William, Stourbridge-street
Butterworth, James New Wood-street
Butterworth, John, Cemetery-row
Bytheway, Charles, Waterloo-street
Bytheway, Clement, Mount Pleasant
CaldwalL Henry, Stourbridge-street
Caldwell, John, Stourbridge-street
Cale, Richard, Bird-lane
Campbell, John, St. George’s-fields
Cane, John, Bewdley-road
Cantrell James, South-street
Cantrell John, York-street
Carpenter, John, George-street
Carradine, Benjamin, Oxford-road
Carter Charles, Swan-street
Carter, Edward, Bromsgrove-street
Carter George, Franche-road
Carter, John, Mill-street
Carter, Thomas, Comberton-hill
Carter, Thomas, Waterloo-street
Carter, William, Milk-street
Carter, William, 30, Oxford-road
Cartright, Elijah, Farfield
Cartwright, Edwin, Mount Pleasant
Castleman, Henry, Leswell-place
Caswell, James, Farfield
Caswell, James, Love-lane
Caswell, John, Waterloo-street
Chadwick, Robert, Mill-street
Chalk, Charles, Cemetery-row
Chalk, George, Bewdley-road
Challoner James, Habberly-street
Chamberlain, J., Old Workhouse-yard
Chamberlain, Thos., Habberley-street
Chamberlain, Thos., junior, Horsefair
Chambers, James, Bird-lane
Chambers, James, Hall-street
Chatterton, Robert, Backfields
Chatterton, Thomas, York-place
Cheshire, Geo. Thos., Sutton-common
Chesshire, Thomas, Park-lane
Chesshire, Wm., Woodfield-street
Christie, John, Bromsgrove-hill
Christie, Robert, Coventry-street
Church, William, Love-lane
Churchett, Benjamin, St. James’s-row,
Churchett, George, Silver-hill
Churchett, John, Bewdley-street
Clark, Alfred, Worcester-street
Clark, James, Broadwaters
Clark, Jeremiah, Broadwaters
Clark, Thomas, Cemetery-row
Clark, William, Sutton-common
Clarke, Henry, Sutton-common
Clarke, William, Orchard-street
Clee, Edgar, New Wood-street
Clee, William, New Wood-street
Clewer, John, St. George’s-fields
Clews, William, Park-butts
Clode, William, Leswell-place
Clymer, Samuel, New-road
Coates, Richard, Bewdley-street
Coates, Richard, Cross-street
Coates, William, Blackwell-street
Cobbin, Ingram, Worcester-street
Colburn, Wm., Constitution-hill
Cole, Charles John, Love-lane
Cole, Frederick, Coventry-street
Cole, George, Jerusalem-walk
Cole, Henry, Broadwaters
Cole, Henry, Chapel-street
Cole, Wm., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st
Colerick, Benjamin, Pitt’s-lane
Colley, Richard, South-street
Collins, John, Broadwaters
Collins, H., Near Town Mills, Mill-st
Colsey, John, Bromsgrove-street
Colsey, William, 100, Mill-street
Connerton. Brien, 3, Milk-street
Conway, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street
Cook, Alfred, Jerusalem-walk
Cook, Alfred John, South-street
Cook, Benjamin, Sutton-common
Cook, Edwin, Stourbridge-street
Cook, George, South-street
Cook, George, Sutton-common
Cook, Henry, Broadwaters
Cook, Henry, Mill-street
Cook, James, George-street
Cook, James, Habberley-road
Cook, James, Mount Pleasant
Cook, John, Churchfields
Cook, John, Prospect-row
Cook, Joseph, Love-lane
Cook, Richard, Arch-hill
Cook, Thomas, Love-lane
Cooke, Edwin, Whitville
Cooke, James, Franche
Cooke, John, Sutton-common
Cooke, Joseph, Franche
Cooke, Noah, Bromsgrove-street
Cooksey, Edward, Horsefair
Cooksey, Henry, Mill-street
Cooksey, John, Love-lane
Cookson, Chas., jun., Bird-lane
Cookson, Frederick, Worcester-street
Cookson, Samuel, New-road
Cookson, William, Dudley-street
Coombes, John, 95, Bromsgrove-street
Coombes, William, Bewdley-road
Cooper, Alfred, Love-lane
Cooper, Arthur, Kempsey -cot., Farfield
Cooper, Enos, Brussells-street
Cooper, George, Mill-street
Cooper, George, Rock-terrace
Cooper, Henry, New-place, Bird-lane
Cooper, James, Chester-lane
Cooper, John, Bromsgrove-street
Cooper, John, Stourbridge-street
Cooper, John, Constitution-hill
Cooper, John, Dudley-street
Cooper, John, Duke-street
Cooper, Joseph, Coventry-street
Cooper, Joseph, Queen-street
Cooper, Sml. Jehu, Summer-place
Cooper, Simon, St. George’s-fields
Cooper, Simon, Summer-place
Cooper, Thomas, Caldwall-row
Cooper, Thomas, Churchfields
Cooper, Thomas, New-place, Bird-lane
Cooper, William, Back Queen-street
Cooper, William, New Closes
Cooper, William, New-road
Cope, Abraham, jun., Pitt’s-lane
Cope, Isaac, Farfield
Cope, John, Brussells-street
Cope, John, senior, Love-lane
Cope, Richard, top of Broad-street
Corfield, George, Whitville
Corfield, Henry, Pleasant-arbour
Corfield, John, Churchfields
Costello, James, Waterloo-street
Cotton, John, Constitution-hill
Cotton, William, Constitution-hill
Coundley, Edward, Chester-road
Court, James, Horsefair
Cowell, James, Mill-street
Cowell, Thomas, Upper Habberley-st
Cox, John, Coventry-street
Cox, Joseph, sen., Rock-terrace
Cox, Samuel, Sutton-common
Cox, William, Farfield
Cox, William, York-street
Coxon, William, Blackwell-street
Coyne, Barnaby, Union-street
Crabtree, James, Farfield
Crabtree, James, Worcester-street
Craddock, Alban, Leswell
Crane, Henry, Oxford-road
Crane, John, Broad-street
Crane, Samuel, Franche-road
Crannage, Charlee, Dudley-street
Crannage, Henry, Clensmore-lane
Crisp, John, Clensmore-lane
Crisp, Joseph, Cemetery-row
Crisp, Thomas, top of Broad-street
Crisp, William, top of Broad-street
Critchley, Joseph, Broadwaters
Crook, William, Habberley-road
Crotty, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Crow, Joseph, Blackwell-street
Crowley, Dennis, Blackwell-street
Crump, John Evans, Blackwell-street
Crump, Samuel, Bird-lane
Crump, Samuel, Clensmore-lane
Crumpton, Benjamin, Park-street
Crumpton, Joseph Lewis, Farlield
Cull, Henry, Pleasant-arbour
Cull, James, Coalfield-row
Cull, Thomas, Churchfields
Curran, James, Cussfield
Curtiss, Henry, Wood-street
Curtiss, Isaac, Lion-hill
Curtiss, John, Court, Horsefair
Curtiss, John, Duncan’s-yard
Curtiss, Joshua, the New-closes
Curtiss, Thomas, Broad-street
Curtiss, Thomas, Cussfield
Curtiss, William, Bewdley-street
Curtiss, William, Boulter’s-lane
Cutler, George, Bird-lane
Cutler, James, Duke-street
Dallow, Frederick, 15, New-road
Danby, Arthur, Wood-street
Dance, Joseph, George-street
Danks, Walter, George-street
Daniels, Alfred, Park-lane
Davies, George, 42, Love-lane *
Davis, Alfred, Morton’s-yard
Davis, Edward, Hill-street
Davis, George, Broadwaters
Davis, George, Woodfield-streat
Davis, James, Comberton-hill
Davis, James, Stourbridge-street
Davis, John, Ball’s-hill
Davis, John, St. Mary’s-street
Davis, Robert, Witnell’s-row
Davis, Thomas, Dudley-street
Davis, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street
Davis, William, Bewdley-street
Day, John Tyler, Cemetery-row
Deacon, William, Hoo-lane
Deakin, Charles, Oakland-place
Denning, James, Backfields
Denning, Joseph, Love-lane
Denning, Thomas, Love-lane
Depper, George, St. John-street
Depper, Henry, Worcester-street
Devellen, Michael, senior, Dudley-street
Devellen, Michael, junior, St. John-st
Deverall, John Love-hme
Dixon, Charles, Love-lane
Dixon, Henry, Franche
Dixon, Henry Jecks, Greatfield
Dobbins, Henry, New-road
Dodgson, Samuel, 62, Love-lane
Donaldson, Jas. Skinner, Franche-road *
Done, Joseph, Farfield
Doolittle, George, Lion-square
Dorrall, George, St. John-street
Dovey, Luke, Clensmore-lane
Dovey, Thomas, Proud-cross
Downes, Matthew, New-road
Downing, Jno. Turton-st. Green-hill
Downton, Charles, Lion-street
Downton, Henry, Coventry-street
Draper, George, Mount-pleasant
Dredge, Charles, senior, York-street
Dredge, Charles, junior, York-street
Dredge, Edwin, 109, Mill-street
Drinkwater, Jno. Stourbridge-street
Drury, John, Worcester-street
Dudley, Samuel, Blackwell-street
Dudley, William, senior, Blackwell-st
Dudley, William, junior, Lark-hill
Duffield, James, Love-lane
Duffield, John, Love-lane
Dugard, Edward, Hall-street
Dugard, William, Orchard-street
Duncan, George, Whitville
Dutfield, Edward, Broodwaters
Dutton, Herbert, New-road
Dutton, William, Blackwell-street
Dyer, George, Mill-street
Dyson, Job, St. Georges’s-fields
Earp, Edwin, Friar-street
Ebsworth, Edwin, Orchard-street
Ebury, George, St. George’s-fields
Edmunds, George, Mount-pleasant
Edwards, Alfred, New-road
Edwards, Charles, Bird-lane
Edwards, Charles, Sutton-common
Edwards, Ed. Morton’s-yd, Chch-fds
Edwards, Isaac, Horsefair
Edwards, James, Fair-street
Edwards, John, Hoo-lane
Edwards, John, Stourbridge-street
Edwards, Joseph, Blackwell-street
Edwards, Lewis, Lark-hill
Edwards, Thomas, Bewdley-street
Edwards, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Edwards, Thomas, Chapel-street
Edwards, William, Broad-street
Edwards, William, Broadwaters
Edwards, William, Hoo-lane
Edwards, William, Love-lane
Edwards, Wm. Chs. Habberley-st
Elcock, James, South-street
Eldred, Thomas, Seily, Franche-road
Elkington, Thomas, Clensmore-lane
Elliston, Thomas, New-road
Elvis, William, Hall-street
Elvis, Thomas, St. John-street
Ensell, Henry, New Wood-street
Evans, David, Boulter’s-lane
Evans, James, Love-lane
Evans, John, Bromsgrove-street
Evans, John, Lark-hill
Evans, John, Long-acre
Evans, John, Worcester-street
Evans, Joseph, Mount Pleasant
Evans, Thomas, Pleasant-arbour
Evans, William, Bromsgrove-street
Everley, James, Cemetery-row
Fairbank, Alfred, Leswell
Fanton, George, Park-street
Farlow, Samuel, Hoo-lane
Farlow, William, Worcester-street
Farmer, George, Wood-street
Farmer, Moses, Blackwell-street
Farmer, William, Love-lane
Farmer, William, Mount Pleasant
Fawcett, Francis Best, New-road
Fawcett, Samuel, Whitville
Fawcett, William Lea, New-road
Fawke John, Mill-street
Fearnall, Joseph, York-street
Fearnott, John-, Park-lane
Fehrenbach, Benedict, Mill-street
Felton, Michael, Cemetery-row
Felton, Thomas, Chester-road
Fidkin, Samuel, Bromsgrove-street
Field, James, Bromsgrove-street
Field, James, Oxford-road
Field, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Fincher, Abraham, Wood-street
Fincher, John, Boulter’s-lane
Findon, John, Worcester-street
Finlow, Thomas, Sutton-common
Fisher, Thomas, Dudley-street
Fisk, Thomas, Chester-lane
Fitzgerald, James, Leswell
Fitzpatrick, James, Silver-hill
Fitzpatrick, Martin, Blackwell-street
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Flannagan, John, Union-street
Fletcher, Henry, South-street
Fletcher, John, Chapel-street
Footman, John, Court, Worcester-st
Ford, Samuel, High-street
Foster, Ambrose, Wood-street
Foster, George, Worcester-street
Foster, Henry, Cemetery-row
Foster, James, Orchard-street
Fowler, Alfred, Broad-street
Foxall, John, Mount Pleasant
Frances, John, Stourbridge-street
Freeley, Thomas, 9, Waterloo-street
Freeman, John, Hoo-lane
French, Charles Wm., Worcester-street
French, Joseph, Coventry-street
Frestal, Thomas, 2, Silver-hill
Frost, Joseph, Wood-street
Frost, Saml., Coalfield-row,
Frost, Samuel, Fair-street
Frost, William, Lion-street
Frost, Winter, Woodfield-street
Gale, Charles, Three Tuns-yard
Gale, Frederick, Fair-street
Gale, Thomas, Constitution-hill
Gale, William, Bromsgrove-street
Gale, William, Hoo Lane
Gamble, John, Bromsgrove-street
Gamble, Joseph, Orchard-street
Gamble, William, Bromsgrove-street
Gane, Richard, Waterloo-street
Gardener, Thomas, Chester-road
Garlick, Thomas Hall, Queen-street
Garmston, Thomas, Lion-square
Garside, Wright, Hoo-lane
Gethin, Richard, Worcester-street
Gethin, William, Franche-road
Gibbins, George, Brussells-street
Gibbins, George, Hill-street
Gibbins, James, Mill-street
Gilbert, George, Mount Pleasant
Gilbert, John, Bird-lane
Gilbert, Noah, Dudley-street
Giles, Jesse, Court, Worcester-street
Giles, John, Caldwall-row
Giles, Thomas, Love-lane
Gill, Henry, Blackwell-street
Gill, Joseph, Love-lane
Gill, Richard, Chapel-street
Gill, Stephen, Worcester-street
Gillam, Charles, George-street
Gillam, Robert, Bromsgrove-street
Gillam, William, St. Jolm’s-row
Gillams, Thomas, Cemetery-row
Gillard, Thos., Dudley-street
Gillard, William, New-road
Gillit, Henry, New Wood-street
Gittens, Jesse, Oakland-place
Gittens, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Gittings, Thomas, Constitution-hill
Glasbrook, William, Oxford-road
Glavey, John, Blackwell-street
Goddington, George, Wood-street
Golding, James, Queen-street
Goode, John, Worcester-street
Goodman, George, The New Closes
Goodsall, John William, Cussfield
Goodwin, D. W., The Elms, Blakebrook
Goodwin, Joseph, Clensmore-lane
Goodwin, Richard, Park Gate-entry
Goodwin, Thomas, St. Goorge’s-fields
Goodwin, William, Rackfields
Goodwin, William, Bromsgrove-street
Goodyear, Henry, Broadwaters
Gough, Richard, Hurcott-lane
Gough, Samuel, York-street
Gowen, John, Mill-street
Gower, James, Back-lane, Leswell
Granger, Alfred, Bull-ring
Grant, George, Lion-hill
Grant, Henry, Habberley-street
Grant, John, Broadwaters
Grant, Samuel, Cross-street
Gray, Charles Norris, Bewdley-hill *
Greatwich, Richard, Broad-street
Greatwich, Wm., Upper Habberley-st
Greaves, Alfred Henry, Summer-place
Greaves, John, Summer-place
Greaves, John Fredk., Summer-place *
Greaves, Thomas, Wadeley’s-hill
Green, Abel, Coventry-street
Green, Enos, Whitville
Green, George, Hurcott-lane
Green, James, George-street
Green, James, Proud-cross
Green, John, Chester-road
Green, John, Jerusalem-walk
Green, John, New-road
Green, Thomas, Broad-street
Green, William, Stourbridge-street
Green, William, The Copse
Greenwood, Daniel, Jerusalem
Greenwood, Joseph, Summer-place
Greenwood, Thomas, St. Goorge’s-fields
Grierson, Thomas, Mill-street
Griffin, Benjamin, Wood-street
Griffin, Humphrey, Woodfield-street
Griffin, Michael, Hurcott-lane
Griffin, Robert, Mill-street
Griffin, Thomas, Ball’s-hill
Griffin, Thomas, George-street
Griffin, Thomas, Union-street
Griffin, William, Union-street
Griffith, Henry, Sutton-common
Griffith, Thomas, Coventry-street
Griffiths, Chas., Wide-entry, Dudley-st
Griffiths, James, Broad-street
Griffiths, James, Broadwaters
Griffiths, John, New-road
Griffiths, Nathaniel, Paradise-street
Griffiths, Thomas, Broadwaters
Grose, Thomas James, Chester-lane
Grosvenor, George Wm., Bewdley-road
Grote, Frederick, Chester-road
Grove, Edward, Sutton-common
Grove, Elijah, Park-butts
Grove, John, Witnell’s-row
Grove, Richard, New-road
Grove, Thomas William, Coventry-st
Guest, Ebenezer, Horsefair
Guest, Edward, Blackwell-street
Guest, Edwin, Union-street
Guest, Isaiah, Раrк-lane
Guest, John, Comberton-hill
Guest, Thomas, Top of Broad-street
Gummery, James, Blackwell-street
Guttery, James, Blackwell-street
Guttery, James, Duncan’s-yard, Mill-st
Guttery, George, Cemetery-row
Gwillam, John Henry, Sutton-common
Haddcock, Benj., Horsefair
Haddcock, William, Dudley-street
Haigh, George, George-street
Hailes, William, Whitville
Haines, John, Love-lane
Halfpenny, William, Bromsgrove-st.
Hall, George, Franche
Hall, J., Wadeley’s hill, Park lane
Hall, John, Blackwell-street
Hall, John, Broadwaters
Hall, Joseph, Lion-square
Hall, Thomas, Entry, Dudley-street
Hall, Thomas, Exchange-street
Hammond, Chas., Stourbridge-street
Hammond, Edward, Brussels-street
Hammond, Edward, Mill-street
Hammond, James, Cleosmore lane
Hammond, James, Whitville
Hammond, John, Fair-street
Hampton, Isaac, Oxford-road
Hampton, James, Bird-lane
Handley, Henry, Dudley-street
Handley, Thomas, Broadwaters
Handley, William, Broadwaters
Handley, William, Franche
Hands, George, Proud cross
Hankins, William, Blackwell-street
Hanson, Samuel, Chester-lane
Harber, W. A., Lion-street
Hardeman, Albert, Bewdley-street
Hardeman, Eli, Fehrenbach’s entry
Hardeman, Henry, St. George’s-fields
Hardeman, James, Dudley-street
Hardeman, Joseph, Lark-hill
Hardeman, William, Duke-street
Hardeman, William, Pleasant-arbour
Harden, Robert, Horsefair
Hare, Alfred, Oxford-road
Hares, Joseph, Worcester-street
Hargreaves, C. H, Wood-street
Harris, Christopher, York-street
Harris, E. T., Upper Habberley-street
Harris, Fdk., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st
Harris, George, George-street
Harris, H., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st.
Harris, Henry, Hurcott-lane
Harris, James, Chester-lane
Harris, James, Prospect-row
Harris, John, Bromsgrove-street
Harris, Joseph, 20, Hall-street
Harris, Joseph, Rock-terrace
Harris, Noah, Bromsgrove-street
Harris, Thomas, Lion-square
Harris, William, Dudley-street
Harrison, Alfred, Back-lane, Leswell
Harrison, Edwin, Oxford-road
Harrison, Frederick., Bird-lane
Harrison, George, Coventry-street
Harrison, James, Church-street
Harrison, William, Marl-pool
Hartland, William, Mill-street
Hartwell, Cornelius, Broad-street
Hartwell, Edward, Clensmore-lane
Hartwell, Michael, Bird-lane
Harvey, Charles, Coventry-street
Harvey, James, Blakebrook
Harvey, Josiah P., Oxford-road
Harvey, John Keir, Franche
Hasell, William, Union-street
Hatch, William, New Wood-street
Hatton, William, jurt., Farfield,
Hawkeswood, T., St. John-street
Hawthorne, James, Broad-street
Haycock, Alfred, Dudley-street
Haycock, William, 11, Churchfields
Haycox, Henry, Prospect-row
Hayden, Joel, Churchfields
Hayes, Charles, Court, Worcester-st.
Hayes, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Hayes, William, Queen-street
Hayler, Thomas, Bewdley,-road
Hayley, Patrick, 12, Union-street
Haynes, Francis, Back Queen-street
Haynes, Peter, South-street
Haynes, Thomas, South-street
Haywood, Benjamin, Wood-street
Haywood, George, Stourbridge-street
Head, George, George-street
Head, John, Franche
Head, Michael, New-place, Bird-lane
Headley, John, Stourbridge-street
Heath, Alfred William, High-street
Heath, Benj., back of Comberton-hill
Heath, George, Bewdley-street
Hebblethwaite, George, Habberley-st
Hebblethwaite, John., Oxford-road
Hemming, Benj., Bromsgrove-street
Hemming, Fredk., Bromsgrove-staeet
Henry, John, Union-street
Henry, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Herring, Henry, Swan-street
Hewin, William, The New Closes
Hewitt, George, Bull-ring
Hibberd, James, Farfield
Higgott, Martin, Bromsgrove-street
Highfield, James, St. John-street
Highway, John, Franche-road
Highway, John, New-place, Bird-lane
Highway, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Higley, James, Queen-street
Hiles, Henry, Clensmore-lane
Hill, Anthony, Farfield
Hill, Edward, Bromsgrove-street
Hill, James, The Closes
Hill, John, Broad-street
Нill, John, Cemetery-row
Hill, Lewis, Luke-street
Hill, Richard, The New Closes
Hill, Samuel, Cussfield
Hill, Samuel, Mill-street
Hill, William, Constitution-hill
Hill, William, Wood-street
Hillman, John, Mill-street
Hilliman, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Hines, Wm. H., Spirit-lane
Hinett, John, 3, Coventry-street
Hinett, Joseph, Worcester-street
Hinett, William, Bromsgrove-street
Hinsley, Robert, Sutton Common
Hinton, Ebenezer, Church-street
Hinton, William, Sutton Common
Hitchon, John, Mill-street
Hobson, William, Swan-street
Hodges, Joseph, Blackwell-street
Hodges, Joseph, Love-lane
Hodgkinson, Edward, Hall-street
Hodson, John, Broadwaters
Hodson, William, Broadwaters
Hollerton, Thomas, St. George’s-field
Holloway, George, Farfield
Holloway, George O’Connor, Farfield
Holloway, William, sen., Broad-street
Holyman, Henry, Comberton-hill
Homfray, Henry, Broadwaters-house
Hooper, Alfred, Lark-hill
Hooper, Benjamin, Coventry-street
Hooper, Edward, Hall-street
Hooper, Joseph, Bird-lane
Hooper, Joseph, Broadwaters
Hooper, William, Back Queen-street
Hooper, William, Broadwaters
Hooper, William, Mount Pleasant
Hooper, William, Swan-street
Hooper, William, Witnell’s-row
Hopkins, Andrew, Back of Queen-st
Hopkins, George, Mill-street
Hopkins, Michael, Blackwell-street
Hopkins, Richard, Love-lane
Hopkins, William, G. Bull-ring
Horan, Henry, Chester-lane
Houseman, John, Franche
Howard, Samuel, Church-street
Howarth, James, Church-street
Hubble, Edward, Rackfields
Hubble George, St. George’s-fields
Hudson, Giles, Wood-street
Hudson, Giles, jun., New Wood-street
Huggins, Henry Seth, Farfield
Hughes, Edward, Farfield
Hughes, Frederick, Proud-cross
Hughes, George, The Closes
Hughes, James, Love-lane
Hughes, John, The New Closes
Hughes, Joseph, Waterloo-street
Hughes, Richard, York-street
Hughes, Thomas, Duke-street
Hughes, Thomas William, Leswell
Hume, Henry, Hoo-lane
Humphries, Edward, Paddock-court,
Humphries, Edward Allen, Short-heath
Humphries, Thomas, Woodfield-street
Humphreys, John. Andrew, Bull-ring
Humphreys, Richard, George-street
Humphreys, Richard, Wood-street
Humphreys, Samuel, Park-street
Humphreys, Samuel, Pitt’s-lane
Hundy, Emmanuel, Wadeley’s-hill
Hunt, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street
Hunt, Thomas, Farfield
Hunt, Thomas, Stourbridge-street
Hurds, George, Bromsgrove-street
Hussey, Charles, Bromsgrove-street
Hussey, John, Back-lane, Leswell
Hutton, William. Bewdley-street
Hyde, Charles, Broad-street
Hyde, Thomas, Stourbridge-street
Hyde, William, Clensmore-lane
Hyde, William, Oxford-road
Hyrons, Henry, Broad-street
Inett, John, Coventry-street
Ingham, Robert, Bewdley-street
Ingham, Thomas, Sutton-common
Inston, James, Park-street
Inston, Samuel, The New Closes
Isaac, Charles, High-street
Isaac, George, High-street
Jackson, William, Coventry-street
Jackson, William, Orchard-street
James, Benjamin, 135, Mill-street. *
James, Thomas, Hurcott
James, Thomas, Leswell
James, William, Mill-street
Jarvis, Thomas, St. John-street
Jasper, Charles, Worcester-street
Jasper, John, Worcester-cross
Jasper, William, Sutton-common
Jewries, Charles Edwd, Clensmore-lane
Jefferies, Francis, Bull-ring
Jefferies, Henry, Horeefair
Jefferies, John, St. John-street
Jeffery, George, Love-lane
Jelf, John, St. George’s-fields
Jenkins, John, Horsefair
Jenkins, Thomas, Park-lane
Jenninge, Elijah, Clensmore-lane
Jennings, John, St. John-street
Jenns, Edmond, Fair-street
Jenns, Henry, Blackwell-strect
Jenns, Samuel, Bromsgrove-street
Jerome, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Jevons, Frederick, New-road
Jevons, George, Broad-street
Jevons, Isaiah, Short-heath
Jevons, Thomas, Coventry-street
Jevons, Thomas, New Wood-street
Johnson, George, New-road
Johnson, Daniel, Mill-street
Johnson, Isaac, Love-lane
Johnson, Thomas, Stourbridge-street
Johnson, William, York-street
Johnstone, Charles, Hoo-lane
Johnstone, William, senior, Puxton
Johnstone, William, junior, Puxton
Jones, Alfred, Coventry-street
Jones, Charles, Worcester-street
Jones, David, Broadwaters
Jones, Enos, Park-lane
Jones, George, Sutton-common
Jones, Henry William, 86, Mill-street
Jones, Henry, Whitville
Jones, James, Milk-street
Jones, James, Woodfield-street
Jones, John, Franche
Jones, John, Hoo-lane
Jones, John, Milk-street
Jones, John, Rackfields
Jones, John, Whitville
Jones, John, Worcester-street
Jones, Jonathan, Love-lane
Jones, Joseph, Land Oak
Jones, Richard, High-street
Jones, Richard, New-place, Bird-lane
Jones, Richard, New Wood-street
Jones, Samuel, Sutton-common
Jones, Thomas, Back Queen-street
Jones, Thomas St. George’s-fields.
Jones, Thomas, Park-lane.
Jones, Thomas, South-street
Jones, William, Brussells-street
Jones, William, Park-street
Jones, William, St. John-street
Jones, William, South-street
Jordan, Edwin, Boulter’s-lane
Jordan, Isaiah, Brussells-street
Jordan, John, Bird-lane
Jordan, Samuel, New-road
Jordan, Samuel, Park-butts
Jordan, Thomas, Brussells-street
Jotham, George William, Mill-street
Julian, Claudius, Farfield
Kavanny, John, Black-well-street
Kavanny, John, Union-street
Kelly, John, Worcester-street
Kench, John, Coventry-street
Kent, Alfred, George-street
Kershaw, Phineas, Park-lane
Kewley, George Robinson, Blakebrook
Kibble, William, Leswell-place
Kilby, William, Coventry-street
Kilfile, Henry, Puxton
Killingbeck, John, 35, Lark Hill
Kimberlee, Benjamin, Arch-hill
Kimberlee, John, Bird-lane
Kimberlee, Joseph, Dudley-street
Kimberlee, William, Bird-lane
Kimberley, Benjamin, Hoo-lane
Kindon, William, Stourbridge-street
King, Robert Porter, Chapel-street
Kiteley, John, Park-street
Kiteley, Richard, New-road
Kiteley, Joseph, The Lakes
Kiteley, William, New-road
Knott, Benjamin, Sutton-common
Knowles, John, Coventry-street
Knowles, Moses, Farfield
Lamb, Edward, Hoo-lane
Lamb, Henry, Franche
Lamb, Henry, Spring-terrace
Lamb, John, Worcester-street
Lamb, Thomas, Washington-row
Lamsdale, George, Hoo-lane
Lancaster, Jonathan, Wood-street
Lander, William, Bromsgrove-hill
Lane, John, Franche-road
Larr, William, Franche-road
Larr, William, High-street
Lavender, James, Bromsgrove-street
Lawrence, John Turner, Park-lane
Laycock, Samuel Walker, Bewdley-st.
Lea, Benjamin, Love-lane
Lea, Daniel, 38, New-road
Lea, Henry, Chester-lane
Lea, John, Cussfield
Lea, John, Lion-square
Lea, Thomas, Love-lane
Lee, William, Sutton-common
Leigh, Joseph, Queen-street
Lees, Jas, Findon’s Entry, Worcester-st.
Lees, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street
Lees, Thomas Lister, Blakebrook
Lench, Francis, Clensmore-lane
Lench, William, Hoo-lane
Lewis, James, Rock-terance
Lewis, Thomas, George-street
Lewis, Thomas, Oxford-road
Lewis, William, Pleasant-row
Lichfield, John, Hoo-lane
Lichfield, William, Mount Pleasant
Light, Zachariah, Mill-street
Linecar, John, Mill-street
Lines, Francis, senior, Blackwell-street
Lines, Patrick, Silver-hill
Lines, William Charles, Farfield
Link, William, Bewdley-hill
Lister, Henry, Coventry-street
Llewyllen, John, Hall-street
Lloyd, Charles, Franche-road
Lloyd, George, Farfield
Lloyd, James, Park-street
Lloyd, John, Franche
Lloyd, Moses, Sutton-common
Lloyd, Robert High-street
Lloyd, Samuel, Fair-street
Lloyd, Thomas, Love-lane
Lloyd, Thomas, Swan-street
Lloyd, William, New Wood-street
Lockley, Francis, Coventry-street
Long, James, Comberton-hill
Long, William, Waterloo-street
Longmore, Alfred, Dudley-street
Longmore, George, Stourport-road
Longmore, John, Bewdley-street
Longmore, William, jun., Bird-lane
Loveridge, William, Worcester-street
Lowe, John, Churchfields
Lowe, Samuel, New-road
Lugg, Samuel, Churchfields
Lye, William, Broad-street
Lye, William, Bromsgrove-street
Lyons, John, Farfield
Lythall, Samuel, Turton-street
Lythall, William, Boulter’s-lane
Madeley, Thomas, Lark-hill
Mahony, Daniel, Blackwell-street
Maiden, Benjamin, Rock-terrace
Maiden, Edward, Fair-street
Maiden, Job, Hall-street
Maiden, John, St. George’s-fields
Maiden, Thomas, Broadwaters
Maiden, Thomas, Brussells-street
Maish, Daniel, New-road
Mallard, Henry, Court, Mill-street
Mallard, Levi, Dudley-street
Mallard, Samuel, Mill-street
Maloy, John, Union-street
Malpas, John, Bromsgrove-street
Mann, William, Proud-cross
Manning, Benjamin, Smiths’s entry
Mansell, John, New-road
Mansell, William, New Closes
Marchant, Alfred, Chester-lane
Marchant, Eli, New Closes
Marchant, Thomas, Waterloo-street
Mark, Thomas, High-street
Marsden, John, Blakebrook
Marshall, William, New-road
Marston, William, Clensmore-lane
Martin, Alexander, Hall-street
Martin, William, Mill-street
Mason, John, Lark-hill
Mason, Samuel, Blackwell-street
Massey, John, Back-lane, Leswell
Matthews, James, Broadwaters
Matthews, John, Pleasant-arbour
Matthews, John, Stourbridge-street
Matthews, Moses Cook, Dudley-street
Matthews, William, Bromsgrove-street
Mayall, Edwin, Farfield
Maybury, John, 61, Blackwell-street
Maylott, Benjamin, St. George’s-fields
Maylott, James, New Closes
Maylott, Owen, Leswell
Maylott, Richard, Proud-cross
Maylott, Thomas, Clensmore-lane
Mc. Candless, Thomas, Farfield
Meacham, John, Mill-street
Meredith, Joseph, Park-lane
Merrick, Charles, Hoo-lane
Merrifield, William, Franche
Miles, Henry, Wood-street
Miles, James, Bromsgrove-street
Miles, James, Lark-hill
Miles, Richard, Bewdley-road
Millington, Richard, Comberton-hill
Mills, Alfred, Blackwell-street
Mills, Edward, Mount Pleasant
Mills, George, Love-lane
Mills, Henry, Hoo-lane
Mills, James, Broadwaters
Mills, John, Broadwaters
Mills, John, Dudley-street
Mills, Joseph, Churchfields
Mills, Joseph, Lark-hill
Mills, Major Felton, Bromsgrove-street
Mills, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Millward, Jantes, Washington-row
Millward, James, Woodfield-street
Millward, Samuel, Worcester-street
Millward, William,, Comberton-hill
Milnes, Thomas, Worcester-street
Minifie, Allen William, Mill-street
Minifie, James, Farfield
Minifie, William, Comberton-hill
Mitchell, Alfred, Vicar-street
Mitchell, John, Hoo-lane
Mitchell, John, New-road
Mitchell, William, Vicar-street
Moore, David, George-street
Moore, Edward, Blackwell-street
Moore, George, Puxton
Moore, Isaac, Boulter’s-lane
Moore, Isaiah, Church-street
Moore, John, George-street
Moore, Thomas, Habberley-road
Moore, William, Broad-street
Moore, William, George-street
Moran, James, Dudley-street
Morby, John, Brussells-street
Morby, William, Love-lane
Morgan, Alfred, 30, Lark-hill
Morgan, Benjamin, Franche
Morgan, Edward, Franche
Morgan, Jabez, Lark-hill
Morgan, James, Mill-street
Morgan, James Henry, Bull-ring
Morgan, John, Broadwaters
Morgan, John, Franche
Morgan, John Isaac, Broadwaters
Morgan, Thomas, Farfield
Morgan, William, Franche-road
Morgan, William, Lion-street
Moriaty, William, Union-street
Morris, Alfred, Broad-street
Morris, George, St. George’s-fields
Morris, James, Boulter’s-lane
Morris, James, George-street
Morris, John, Broad-street
Morris, John, Whitville
Morris, John, Worcester-street
Morris, John, York-place
Morris, Thomas, Blakebrook
Morrow, Francis, St. Mary’s-street
Morton, Edward, Habberiey Lodge
Moses, Frederick, Bromsgrove-street
Mottram, Chs. Jn. McQueen, Vicarage
Moulder, James, Bromsgrove-street
Moulder John, Bewdley-street
Moule, Benjamin, Worcester-street
Moule, George Styles, Mill-street
Moule, Henry, Broad-street
Moule, James, New Wood-street
Moule, John, Love-lane
Moule, John, Fair-street
Moule, John, Queen-street
Moule, Richard, Old Workhouse-yard
Moule, Thomas, Lark-hill
Moule, Thomas, Orchard-street
Mound, John, Primrose-hill
Mountford, Frederick, Dudley-street
Mountford, George, St. Mary’s-street
Mountford, Henry, Cross-street
Mountford, Henry, St. George’s-fields
Mountford, Isaiah, Blackwell-street
Mountford, James, Chester-lane
Mountford, James, Mount Pleasant
Mountford, Samuel, Blackwell-street
Mountford. William. Sutton-common
Mulclean, Michael, Love-lane
Mumford, Thomas, Woodfield-street
Murphy, Peter, Blackwell-street
Murrall, George, Park-lane court
Murray, Thomas, Leswell
Muston, James, Chester-lane
Nash, John, George-street
Naylor, George Whitfield, Chester-road
Naylor, Joseph, Short Heath
New, Thomas, Orchard-street
Newman, George, Sutton-common
Newnham, Abraham, Stourbridge-st
Nicholls, Edward, Bewdley-street
Nicholls, Henry, Farfield
Nicholls, Joseph, Park-butts
Nicholls, William, Dudley-street
Nickson. Richard, Lion-square
North, Christian, Pleasant-arbour
North, John, 14, Clensmore-lane
Nott, Edward, Woodfield-street
Nott, Henry, Primrose-hill
Nott, James, Woodfield-street
Nott, John, Marl Pool
Nott, John, New Wood-street
Nott, Philip, Oxford-road
Nott, Samuel, Bromsgrove-street
Nott, William, Franche
Oakes, Alfred, Milk-street
Oakes, Benjamin, Back of St. Mary’s-st
Oakes, Enoch, Mount Pleasant
Oakes, Henry, Hall-street
Oakes, Thomas, Churchfields
Oakley, Francis, Pitt’s-lane
O’Oonnell, Thomas. Woodfield-street
Old, Francis, Fair-street
Oliver, James, New-road
Oliver, Levi, Chapel-court
Onslow, Henry, Union-street
Onslow, William, Blackwell-street
Orr, Bobert, Brussells-street
Orr, Thomas, Sutton-common
Orford, Samuel, Farfield
Osborne, George, Chester-lane
Osborne, James, Church-street
Osborne, William, Chester-lane
Owen, John, Lark-hill
Owen, John, South-street
Packwood, Henry, Mill-street
Packwood, John, Boulter’s-lane
Page, Charles, Broadwaters
Page, Henry, Sutton-common
Page, Thomas, Cemetery-row
Page, William, Chester-lane
Pagett, Aaron, Hoo-lane
Pagett, Daniel, Dudley-street
Pagett, Henry, Franche
Pagett, John, Cross-street
Pagett, John, Wadeley’s-hill, Park-lane
Pagett, Joseph, Sutton-common
Pagett, Thomas, sen., Sutton-common
Pagett, Thomas, jun., Sutton-common
Pagett, William, Fair-street
Painter, George, Wood-street
Painter, Thomas, Sutton-common
Paley, John, Hill-street
Palmer, Abraham. Dudley-street
Palmer, Alfred, Exchange-street
Palmer, James, Upper Habberley-st
Palmer, John, Bromsgrove-street
Palmer, John, Mount Pleasant
Palmer, Saml. Brighton, Broadwaters
Pardoe, Edwin, New-place, Bird-lane
Pardoe, George, Blackwell-street
Pardoe, John, Churchfields
Pardoe, William, Turton-street
Parker, Henry, Chester-lane
Parker, James, Boulter’s-lane
Parker, J., Pleasant-row, Mt. Pleasant
Parker, Joseph, New Wood-street
Parker, Thomas, Lark-hill
Parker, Thomas, Wood-street
Parker, William, Puxton-lane
Parkes, John, Sutton-common
Parlor, Henrys St. John-street
Parry, Edward, Farfield
Parry, Richard, Mount Pleasant
Parry, William, Wood-street
Parsons, James, Wood-street
Partridge, George, Hall-street
Partridge, William, Clensmore-lane
Pass, James, Duke-street
Paton, Hugh, Love-lane
Paton, John, Love-lane
Paton, William, Mill-street
Payne, Edward, Hoo-lane
Payne, James, Union-street
Payne, Oliver, Bromsgrove-street
Payne, Samuel, Park-street
Pearce, James, Lion-square
Pearce, John, Bird-lane
Pearce, Richard, Broadwaters
Pearsall, Edward, Clensmore-lane
Pearsall, George, Fair-street
Pearsall, John, Wood-street
Pearsall, Richard, Puxton
Pearse, John Henry, Spirit-lane
Pearson, George, Proud-cross
Pearson, Henry Lewis, Chester-lane
Pedley, William, Ebenezer-street
Pember, John, Horse-fair
Penley, Lionel Banks, Church-street
Penn, William, Comberton-road
Pennell, George, Broadwaters
Pennell, Henry, Worcester-street
Penny, Joseph, St. John-street
Penny, Edward, Broadwaters
Penny, George, Dudley-street
Penny, Walter, Love-lane
Penny, William, Blackwell-street
Penson, Richard, Fair-street
Penzar, James, Puxton
Pepler, Richard, Blackwell-street
Perkins, Joseph, Upper Habberley-st
Perkins, Moses, Bewdley-street
Perks, Geo., Pleasant-row, Mt. Pleasant
Perks, Henry, Vicar-street *
Perks, Jesse, The Closes
Perks, John, Back of Comberton-hill
Perks, Thomas, The New-closes
Perks, Noah, Back of Comberton-hill
Perks, William, George-street
Perks, William, Hill-street
Perks, William, Mill-street
Perks, William, Park-street
Perrin, Henry, Coventry-street
Perrin, Henry, Prospect-row
Perrins, Henry, Farfield
Perry, Daniel, Oxford-road
Perry, James, Rock-terrace
Perry, John, Bird-lane
Perry, John, Boulter’s-lane
Perry, John Birch, Chester-road
Perry, Wm., St. James’-row, George-st.
Peters, William, Chapel-street
Phaisey, Richard, Brussells-street
Phillips, George, Mill-street
Phillips, Joseph, Clensmore-lane
Phillips, Thomas, Coventry-street
Philpot, Thomas Aston, Vicar-street
Phipps, Thos., Foxholes, Stourbridge-st
Phipps, William, Back Queen-street
Phipps, William, Coventry-street
Picken, George, Stourbridge-street
Pinney, William, St. John-street
Piper, George, Hill-street
Piper, Thomas, Dudley-street
Piper, William, Hoo-lane
Pitt, Francis, Court, Dudley-street
Pitt, Henry, Brussells-street
Pitt, Thomas, Broadwaters
Pitt, William, Dudley-street
Pledger, Frederick, Chester-road
Plevy, James, Marl Pool
Pomroy, Charles, New-road
Poole, Edward, Bromsgrove-street
Poole, Nathaniel, Dudley-street
Poole, Thomas, St. John-street
Poole, William, Worcester-street
Porter, James, Broad-street
Porter, John, Broadwaters
Portlock, Henry, Mill-street
Potter, Benjamin, Bromsgrove-hill
Potter, Edward, Summer-place
Potter, George, Orchard-street
Potter, Henry, Blackwell-street
Potter, Henry, Park-street
Potter, John, Broad-street
Potter, John, Sutton-common
Potter, John, Wood-street
Potter, Joseph, Chapel-street
Potter, Richard, Lion-street
Potts, Thomas, New-place, Bird-lane
Potts, William, South-street
Pountney, Charles, Franche
Pountney, John, Cross-street
Pountney, Samuel, Broad-street
Pountney, Themas, Broad-street
Pountney, William, Bird-lane
Powell, George, Puxton
Powell, James, Wood-street
Powell, John, Wood-street
Powell, Richard, Love-lane
Powell, William, Near Wood-street
Powell, William, Woodfield-street
Powick, Samuel, New-closes
Poyner, James, Pitt’s-lane
Pratt, Joseph, Franche-road
Pratt, George, New-road
Pratt, George, St. James’-row, George st.
Preece, Thomas, Chester-lane
Preece, Thomas, Ebenezer-st., Dudley-st
Preece, Samuel, Worcester-street
Preston, William, Mill-street
Price, Charles, Park-lane
Price, Edmond, Worcester-street
Price, Edward. Waterloo-street
Price, George, New Closes
Price, George, Swan-street
Price, Henry, Bull-ring
Price, James, Woodfield-street
Price, John, Hoo-lane
Price, Sydney, Orchard-street
Price, Thomas, Broad-street
Price, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street
Price, Thomas, Churchfields
Price, Thomas, Comberton-hill
Price, William, Blackwell-street
Price, William, Bromsgrove-street
Price, William, Chapel-street
Price, William, Court, Hall-street
Price, William Henry, Brinton’s-yard
Pritchard, Henry, Upper Habberley-st
Pritchard, James, Broadwaters
Pritchard, Joseph, Woodfield-street
Pritchard, William, Franche-road
Pritchard, William, Hill-street
Proberts, John, George-street
Pugh, Daniel, Oakland-pl., Comberton-hl
Pugh, Frederick, Chapel-street
Pugh, Richard, South-street
Pugh, Saumel, Franche
Pugh, William, Woodfield-street
Purcell, George, Clensmore-lane
Purchas, John, South-street
Pyne, Edward, Habberley-street
Quinn, James, Worcester-street
Quinton, Edward, York-place
Quinton, John, Chapel-street
Radford, John, Puxton
Randall, Josiah, Duke-street
Randle, William, Hill-street
Ransom, Rd. Jones, The Shrubbery
Ravenscroft, Willam, Blackwell-street
Rawkins, James, Clensmore-lane
Rawlings, Solomon, 13, Stourbridge-st
Rawlings, Thomas, Broad-street
Raymond, William, Habberley-street
Rea, Edward, High-street
Rea, Henry, Mount Pleasant
Rea, John, Comberton-hill
Rea, Joseph, Broad-street
Read, John Charles, Mill-street
Read, Robert, 8, Broad-street
Rean, John, Oxford-road
Redding, Michael, Union-street
Redding, William, St. John-street
Rew, Benj. Butler, Cemetery-row
Rew, Samuel, Cemetery-row
Rew, Thomas, Broadwaters
Rew, Thomas, Park-street
Rew, Thomas, 38, Stourbridge-street
Reynolds, Benjamin, Blackwell-street
Reynolds, Charles, Dudley-street
Reynolds, James Lewis, Stourbridge-st
Reynolds, John, Bewdley-road
Reynolds, Samuel, Oxford-road
Reynolds, William, Hill-street
Rice, H. Weston, Old Workhouse-yard
Richards, George, Worcester-street
Richards, Richard, George-street
Richards, Thomas, St. George’s-fields
Rickards, Charles, Comberton
Riley, James, New-road
Rishton, Robert, Blackwell-street
Roberts, Frederick, Bull-ring
Roberts, Henry, Mill-street
Roberts, John, Upper Habberley-street
Roberts, William, Dudley-street
Roberts, William, Worcester-street
Robins, Charles, Hoo-lane
Robinson, Christopher, Mill-street
Robinson, George, Broad-street
Robinson, John, Chapel-street
Robinson, Joseph, New-closes
Robinson, Robert, The Closes
Robinson, William, Clensmore-lane
Rochell, William, York-street
Rocke, George, High-street
Rogers, John, Coventry-street
Rogers, James, Jerusalem-walk
Rogers, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Rogers, Joseph, Mill-street
Rogers, Thomas, Mill-street
Rollings, Alfred, St. George’s-fields
Rollings, John, Hill-street
Rollings, John, New-road
Rollings, Richard, George-street
Rollings, Thomas, Churchfields
Rollings, Thomas, Silver-hill
Rook, John, Broad-street
Rook, Joseph, Oxford-road
Rook, Thomas, Queen-street
Routley, Henry, Habberley-road
Rowe, John, Cemetery-row
Rowlands, Roberts, Broad-street
Rowley, Benjamin, Mill-street
Rowley, Henry William, Park-lane
Rudge, Alfred, Park-butts
Rushton, James, Whitville
Russell, Henry, Oxford-road
Russell, Joseph, Blackwell-street
Sabin, Samuel, Franche
Saddler, Edward, Broadwaters
Saddler, John, Coventry-street
Sandalls, William, Sutton common
Sangers, William, Bromsgrove-street
Saunders, John, Honeybrook
Scott, James, Oxford-road
Scott, John, Bewdley-street
Scott, Richard, Worcester-street
Searl Hercules, Constitution-hill
Severne, John, Bromsgrove-street
Shaw, Edwin, Franche Road
Shaw, James, Hoo-lane
Shaw, William, Worcester-street
Sheans, Owen, Union-street
Sheffield, Samuel, Constitution-hill
Sheldon, David, Broad-street
Shenton, Thomas, Bewdley-street
Shenton, William, Sutton common
Sheppard, Ben., Mount Pleasant
Sheppard, Jn., George, Bewdley-street
Sherwood, Joseph, 39, Stourbridge-st.
Sheward, Edwin, Mount Pleasant
Sheward, Charles, Broadwaters
Silk, Edwin, New Closes
Silk, Henry, Blackwell-street
Silk, John, South-street
Silk, Samuel, Churchfields
Silk, Thomas, South-street
Simmonds, Benjamin, Mill-street
Simmonds, Francis, Wood-street
Simmonds, John, Mill-street
Simons, William, Stourbridge-street
Simpson, James, Boulter’s-lane
Simpson, John, Worcester-street
Simpson, Samuel, Broad-street
Slater, George, Chapel-street
Slater, James, 9, Lark-hill
Slater, John, Bromsgrove-street
Slater, Thomas, Bromsgrove-street
Slater, William, Habberley-street
Slight, Charles, Cussfield
Smith, Benjamin, George-street
Smith, Benjamin, Pleasant-arbour
Smith, Charles, Bromsgrove-hill
Smith, Charles, Horsefair
Smith, Charles Henry, Lion-street
Smith, Edward, Cusfields
Smith, Edward, Park-butts
Smith, George, Queen-street
Smith, George, Sutton-common
Smith, Henry, New-closes
Smith, Henry, Park butts
Smith, Herbert, George-street
Smith, Horatio, York-street
Smith, James, Leswell-place
Smith, James, Park-lane
Smith, James, Pitt’s-lane
Smith, John, Fair-street
Smith, John, George-street
Smith, John, Mill-street
Smith, John, Park-street
Smith, John, Proud-cross
Smith, John Warren, Coventry-street
Smith, Joseph, Farfield
Smith, Josiah, Dudley-street
Smith, Peter, Rackfields
Smith, Richard, Habberley-street
Smith, Richard, Hoo-lane
Smith, Robert, 9, Hill-street
Smith, Samuel, Broad-street
Smith, Samuel, Habberley-street
Smith, Samuel, York-street
Smith, Thomas, Broadwaters
Smith, Thomas, Hill-street
Smith. Thomas, Old Workhouse-yard
Smith, Thomas, Summer-place
Smith, Thomas, Sutton-common
Smith, Thomas, Worcester-street
Smith, William, George-street
Smith, William, Hall-street
Smith, William, Orchard-street
Smith, William. St. John-street
Snell, William, Coventry-street
Southall, George, High-street
Southall, Henry, Witnell’s-row
Southall, Samuel, Duke-street
Southall, William, Woodfield-street
Southall, William. York-street
Southan, Thomas. 31, Fair-street
Southan, William, St. George’s-fields
Sparks, John, Oxford-road
Sprigg, Allen N., The Village, Franche *
Squires, John, Dudley-street
Squires, Thomas, Broad-street
Stagg, William, Love-lane
Stainer, James, Stourbridge-street
Stainer. Richard, Broad-street
Standen, Edward, Bromsgrove-hill
Standish, Joseph, Leswell
Stanford, Thomas, York-street
Stanley, A. Chs., 24, Church-street *
Stannard, Robert, Brussells-street
Staples, Charles, Franche
Starr, Nathaniel, Mount Pleasant
Starr, Samuel, Churchfields
Starr, William, Clensmore-lane
Starr, William, Pleasant-row
Stephens, Charles, South-street
Stephens, Thomas, Milk-street
Stephens, Thomas, St. James’s-row
Steward, Joseph, Hall-street
Steward, Thomas, Mill-street
Steward, William, Hoo-lane
Stinton, William, Union-street
Stokes, Thomas, Horsefair
Stokes, Thomas, Oxford-road
Stone, James Edward, Whitville
Stone, William, Cussfield
Stooke, Benjamin, Broad-street
Stooke, John, Whitville
Stradling, John, Love-lane
Stretton, Samuel, Mill-street
Stubbs, William, Sutton-common
Styles, Charles, Wood-street
Styles, John, Broad-street
Styles, John, 20, Broad-street
Styles, Joseph, Bromsgrove-street
Styles, Thomas, Duncan’s-yard
Sugden, Robert, Broadwaters
Sugden, William, Park-butts
Sutley, William, Love-lane
Swain, John, Mill-street
Swann, James, Park-lane
Sweetman, Wood-street
Talbot, Alfred, Greenhill
Talbot, Henry, Oakland
Talbot, Pemberton, Blakebrook
Talbot, William, Franche-road
Tanner, John, Paradise-street
Tanner, Thomas, Waterloo-street
Tapey, James, Waterloo-street
Tarpey, Michael, Union-street
Tarpey, Thomas, Blackwell-street
Tattersall, Lawrence, Farfield
Taylor, Alfred, Clensmore-lane
Taylor, Charles, Worcester-cross
Taylor, George, Bewdley-street
Taylor, George, South-street
Taylor, George, Woodfield-row
Taylor, Harry, Worcester-street
Taylor, Jeremiah, Park-street
Taylor, John, Jerusalem
Taylor, John, Rock-terrace
Taylor, John, Stourbridge-street
Taylor, John, The Closes
Taylor, Joseph, Broad-street
Taylor, Joseph, Comberton-road
Taylor, Richard, Wood-street
Taylor, Samuel, Chester-lane
Taylor, Samuel, St. George’s-fields
Taylor, Thomas, Mount Pleasant
Taylor, Thomas, Boar’s Head Yard
Taylor, Thomas, St. George’s-fields
Taylor, Thomas, Worcester-street
Taylor, William, Broadwaters
Taylor, William, Franche-road
Taylor, William, George-street
Taylor, William, Pitt’s-lane
Teague, Samuel, Worcester-street
Tench, William, Church-street
Tetstall, John, Prospect-row
Thatcher, Alfred, Coventry-street
Thatcher, James, Broad-street
Thatcher, John Bromsgrove-street
Thatcher, John, The New Closes
Thatcher, Samuel, Ebenezor-street
Thatcher, Thomas, Mount Pleasant
Thatcher, William, Boulter’s-lane
Thatcher, William, Wood-street
Thomas, Charles, Chapel-street
Thomas, Charles, Orchard-street.
Thomas, Cornelius F., Coventry-street
Thomas, Edward, Broadwaters
Thomas, Edward, Top of Broad-street
Thomas, Henry, Broadwaters
Thomas, John, Franche
Thomas, John, Lark-hill
Thomas, John, Mount Pleasant
Thomas, Samuel, Pleasant-arbour
Thomason, Henry, Bewdley-road
Thomason, Thomas, Oxford-road
Thompson, George, Love-lane
Thompson, Henry, New Wood-street
Thompson, John, Chapel-street
Thompson, John, Hoo-lane
Thompson, Richard, Park-lane
Thompson, Samuel, Lark-hill
Thompson, Thomas, 3, Waterloo-street
Thompson, William, Clensmore-lane
Thompson, William, South-street
Thomson, George, Churchfields
Thornburgh, Ed. В., Townsend
Thorne, James, Pitt’s-lane
Tidman, James, York-place
Timbleton, Patrick, Blackwell-street
Tingle, William, Coventry-street
Tipper, Jacob, Stourbridge-street
Tipper, James, Queen-street
Tipper, Joseph, New Wood-street
Tipper, MichaeL Park-street
Titherington, William, Park Butts
Titley, John, New Wood-street
Titley, Thomas, Chapel-street
Tittle, Howard, Broadwaters
Tolley, James, Wood-street
Tolley, John, Wood-street
Tompkins, George, Lion-street
Toon, William, Park-lane
Torrington, James, Coventry-street
Tovey, Charles, New Wood-street
Tovey, John, Stourbridge-street
Tovey, Samuel, Vicar-street
Tovey, Thomas, Broadwaters
Townsend, Henry, Bromsgrove-street
Tranter, Francis, Blackwell-street
Tranter, James, Bird-lane
Trehearn, William, Mill-street
Trevett, Wm. S., 47, Bewdley-street
Trickett, Joseph, Broadwaters
Trigg, George, Clensmore-lane
Trow, John, George-street
Tudor, Edwin, Mill-street
Tunks, Thomas, Wood-street
Tunstall, John, Coventry-street
Turberfield, Thomas, Coventry-street
Turley, John, Mount pleasant
Turley, Thomas, New Closes
Turner, Benjamin, Pleasant Arbour
Turner, George, Bewdley-road
Turner, George, Wood-street
Turner, Henry, Swan-street
Turner, James, Broad-street
Turner, John, Dudley-street
Turner, John, New Wood-street
Turner, Richard, Dudley-street
Turner, Samuel, Bird-lane
Turner, William, Clensmore-lane
Turrall, Elijah, New-road
Turton, George, Caldwall Hall
Turton, John, Proud-cross
Turton, Jude, Farfield
Turton, William, Bullrring
Twemlow, Christopher, Coventry-street
Tyers, Charles, Hill-street
Tyers, Joseph, Bird-lane
Tyers, Samuel, Bird-lane
Tyers, William, Proud-cross
Tyler, Edward, Ball’s-hill
Tyler, James, Arch-hill
Tyler, John, Churchfields
Tyler, John, St. George’s-field
Tyrer, Richard, Cussfield
Uncles, Samuel, New-place
Underwood, Elijah, Wadeley’s-hill
Underwood, Richard, Broadwaters
Underwood, Thomas, Marl-pool
Varney, Andrew, 126, Mill-street *
Vickers, John, Broadwaters
Viney, James, Franche
Viney, Joel, Court, Worcester-street
Viney, Josiah, Cussfield
Vipon, Joseph, Constitution-hill
Wade, Henry, Dudley-street
Wadeley, John, Wadeley’s-hill
Wadeley, William, Wadeley’s-hill
Waldron, George, Pleasant-arbour
Waldron, John, Broad-street
Waldron, William, New-closes
Walford, Henry, Bird-lane
Walford, John, Bird-lane
Walford, Joseph, Woodfield-street
Walford, Peter, Coalfield-row
Walford, Thomas, Worcester-street
Walford, William, Back Queen-street
Walker, John, Wood-street
Walker, Richard, George-street
Walker, William, Hall-street
Wall, Francis, Blakebrook
Wall, John, Blackwell-street
Wall, John, Broadwaters
Wall, William, Wood-street
Walters, Henry, Mill-street
Walters, John, Bird-lane
Walters, Samuel, Bird-lane
Walters, William, Pitt’s-lane
Walton, John, Mill-street
Walton, Samuel, Hoo-lane
Wankling, Edwin, Hurcott-lane
Ward, Charles, Bromsgrove-street
Ward, John, Franche
Ward, Thomas, Broad-street
Ward, Thomas, Wood-street
Ward, Thomas, sen., Hoo-lane
Ward, Thomas, Jun., Hoo-lane
Ward, William, Jun., Hoo-lane
Watkins, Benjamin, Bewdley-street
Watkins, Benjamin, Sutton-common
Watkins, Frederick, Love-lane
Watkins, Samuel, Bird-lane
Watkins, Thos., Oakland-place
Watkins, Wm, Back of Comberton-hill
Watkins, William, Orchard-street
Watkins, William, St. George’s-fields
Watkinson, Wm.M., Bromsgrove-street
Watson, John, Waresley,near Stourport
Watts, James, Cussfield
Weaver, James, Bird-lane
Weaver, James, Stourbridge-street
Weaver, John, Stourbridge-street
Weavers, James, Pitt’s-lane
Weavers, John, Horsefair
Weavers, John, Worcester-street
Webb, Frederick, New-place, Bird-lane
Webb, James, Pitt’s-lane
Webb, John, Park-street
Webb, Richard, Bromsgrove-street
Webb, Thomas, Cemetery-row
Webb, Thomas, Chester-lane
Webb, Thomas, Leswell
Webb, William, Bird-lane
Weber, Edward, Park-lane
Webster, Thomas, Upper Habberley-st.
Welch, John, High-street
Wellings, Benjamin, Park-street
Wellings, Charles, Rock-terrace
Wellings, George, Dudley-street
Wellings, Henry, sen., Cussfield
Wellings, Samuel, Larkhill
West, William, Leswell
West, William, Old Workhouse-yard
Weston, Benjamin, York-street
Weston, Henry, Bird-lane
Weston, Samuel, George-street
Weston, William, Brussels, street
Westwood, Henry, Bewdley-street
Westwood, John, Bromsgrove-street
Westwood, Phillip, Broadwaters
Westwood, Robert, Wood-street
Westwood, William, Broad street
Westwood, William, George-street
Whateley, Fred., Court, Clensmore-lane
Whateley, George, Churchfields
Whateley, Henry, Clensmore-lane
Whateley, Herbert, Brussells-street
Whatley, George, Mill-street
Whatmore, James, Puxton-lane
Wheeler, Edward, New-road
Wheeler, Henry Benjamin, Bull-ring
Wheeler, Thomas, Comberton-hill
Wheeler, William, Hill-street
Whitcomb, Samuel, Orchard-street
White, John, Franche
White, Joseph, St. John-street
White, Thomas, St. John-street
White, William, New Wood-street
Whitehouse, Benjamin, Witnell’s-row
Whitehouse, Henry, Broadwaters
Whitehouse, James, Bird-lane
Whitehouse, Saml. Old Workhouse-yd
Whitehouse, William, Paradise-street
Whitmarsh, Isaac, Paradise-street,
Whittaker, Benjamin, Oxford-road
Whittaker, Edward, Worcester-street
Whittaker, Henry, Bewdley-road
Whittaker, James, George-street
Whittaker, Joseph, Broad-street
Whittall, Eli, Dudley-street
Whittall, George, South-street
Whittall, John, St. George’s-fields
Whittall, Matthew, Fair-street
Whittall, Moses, Mill-street
Whittall, Samuel, Lark-hill
Wild, John, Clensmore-lane
Wilding, Benjamin, Worcester-cross
Wilford, William, Mill-street
Wilkes, James, Chester-road
Wilks, Henry, Swan-street
Wilks, James, Oxford-road
Wilks, Thomas, Clensmore-lane
Wilks, Thomas, The Closes
Wilcox, Henry, Cemetery-row
Wilcox, Henry, Honeybrook
Willey, Alfred, Cross-street
Willey, George, Clensmore-lane
Willey, Henry, Bromsgrove-street
Willey, James, Duke-street
Willey, Joseph, George-street
Willis, Charles, Wood-street
Willis, Edwin, Broad-street
Willis, Henry, Farfield
Willis, Henry Richard, Chester-lane
Willis, John, Farfield
Willis, Joseph Ross, Bewdley-street
Willis, Richard, Wood-street
Willis, Samuel, Hill-street
Williams, Alexander, The New Closes
Williams, David, Worcester-street
Williams, Edmund, Stourbridge-street
Williams, George, New-road
Williams, Henry, Back Queen-street
Williams, James, sen. Orchard-street
Williams, John, Park-lane
Williams, John, St. George’s-fields
Williams, Joseph, Broadwaters
Williams, Joseph, Hoo-lane
Williams, Joseph, St. George’s-fields
Williams, Richard, Broadwaters
Williams, Samuel, 3, Blackwell-street
Williams, Thomas, Broadwaters
Williams, Thomas, Chapel-street
Wilson, Thomas, Chester-road
Winbury, Charles, Waterloo-street
Wincott, John, 23, Hill-street
Wincott, William, Churchfields
Winkworth, George, Cussfield
Winwood, George, Bewdley-street
Winwood, Oliver, Woodfield-street
Wood, John, Wood-street
Wood, John, Rathbone, High-street
Wood, Samuel, Love-lane
Woodhead, John, Sutton-common
Woodhouse, Joseph, New-road
Woodhouse, Thomas, George-street
Woodward, Benjamin, Proud-cross
Woodward, Henry, Lion-street
Woodward, Нenry Toye, Blakebrook
Worrall, George, Bromsgrove-street
Worthington, James, Washington-row
Wright, Alfred, Clensmore-lane
Wright, Edwin, Leswell. place
Wright, George, Coventry-street
Wright, Henry, Blackwell-street
Wright, James, St. John-street
Wright, Samuel, Bird-lane
Wright, William, Pleasant-arbour
Wright, William, Woodfield-street
Wyer, Charles, Cussfield
Wyer, John, Wood-street
Wyer, Joseph, Mill-street
Wyer, Thomas, New-road
Wyer, William, Wood-street
Yarnold, Barnaby, Park-lane
Yarnold, William, Worcester-street
Yarrington, Stephen, Brussells-street
Yates, George, Love-lane
Yates, George, Wadeley’s-hill
Yates, John, Hill-street
Yates, William, Chapel-street
Yates, William, Comberton-hill
Yates, William, New-road
Young, James, Hoo-lane
Young, Jesse, Puxton-lane
Young, Thomas, Leswell
Young, Thomas, Queen-street
Young, Robert, New Place, Bird-lane.
Young, William, 80, Broad-street
Youngjohns, Edward, Duke-street
Youngjohns, Edwin, Churchfields
Youngjohns, James, Mount Pleasant
Youngjohns, Samuel, Blackwell-street
Youngjohns, Samuel, Churchfields
Youngjohns, Thomas, Sutton-common
Youngjohns, William, Comberton-hill

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