High Street Pershore Worcestershire 1905

Right Side From Worcester Street
Hook Richard, coach builder
Newell Charles E., Chequers Inn
Smith Mrs.
Edgington James, labourer
Daniels G., hardware and general dealer
Langford Miss Polly, dressmaker
Davis Mrs. Sarah Jane, shopkeeper
Lewis Walter, wheelwright
Cosnett William, labourer
Ferris Alfred, journeyman bricklayer
Gray James, beer rtlr. (Duke of York)
Houghton William, journeyman gardener
Pace Mrs.
Andrews William, labourer
Bradley - -, striker
Hall Thomas & Son, fruiterers
Nash John G., shoeing smith
Oliver Leonard, journeyman carpenter
Long Walter, labourer
Rennie J., dealer
West Edward James, j’man coach painter
Workman Vincent, grocer’s assistant
Milward Frederick, butcher
Bennett Thomas, journeyman carpenter
Clarke James, cabinet maker
House void
Pershore & District Gas Light Co., Ltd., - E. T. Grizzell, Secretary
Vale John, fitter
Wimblett John, fried fish shop
Jaques the Misses Polly & Jane, laundresses
Falkner Mrs.
Phillips George & Sons, family grocers
Wood William, butcher and fly proprietor
Pardoe David, saddler
Brown Joseph, labourer
Bick Wilson, journeyman carpenter
Pritchard, G. A., fishmonger, etc. (see advt.)
Roberts William, hairdresser
Gray Allan, coachman
Styles Edwin, cabinet maker (workshop)
Phillips Harry, grocer
Coombe Frederick, butcher
Overd Charles
Handy Mrs. Ann
Palfrey A., baker
Hammond G. R., grocer
Hall Thomas, printer and stationer
Hammond’s Stores (grocery)
Willis Henry Frederick, butcher
Evans H., Swan Inn
Post & Telegraph Office – Mrs. Eliza Dash, Postmistress
Trapp George, boot and shoe maker
Cross Amos & Son, R.P.C., house decorators and plumbers
Langford Edward, butcher
International Stores (grocers)
Brown J. N. & Co., Ltd., boot & shoe mnfrs.
Miller F. R., clothier
Watts Harry, coach builder
Moseley Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Wilks & Son, tailors
Taylor William, watchmaker and jeweller
Bradstock Walter, baker, &c.
Nickson Arnold Bedford, draper, &c.
Cooke Jas. John, fishmonger, china dlr., &c.
Greenhous Frederick, ironmonger
Ridgway Miss
Watts Mrs.
The Hygienic Bakery – Prothero & Co., grocers, bakers, and confectioners
Here Is The Square
Return (From Bridge Street And The Square)
Peake Arthur C., draper, &c.
York Charles Duncomb, Angel Hotel
Milburn Mrs. Harriet
Milward Thos., saddler & harness maker
Coombs John & Son, hairdressers
Amphlett Mrs., coffee tavern
Symons Mrs. Mary, dressmaker
Goddard Arthur Cornelius, bank manager
The Capital and Counties Bank, Ltd. – A. C. Goddard, Manager. Bank hours, 10 till 3; Saturdays, 10 till 1
Bentley, Hobbs & Mytton, auctioneers
Henderson Miss Margaret, milliner
Lane George, boot maker
Dowty William, chemist and photographer
Coombes Joseph Roland, china & glass dlr.
Sorrell H., greengrocer
Lincoln House – Workman David M.
Pershore House
Burden Edward Lucas
Tovey F.
George Edward, hay and straw dealer
Styles Edwin, cabinet maker
Woodville – Taylor The Misses, high school for girls (boarding and day)
Workman & Son, confectioners
Sambrook Leonard, Ship Inn
Kemp Mrs. T. N., baker and confectioner
Bick Mrs.
Lane Charles James, fruiterer
Working Men’s Club
Facey Mrs. Emma, laundress
Langford John, foreman
Soley Walter, journeyman blacksmith
Lane Mrs. Hannah
Ford James, journeyman blacksmith
Mayo Mrs. Ann, laundress
Blake Mrs. Martha, seamstress
Hall Mrs. Elizabeth. Laundress
Falkner John Charles, New Inn Brewery
Pomona Works – Benyon Arthur, jam mfr.
Hook N., carriage builder
Roberts Charles, farm bailiff
Izard Mrs. Mary, charwoman
Gardner Mrs. Hannah, seamstress
Hollick William James, j’man basket maker
Lane Mrs Sarah, apartments
Andrews Joseph, journeyman carpenter
Dolphin James, journeyman painter
Savage Frederick, labourer
Insell Mrs. Sarah
Dancocks Thomas, labourer
Bradstock Robert, baker
Mumford Henry, labourer
Smith George, journeyman coach painter
Rose Frank, journeyman bricklayer
Hawthorn Villa – Wadley John, registrar of births and deaths, and relieving officer
Hatch Rev. W., M.A.
Edwin John, foreman carpenter
Blake Mrs. James
Bell Thomas
Mountford John, labourer
Challinor Lees, basket maker
Gregory George, labourer
Here Is Worcester Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

Pershore (Archive Photographs)
by Marion Freeman (Author)