Hanley Castle Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Hanley Castle, 2 miles from Upton, containing 176 houses, and 986 inhabitants. There are several gentlemen’s seats in this parish.
Barber William, farmer
Barnes John, farmer
Barry Miss, gentlewoman
Baylis William, farmer
Berry Thomas, farmer
Bull Charles, farmer
Broadstock Thos., farmer
Chamberlain James, gent.
Charlton E. L. esq.
Clarke A., gentlewoman
Cole William, farmer
Cooper Richard, joiner
Crees Mark, farmer
Devereux Joseph, wheelwright
Devereux Jane, vict.
Green Joseph, farmer
Green Mary, farmer
Hall Joseph, farmer
Hall William, farmer
Hinksman Rich., farmer
Hornyold T. C. esq.
Jackson P., carpenter
Jones Edmund, vict.
Jones Arnold, smith
Kent B. G. esq. Church End House
Lakin Henry, farmer
Lane John, farmer
Lechmere Sir Anthony, Bart.
Lewis James, surgeon
Lloyd Benjamin, farmer
Lloyd Enoch, farmer
Lloyd Charles, farmer
Lloyd Francis, farmer
Load James, farmer
Load Nancy, baker
Lucy F. cider merchant
Merriman Thos., farmer
Page Thomas, farmer
Perrins Edward, farmer
Purser John, farmer
Surman John, esq.
Taylor Thomas, farmer
Taylor John, farmer
Thomason J. shopkeeper
Turberville Rev. G.
Wall Martin, esq.
Walker William, farmer
Williams James
Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.