Evesham Poor Law Union, Worcestershire

Declared 26 February 1836. Formed 7 April 1836 by Order dated 26 February 1836, as amended by Order dated 21 March 1836, and, further amended by Order dated 7 March 1837.  Places marked thus * added 20 June 1836 by Order dated 25 May 1836.


County of Gloucester

Parish or ChapelriesPop. In 1811Poor in 1815
Ashton Underhill32528
Aston Somerville8813
Aston Sub-Edge1207
Childs Wickham35242
Cow Honeybourne28625
Hinton on the Green19422

County of Worcester

Parish or ChapelriesPop. In 1811Poor in 1815
Church Honeybourne with Poden939
Church Lench32725
Cleeve Prior32237
Evesham All Saints1,376124
Evesham St. Lawrence97766
Hampton Great & Little33326
Littleton, North34947
Littleton, South19122
Offenham298No Return
Rouse Lench23521
St. Peter Bengeworth71584

Source: A Digest of Parochial Returns Made to the Select Committee Appointed to Inquire into the Education of the Poor.  1819.


County of Gloucester

Unions & ParishesArea in Statute AcresPopulation in 1861
Ashton Underhill - par.1,300411
Aston Somerville - par.993105
Aston-sub-Edge -par.755128
Childs Wickham 1 - par.2,040440
Cow Honeybourne - par.1,360360
Hinton on the Greeen - par.2,259192
* Pebworth 2 - par.3,050736
Saintbury - par.1,336121
Weston-sub-Edge - par.2,632369
Willersey - par.1,344373

County of Worcester

Unions and ParishesArea in Statute AcresPopulation in 1861
Abbots Lench, or Hob Lench 3 - ham.87066
Aldington 4 - ham.In Badsey141
All Saints (Evesham) - par.2,1501,722
Badsey 4 - par.1,770405
Bretforton - par.1,683565
Broadway - par.4,8001,566
Church Honeybourne with Poden - par.1,312144
Church Lench 5 - par.2,523422
Cleeve Prior - par.1,580340
Hampton, or Great Hampton (W.) 6 - par.1,670513
Harvington - par.1,238432
North Littleton 7 - par.1,610303
Norton 8 - par.2,614396
Offenham - par.1,215461
Rouse Lench 9 - par.1,380306
St. Lawrence (Evesham) - par.In All Saints1,699
St. Peter's, Bengeworth (Evesham) - par.In All Saints1,259
Sedgeberrow - par.1,042354
South Littleton - par.841294
Wickhamford - par.1,242124
Total of Union46,60914,767

Source: A Return  of the Area and Population of the several Unions and Parishes in England and Wales by Order of The House of Commons; 31 July 1862


County of Gloucester

Unions & ParishesPop.Post TownPetty Sess. Div.
Ashton Underhill - par.359TewkesburyWinchcombe
Aston Somerville - par.110Broadwaydo.
Aston Sub-Edge - par.121CampdenCampden
Childs Wickham - par.450BroadwayWinchcombe
Cow Honeybourne - par.367do.Campden
Hinton - par.180EveshamWinchcombe
* Pebworth - par.691Stratford-on-AvonCampden
Saintbury - par.127Broadwaydo.
Weston Sub-Edge - par.341do.do.
Willersey - par.393do.do.

County of Worcester

Unions & ParishesPop.Post TownPetty Sess. Div.
Aldington - ham.135EveshamEvesham
All Saints - par.1,777do.do.
Badsey - par.442do.do.
Bretforton - par.565do.do.
Broadway - par.1,641do.do.
Church Honeybourne - par.116Broadwaydo.
Church Lench - par.387Eveshamdo.
Cleeve Prior - par.284do.do.
Great and Little Hampton (W.) - par.633do.do.
Harvington - par.490do.do.
Hob Lench - ham.42do.do.
North and Mid Littleton 10 - par.277do.do.
Norton and Lench Wick - par.412do.do.
Offenham - par.552do.do.
Rouse Lench - par296do.do.
Saint Lawrence - par.2,024do.do.
Saint Peter in Bengeworth - par.1,311do.do.
Sedgbarrow - par.300do.do.
South Littleton 10 - par.324do.do.
Wickhamford - par123do.do.
Total of Union15,270  

Source: Poor law unions, a statement of the names of the several Unions and Poor law parishes in England and Wales; and of the population, area, and rateable value thereof in 1881. Great Britain. Local Government Board. London: H.M. Stationery Off. (1887).

  1. The parish of Childs Wickham includes the hamlet of Mircott. 
  2. The parish of Pebworth includes the hamlet of Broad Marston. 
  3. Stock and Bradley (Droitwich Union), Fladbury, Hill and Moor, Throckmorton, Wyre Piddle, (Pershore Union); and Abbots Lench (or Hob Lench), constitute the parish of Fladbury. 
  4. Aldington, and Badsey, constitute the parish of Badsey.  
  5. The parish of Church Lench includes the hamlets of Atch Lench, and Sheriffs Lench. 
  6. The parish of Hampton (or Great Hampton) includes the hamlet of Little Hampton. 
  7. The parish of North Littleton includes the township of Middle Littleton. 
  8. The parish of Norton includes the tythings of Chadbury, and Lenchwick. 
  9. The parish of Rouse Lench includes the hamlet of Radford. 
  10. By Provisional Order which came into operation on 25 March 1886, a detached part of South Littleton was amalgamated with North and Mid Littleton.