Droitwich, an ancient Borough, seven miles from Worcester and 118 from London, is governed by two bailiffs, two Justices, Recorder, &c. and sends two Members to Parliament.
This Borough had privileges and immunities granted by King John, and in the reign of King James the First, the Bailiffs and Burgesses were elected a Body Corporate. By this charter, two Bailiffs we elected annually. Formerly they tried their felons for capital offences, but now only for petty ones. By the court, which is held every Thursday, debts to the amount of £9 19s. may be recovered.
The Salt Works have frequently engaged the attention of the curious. The brine is considered to exceed all other in purity, is entirely free from bittern, and from that light calcerous earth, called scratch, which abounds in most salt springs, and is, perhaps, one of the richest sources of sea salt in the world.
The general process of making salt is by filling a pan with brine (which rises in pits as fresh water), conveyed into it by pumps, when a piece of resin, the size of a pea, is thrown intro it to make it graduate fine. When the brine is boiling, the salt first incrusts at the top, and then subsides to the bottom. After it is subsided, the Wallers, or persons employed in the seals, lade it out with an iron skimmer, and put it into wicker borrows, each containing one bushel, in the form of a sugar loaf, and let them stand at the side of the pan about three hours to drain. Then they drop the salt out of the barrow, and place it in the stove to harden; afterwards it is fit for use. To make a ton of salt, there is generally used from 15 to 16 cwt. of coals.
The market-house, which is situated in the High-street, near St. Andrew’s Church, was built in the year 1628. The weekly market is held on Friday. Here are two fairs annually, viz. – June 19th and December 20th.

The navigation to Droitwich was begun in 1768, and the first load of coal brought by water was in 1771.



Acton Mrs. Widow, St. Andrew’s street
Allen Richard, Post Master and Agent to the Phoenix Insurance Office
Allen Rebecca, Grocer and Druggist
Amphlett Rev. Dr. Dodderhill
Amphlett Mrs. Hill Court
Amphlett Miss, the Steps


Bedford James, Farmer, Berry Hill
Bennett Thomas, Gardener, High street
Bourne Joseph, Vict. and Salt Proprietor, Rising Sun
Bourne John, Vict. Old Fox, the Vines
Bourne William, Hallier, Queen street
Bourne Mary, Widow, High street
Bourne Adam, Brush Maker, High street
Bourne John, Butcher, High street
Bourne John, Carpenter, Towns-end
Bowles George, George Inn
Bray Henry, Solicitor, St. Andrew’s street
Brookbank William, Agent to T. Farley, Esq. Salt Proprietor
Brownell James, Shoe Maker, High street
Brownell William, Shoe Maker, St. Andrew’s street
Burrows John, Vict. Crown Inn, High street


Cattell Joseph, Shoe Maker, Queen street
Chance Sarah, School Mistress, Vines
Cole Daniel, Butcher High street
Cook Richard, Grocer and Tallow Chandler, Queen street
Cope Samuel, Farmer, Whiton
Corbett Richard, Vict. New Rising Sun
Cox William, Excise Officer, High street
Crowther John, Butcher, Hanbury street
Curtler Thomas Gale, Solicitor, High street


Dance John, Castrator, St. Andrew’s street
Davis William, Shoe Maker
Davis George, Cooper, High street
Davis Silvester, Sieve Maker, St. Andrew’s lane
Dews William, Hanbury street
Dugard George, Grocer, Queen street


Edmonds Hannah, Straw Hat Maker, Queen street
Edwards John, Esq.
Edwards John, Vict. White Hart, High street
Emuss John, Salt Proprietor
Emuss John, Butcher, Hanbury street
Excise Office – James Townsend, Supervisor


Fisher Richard, Gent.
Frances Richard, Esq. St. Andrew’s street


Gale Mrs. Gentlewoman, High street
Gorle John, Grocer and Ironmonger, Queen street
Graves John, Blacksmith, St. Andrew’s lane
Greaves Thomas, Owner, Vines
Gurney Job, Baker, High street


Haley Mrs. St. Andrew’s lane
Hall James, sen. Blacksmith, Bromsgrove street
Hall James, jun. Blacksmith, Hanbury street
Hand Mary, Shopkeeper, Bromsgrove street
Harding William, Hallier, High street
Harrell Richard, Excise Officer, Towns-end
Harrison John, Baker, St. Andrew’s street
Healey Mrs. St. Andrew’s lane
Hemming Thomas, Gent.
Hemming Eliz. Plumber and glazier, St. Andrew’s st
Higgens John, Excise Officer, Towns-end
Horsley James, Linen and Woollen Draper, Queen street
Hunt Edward, Clerk of St. Andrews, High street


Jaques Rev. Jonathan, St. Andrew’s street
James Edward, Bricklayer, Stainer’s Court
Jeffreys, Edward, Vict. Barley Mow, Hanbury street
Jones John, Surgeon, Queen street
Jones John, Mason, Towns-end


Knight John, Dealer in Staffordshire Ware, Hanbury street
Knight Stephen, Butcher High street
Kynaston John, Saddler, High street
Kyrwood Miss, Gentlewoman, Towns-end


Langford Henry, Vict. Prince of Wales, Hanbury st
Langford Richard, Gent. Towns-end
Langford Thomas, Carrier to Worcester
Lawrence William, Wheelwright, Hanbury street
Leek Jeremiah, Mason, Towns-end
Lees John, Carpenter, High street
Lees John, Shoe Maker, Hanbury street
Loughton George, Schoolmaster, Bromsgrove street


Manton John, Blacksmith, Bromsgrove street
Mason Charles, Clerk of Excise, High street
Martin William, Wheelwright, Bromsgrove street
Morgan David, Excise Officer, Towns-end
Moule Eliz. Shopkeeper. Hanbury street
Moule Hannah, Shopkeeper, High street
Munn John, Hallier, Towns-end
Musgrove Joseph, Navigator, Towns-end


Nash Charlotte, Baker and Maltster
Nash John, Farmer, near Droitwich
Nichols Samuel, Tailor, Queen street
Nind William, Corn Factor, High street
Noak John, Shoe Maker, High street
Noak Walter Whitesmith, Vines
Noke Charles, Pan Smith, High street
Norbury Charles, Esq. Solicitor
Norbury Mrs. Gentlewoman
Norris William, Shopkeeper, High street


Onion John, Tailor, High street
Onion toward, Tailor, High street
Onion Edward, Hair Dresser, Hanbury street


Palmer William, Watch Maker, High street
Pardoe Philip, Joiner, Towns-end
Partridge Samuel, Gardener and Seedsman, High st
Partridge Susannah, Vict. Wheatsheaf High street
Partridge Thomas, Barrow Maker, Vines
Peace William, Plumber and Glazier, High street
Pearce Joseph, Jeweller, Queen street
Pearson Richard, Skinner, Towns-end
Pendrice E. B. Esq. Towns-end
Perkins Thomas, Miller, Town Mill
Perry John, Vict. Hole in the Wall, Bromsgrove street
Phillips Mrs. Gentlewoman, Queen street
Pickering John, Esq. Bailiff of the Borough
Presdee Eliz. Hanbury street
Preston Mrs. Gentlewoman, Queen street
Price William, Carpenter, Whiton
Priddy John, Baker, High street
Priddy Thomas, Auctioneer, High street
Priddy James, Bricklayer, Stainer’s Court
Priddy Mrs. Widow, Towns-end
Pugh John, Golden Cross, Towns-end
Pumphrey Mary, Draper, Queen street
Pumphrey Philip, Queen street
Pumphrey William, Queen street


Read Mrs. Widow, High street
Reynolds William, Baker, High street
Richards Francis, Gent. St. Andrew’s lane
Richards Rev. George, High street
Ricketts Martin, Surgeon, St. Andrew’s lane
Ricketts Mrs. Gentlewoman, St. Andrew’s lane
Robbins William, Worcester Carrier
Robins Thomas, Star and Garter, High street
Robison John, Solicitor, Queen street


Skinner John, Towns-end
Smith William, Tanner, Queen street
Smith Edward, Baker, Queen street
Smith Thomas, Shoe Maker, Hanbury street
Smith John, Maltster, High street
Smith Richard, Butcher, High street
Smith and Millichap Mesdms. Seminary, High street
Smith Richard, Chawson
Smith Edward, Maltster, Worcester Road
Smith Richard, jun. Farmer, Whiton
Smith John, Pig Dealer, Vines
Smith William, Excise Officer, St. Andrew’s street
Smith Philip, Shoe Maker, St. Andrew’s street
Smith Catherine, Widow, Queen street
Stamp Office, Mr. Gorle’s, Queen street


Taylor Ann, Tanner, Hanbury street
Taylor Joseph, Farrier, High street
Taylor George, Cooper, St. Andrew’s street
Teft Mrs. Widow, Towns-end
Tolley Joseph, Worsted Manuf. High street
Tomkins Gregory, Esq. Collector of Excise
Toms Samuel, Agent to Messrs. Stuckley & Co. Salt Proprietors
Townshend William, St. Andrew’s street
Trehearn William, Currier, High street
Trehearn Andrew, Gent. Worcester Road
Trehearne James, Linen Draper and Man’s Mercer, Bromsgrove street


Wakeman Richard, Grocer, &c. Queen street
Wall George, Agent to Thomas Farley, Esq.
Wedgebarrow George, Ironmonger, Queen street
Wheeler John, Blacksmith, St. Andrew’s street
Wheeler William, Shoe Maker, Queen street
Williams Thomas, Currier, Queen street
Williams John, Glazier, Queen street
Williams – Vict. Talbot, High street
Williams Mary, Gentlewoman, Towns-end
Williams Henry, Mason, Queen street
Wilson Matthew, Farmer, Oakley
Wood William, Vict. Old Cock, Towns-end

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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