Right Side From Broad Street

Dilley Samuel, lodgings

Carter Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house

Redding Mrs. Martha, charwoman

Adams Charles Benjamin, labourer

House Void

Bentley William, labourer

Here Is Rack Alley

Hope James, Wool Pack Inn

Smith Edward, labourer

Wilson John, shopkeeper

Drewer Oliver, Sow and Pigs Inn

Evans William, lodging house

Here is Court No. 1.

Wilson John, marine store dealer

Gray Peter, labourer

Dingle Francis & Son, wine warehouse

Evans John, labourer

Here Is Court No. 2.

Hudson Frank, labourer

Price John, coal dealer

Billing Edgar, basket make

Here Is Court No. 3.

Brown Charles, shopkeeper

Cox Daniel, marine store dealer

Kelly William, labourer

Here Is Court No. 4.

Mason Thomas, general dealer

Deakin Edwin, labourer

Here Is Court No. 5.

Misters James, labourer

King Charles, carter

Boister Alfred, labourer

Here Is Court No. 6.

Bayliss John, journeyman shoemaker

Lalley John, labourer

Caldicott James, labourer

The Davies’ Memorial Watermen’s Church – Rev. F. H. Richings, M.A., Vicar

Watermen’s Church Sunday School – Cox, Supt.; Miss Baylis, Caretaker

Here Is North Quay And The River Severn


Mission Room & Young Women’s Christian Associatn. – conducted by John Locke

Here Is Court No. 7.

Sunday School – conducted by Mrs. Crowe

Bevan George, labourer

Here Is Court No. 8.

Burgess William, labourer

Brace James, labourer

House void

Baylis Thomas, labourer

Free License Holders’ Malting Company, Ltd., Richard Roberts, Director

The Aristos Alhambra Mills

Here Is Court No. 9.

Elliott Samuel, marine store dealer

Hurley Arthur, hawker

Here Are Courts Nos. 11 And 12

Evans William, lodging house

Evans Hugh, labourer

Durkin John, lodging house

Wilson’s lodging house

Sheldon George, carter

Smith Elizabeth, lodging house

Bagley John, Ten Bells Inn

Evans Joseph, labourer

House let to various tenants

Here Is Court No. 13

Green Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper

Hughes Charles, glover

Here Is Broad Street

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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