Churchill in Oswaldslow is an Ancient Parish in the county of Worcestershire.

Alternative Names: Churchill near Spetchley

Parish church: St. Michael

Parish registers begin: 1564

The children of this parish attend the national school at Bredicot

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Historical Descriptions

Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales 1870

Churchill, a parish in Pershore district, Worcester; on the Bristol and Birmingham railway, 1¼ mile S of Spetchley r. station, and 4 ESE of Worcester. Post town, Spetchley, under Worcester. Acres, 924. Real property, with Bredicott, £1, 570. Pop., 78. Houses, 16. The property is divided among a few. There is a mineral spring. The living is a rectory in the diocese of Worcester. Value, £167.* Patron, R. Berkeley, Esq. The church is good.

Source: The Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales [Wilson, John M]. A. Fullarton & Co. N. d. c. [1870-72].

Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales 1850

Churchill, 4 miles S.E. Worcester. P. 115

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.

Worcestershire Delineated C. and J. Greenwood 1822

Churchill – a parish united with Bredicot, in the hundred of Oswaldslow, lower division, 4 miles E.S.E. from Worcester, and 108 from London; containing 22 inhabited houses. It is a rectory; Rev. G. Dineley, incumbent; instituted 1781; patron, R. Berkley, Esq. Population, 1801, 98 – 1811, 92 – 1821, 102.

Source: Worcestershire Delineated: Being a Topographical Description of Each Parish, Chapelry, Hamlet, &c. In the County; with the distances and bearings from their respective market towns, &c. By C. and J. Greenwood. Printed by T. Bensley, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London, 1822.

Laird Description of Worcestershire 1814

Churchill, near Spetchley, is a sweet little village, and bid fair once to have rivalled Tunbridge, from the efficacy of a mineral water which it possesses. Unfortunately for it, however, the vicinity of Tunbridge to the metropolis made it fashionable, whilst the roads were bad; and when they became good, the rising fame of Malvern tended much to eclipse it.

Source: A Topographical and Historical Description of the County of Worcester, by Mr. Laird. Printed for Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster Row; and George Cowie and Co. successors to Vernor, Hood, and Sharp, 31, Poultry, London. Printed circa 1814.

Universal British Directory 1791

Oswaldeshaw, between Worcester and Spetchley, is the capital of a hundred of its own name, and the place where Bishop Oswald used to keep his court, on a rising ground, where the hundred court is still held; and not far from it was St. Oswald’s hospital, built and endowed by him anno 960, and pulled down in the reign of Queen Elizabeth; but on the restoration of King Charles II a neat hospital was erected in its place for twelve poor men.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791.


Parish Records


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England and Wales Census Records



Parish Registers

Churchill in Oswaldslow Parish Register 1564 to 1839

The registers of Churchill in Oswaldslow, in the Deanery of Worcester East

Editor: R. A.Wilson, Witley Rectory

Published 1914 by Privately printed for the Worcestershire Parish Register Society in [Worcester, England].


Churchill in Oswaldslow Parish Register Marriages 1814 to 1839

Page 1.
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Churchill in the County of …….. in the year 1814.

1814 No. 1. William Woodward of this Parish Bachelor and Catharine Tay of this parish a spinster were married in this church by banns with the consent of Parents this 25th day of January 1814. By me George Dineley Rector.
This marriage was solemnized between us
X The mark of William Woodward
X The mark of Catharine Tay
In the presence of
X The mark of Samuel Woodward.
X The mark of Hannah Woodward.

1814 No. 2. Henry Houltam bachelor & Mary Henwood spinster. By Banns 17th April 1814 by George Dinely Rector. W. B. Brooke Henry Hartwright. Transcribed

1815 No. 3. George Sherwood and Ann Birch. By Banns 15 March 1815. By George Dinely Rector. X The mark of William Birch X The mark of Susaname Jones. Transcribed. Footnote: Condition not stated

1822 No. 4. Thomas Woodward Bachelor & Ann Green widow. By Banns 14 October 1812. By George Dinely Rector. X The mark of John Woodward X The mark of Sarah Woodward. Transcribed. Note: the date 14 October 1812 is how it appears in the book under the heading 1822. Whether the date should be 1812 or 1822 I leave it to the reader to decide, but it is interesting to note that the IGI records a date of 1812.

1823 No. 5. John Woodward & Caroline Flit. By Banns 14th July 1823 by George Dinely Rector. X the mark of John Ewins X The mark of Ann Woodward. Transcribed. Footnote: Condition not stated.

1828 No. 6. William Jones and Jane Summerton. By Banns 22 January 1828 by George Dinely Rector. X The mark of John Summerton X the mark of Anne Curnock. Transcribed. Footnote: Condition not stated

1829 No. 7. Thomas Morris of Naunton Beauchamp in the County & Diocese of Worcester a bachelor & Sarah Woodward spinster. By Licence 12 May 1829 by George Dinely Rector. George Standley X The mark of Mary Standley.

1829 No. 8. Ephraim Chetwin and Sarah Wood. By Banns 5th October 1829 by George Dinely Rector. Stephen Chetwin X The mark of Mary Chetwin. Transcribed. Footnote: Condition not stated.

1830 No. 9. John Done of the Hamlet of Lulsley in the Diocese of Worcester widower & Mary Sharp spinster. By Licence 15 June 1830 by George Dinely Rector. Joseph Sharp Elizabeth Smith. Transcribed.

1830 No. 10. William Bailey of Besford Bachelor and Elizabeth Ann Weston spinster. By Licence 22 June 1830 by George Dinely Rector. John Weston Eliza Hands. Transcribed.

1836 No. 11. Joseph Tandy a bachelor & Sarah Bossard a spinster. By Banns 17th October 1836 by George Dinely Rector. X mark of Ann Summerton X Mark of William Summerton.

1838 No. 12. George Green Bachelor and Anna Maria Hooker spinster. By Banns with consent of Friends 1st day of May 1838. By H. A. Beauchamp Curate. X The mark of William Summerton X The mark of Caroline Woodward.

1838 No. 13. John Ruff Bachelor & Mary Piner spinster. By Banns with the consent of friends 28 November 1838. By H. W. Beauchamp Curate. X The mark of Richard Wheeler X The mark of Anne Wheeler.

1839 No. 14. Thomas Kings Bachelor & Ruth Woodward spinster. By Banns with the consent of Friends 13 May 1839. By H. W. Beauchamp curate. John Woodward his mark X Caroline Woodward her mark.

Churchill in Oswaldslow Parish Register Marriages 1761 to 1812

Bound up with the Banns Book is “a Register Book for Marriages in all Parish Churches and chapels conformable to an Act of the 26 of King George II intitled an Act for the better preventing of clandestine marriage. Published according to Act of Parliament. By Joseph Fox. … … London … … 1754.”
The rest of the title page is precisely the same as that to the Banns Book already given.
The next page gives directions for filling up the Register. The entries begin on p.4. The first one is in manuscript and pasted in, over examples of filled up Register.

1761 Churchill 1761
Thomas Dunn of the parish of Churchill a Bachelor and Jane Cotterel of Upton Snodsbury a spinster were married in the Church by Licence this 29th day of September 1761 by me Gilbert Heath.
This marriage was solemnized between us Thomas Dunn Jane Cotterill x her mark.
in the Presence of Thomas Cottrill Nancy Tolly.


Churchill The Year 1762 Page the 1st.

1762 No.1 John Lloyd Bachelor of Tibberton Bachelor & Anne Moreton spinster by Licence 27 April 1762 by Gilbert Heath rector. Thomas Dunn Thos. Price x his mark.

1762 No. 2 John Ballard of White Lady Aston Widower and Sarah Wootten Spinster by Banns 6th October 1762. George Gem Minister. William Ruff Thomas Dunn.

1763 No. 3. Richard Sherwood & Mary Dunn. By Banns 17th May 1763 by Thomas James Curate. Thomas Dunn Samuel Heming.

1763 No. 4. William Smith Bachelor and Mary Bull wido. By Banns 17 October 1763 by George Gem Vicar of Crowle (DD.) Thomas Dunn John Munsloo.

Page 2.

1764 No. 5. Francis Sharp of White Lady Aston widower and Mary Garrett widow. By Licence 4th December 1764. Gilbert Heath Rector. John Cale Richard Sherwood x his mark.

1765 No. 6. John Woodward of White Lady Aston Bachelor and Sarah Wheeler widow. By Licence 3rd August 1765. By George Gem minister of Churchill. John Munsloo The mark of x Richard Sherwood.

1765 No. 7. Samuel Sparry of White Lady Aston Bachelor and Mary Powel spinster by Banns. 27th Decr. 1765. George Gem minister. Elizabeth Edwards The mark of x Richard Sherwood
Transcribed in 1765.

1767 No. 8. Richard Heming Bachelor & Elizabeth Touch spinster. By Banns 12th October 1767. Richard Kirsley Minister. Pidgeon Cottrill. The mark of x Sarah Cotterill.
Certified the 31 Dec. 1767. Transcribed in 1767.

1769 No. 9. Thomas Dunn widower & Catharine Badger spinster by Licence 19 May 1769 by R. Kinsey Minister. Pidgeon Cottrill The mark of x Sarah Cotterill.

1769 No. 10. John Munsloe Widower & Alice Bridges widow. By Banns 14th September 1769. By Richard Hodman minister. Thomas Prince, Richard Sherwood x his mark.

1772 No.11. John Saunders of Bredicot & Sarah Hurdman by Licence 24th January 1772. By Richard Hurdman (curate). Robert Merrell, Thomas Dunn, Feb. 8. 1772.

1772 No. 12. Robert James & Ann Harris. By Banns 29th October 1772. By Richard Hurdman Curate. John Munsloe Henry Fleming.

1773 No. 13. Samuel Woodward of the parish of Pirton & Sarah Sharp by Licence 13th Nov. 1773. By Richard Hurdman Curate. Richard Marten. The mark of Richard Sherwood.

1774 No. 14 William Green of Crowle & Elizabeth Edwards. By Licence 22 June 1774. By Richard Hurdman Curate. William Brown Senior, Mary Edwards.

1774 No. 15. John Hodgkins and Alice Parker. By Banns thrice published 4th December 1774. By Richard Hurdman curate. Joseph Hodgkins and Elizabeth Hodgkins’ x mark.

1778 No 16. Thomas Price & Eleanor Weston. By Banns thrice published 1st March 1778. By Richard Hurdman Curate. Jos Hodgkins& Mary foster x her mark.

1778 No. 17 . William Trott of Spetchley & Mary Guise. By Banns lawfully published thrice 4th July 1778 by Richard Hurdman (Curate). Elizabeth Hunt x her mark. Joseph Ingram x his mark.1

1779 No. 18. Joseph Bradley of Birmingham & Phoebe Mence. By Licence 16th May 1779. By Richard Hurdman curate. Robert Merrell, Samuel Heming.

1779 No. 19. William Birtch & Elizabeth Hawkes. By Banns thrice asked 24th November 1779. By Richard Hurdman curate. Thomas Hawkes, Ann Chance x her mark.

1780 No. 20. John Waters & Elizabeth Willis. By Banns thrice published 18th January 1780. By Rd. Hurdman Curate. Samuel Hemings, Thomas Price.

1782 No. 21. Samuel Wood & Sarah Reeve. By Banns 28th October 1782 by George Dineley Rector. Richard Wellon, x the mark of Sarah Cotterill.2

1784 No. 22. Thomas Harrits and Elizabeth Hughes. By Banns 2 August 1784 by George Dinely Rector. Richard Marten, x the mark of Ann Marten.3

1786 No. 23. Richard Bridges of Broughton Hackett and Mary Edwards spinster. By Licence 31st May 1786 by George Dinely Rector. John Hill, Eis Davis.

1786 No. 24. Charles Ross of Madresfield & Elizabeth Fletcher. By Licence 9th October 1786. By George Dineley Rector. Thomas Ross x the mark of Lucy Fletcher. Duty paid in.

1789 No. 25. William Hitchin of Grafton Flyford & Eleanor Price. By Licence 6th October 1789 by George Dineley Rector. John Sharp, Samuel Heming. Transcribed.

1790 No. 26. William Munsloe of Broughton Hackett & Sarah Rouse. By Licence 19th May 1790 by George Dineley Rector. Thomas Ross Elizabeth Smith. Transcribed. Duty paid in.

1791 No. 27. William Huband & Hannah Ewins. By Banns 2nd June 1791 by George Dineley Rector. James Ewins The mark of Mary Hewins. Duty paid in. Transcribed.

1792 No. 28. Francis Hide & Mary Sherwood. By Banns 24 September 1792. By George Dinely Rector. x The mark of James Godfrey x The mark of Mary Hide. Transcribed.

1805 No. 29. James Panting of Kempsey Widower & Caroline Dunn widow. By Licence 27 October 1805 by George Dinely Rector. John Coney Elizabeth Coney. Transcribed 1805.
Footnote: At the top of the page is a note, What about these 13 years?

1809 No. 30. William Young of Churchill4 in the County and Diocese of Worcester & Elizabeth Hemming spinster. By Licence 15th January 1809. By George Dineley Rector. Henry Hemming Alice Hemming.

1810 No. 31. Thomas Munslow of Crowle in the County of Worcester Widower & Alice Hemming spinster of the parish in the same County and diocese. By Licence both October 1810 by George Dinely Rector. John Crocker Sarah Merrells. Transcribed.

1812 No. 32. John Bullock of Upton Snodsbury in the County & Diocese of Worcester Batchelor & Sarah Sharpe of this Parish in the same County & Diocese. By Licence 6th Decr. 1812. By George Dineley Rector. John Sharp Mary Sharp.

This is the last entry in the book.

  1. In margin June 14, 21, 28. 
  2. After the date number not filled in. 
  3. In the margin opposite this and the previous entry Nos. 21 and 22 is written “examined the Register and received the duty to 7th October 1785 for Ben Pearkes Sub Distributor Worcester (H. Mensley).“ 
  4. This may be Churchill in Halfshire. 
Churchill in Oswaldslow Parish Register Banns 1762 to 1792

Vol. II
A Register Book for the publication of Banns of Marriage according to the Act of Parliament of the 26 George II. by Joseph Fox Parish Clerk to the Honourable the House of Commons (Royal Arms) London printed for Joseph Fox Bookseller in Westminster Hall and Benjamin Dod Bookseller to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge at the Bible and Key in Ave Maria Lane near St. Paul’s MDCCLIV. Folio 15” x 9”.
Churchill (The year 1762).
No.1. Page the 1st.
Banns of marriage between John Ballard of the Parish of White Lady Aston a Widower and Sarah Wooten of this Parish a Spinster were published on the three Sundays underwritten that is to say
On Sunday the 7th March 1762 by me G. Heath rector.
On Sunday the 14 March 1762 by me G. Heath rector.
On Sunday the 21 March 1762 by me G. Heath rector.

1763 No. 2. Between William Smith bachelor & Mary Bull widow. Sunday 2nd, 9th, 16th November 1763. By G. Heath Rector & G. Gem Minister.1

1763 No. 3. Between Richard Sherwood Bachelor & Mary Dunn Spinster. Sunday 1st 8th 15th May 1763. By G. Heath Rector.

1764 No. 4. Between Edward Day Bachelor & Ann Coole of Crowle Spinster. Sunday 16, 23rd, 30th September. By G. Heath rector.

1765 No. 5. Between John Woodward of White Lady Aston & Sarah Wheeler (sic). Sunday 2nd 9th 16th June. By George Gem Minister.

1765 No. 6. Between Samuel Sparry of White Lady Aston & Mary Powel. Sunday 17th 24 November 1st December. By G. Gem Minister. Transcribed.

1767 No. 7. Between Richard Hemming & Elizabeth Touch. Sunday 27 September 4th & 11th October. By R. Kirsley Minister.

1769 No. 8. Between John Munsloe & Alice Bridges published September 14th 1769 by Rich. Hurdman Minister. The banns were published 27 August 3 & 10 Sept. by Richd. Hurdman (Cur.).

1772 No. 9. Between Robert James & Ann Harris. Sunday 11th 18th 25th October. By Rd. Hurdman (Curate).

1774 No. 10. Between John Hodgkins & Alice Parkes. Sunday 11th 18th 25th September. By Richard Hurdman minister.

1782 No. 11. Between Samuel Wood and Sarah Reese. Sunday 12th 19th 26th October 1782. By G. Dineley Rector.

1784 No. 12. Between Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Hughs. Sunday 18th & 25th July & 1st August 1784. By G. Dineley Rector.

17?? No. 13. Between George Gaze & Anne Soul of Kemmerton. Sunday 5th 12th 19th April 17??. By G. Dineley Rector.2

1791 No. 14. Between William Huband & Hannah Ewins. Sunday 15th, 22nd, 29th May 1791. By me George Dinely Rector.

1792 No. 15. Between Francis Hide & Mary Sherwood. Sunday 9th 16th 25 September. By me G. Dineley Rector.

After there is no further entry in the Banns Book.

  1. G. Gem was Vicar of Crowle 1749 – 1769
  2. Year left blank


Online Directories

Bentley’s Directory of Churchill 1840 –

Directory Transcriptions

Churchill Littleburys Worcester Directory 1905

Distances – 5 miles E. of Worcester, and 7½ S. of Droitwich.

Population – In 1901, 51. Acreage, 660.

Postal Information – Letters are received through Worcester, and arrive about 8.30 a.m. Upton Snodsbury is the nearest telegraph office. Worcester (London Road) is the nearest money order office. Postal orders are issued and paid at Spetchley. Post town, Worcester.

Parish Church (St. Michael’s) – Rev. R. C. Bates, M.A., rector; Frederick Clarke and George Mitchell, Churchwardens; William Summerton, Parish Clerk.


Bates Rev. Raymond Cooper, M.A. (rector), The Rectory
Bourne William, Churchill wood
Clarke Fdk., farmer, Lower Townsend farm
Hemming Frank, coal merchant
Holt Thomas, miller
Jackson Geo., farmer, Upper Townsend farm
Moule Herbert, farm bailiff
Summerton William, parish clerk

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905

Churchill (near Worcester) Littleburys Directory 1879

Churchill is a small parish distant 5 miles E. of Worcester and 7½ S. of Droitwich; is in the western division of the county, Halfshire hundred1, Pershore union, Upton Snodsbury highway district, Broughton Hackett polling district, Worcester county court district and petty sessional division; population in 1861, 78; in 1871, 81, with 16 inhabited houses, and 20 families or separate occupiers. The area of the parish is 924 acres (660a. 2r. 20p. exclusive of woodland); annual rateable value, £871. Robert Berkeley, Esq., is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The chief crops are wheat, barley, and beans. A mineral spring, which many years ago was held by some in equal estimation with Tunbridge spa, exists here; also a strong petrifying spring. The church of St. Leonard is an ancient little building, of good proportions and features of better times. It consists of nave and chancel with bell-turret and two bells. The living is a rectory in the diocese and archdeaconry of Worcester and rural deanery of East Worcester; value £240, with residence; patron, Robert Berkeley, Esq.; rector, Rev. William Andrew Faulkner, B.A., Magdalene Hall, Oxford, who was instituted in 1863. The register begins with the year 1767. The children of this parish attend the national school at Bredicot. The interest of £200, left by Thomas Barker, Esq., and £150, left by the Rev. George Dineley (a former rector), is distributed annually among the poor. Postal Regulations. – Letters are received through Worcester, which is the nearest money-order and telegraph office and post town.

Parish Church (St. Leonard’s). – Rev. William Andrew Faulkner, B.A., Rector; Messrs. George Jackson and Henry Bullock, Churchwardens; William Summerton, Parish Clerk.


Faulkner Rev. William Andrew, B.A. (rector), The Rectory
Bourne William, manager of flour mill
Bullock Henry, farmer and miller
Clements George, farm bailiff for Robert Berkeley, Esq., D.L., Churchill wood
Green G., woodman for R. Berkeley, Esq.
Jackson George, farmer
Summerton William, parish clerk

Source: Littlebury, Littlebury’s Directory and Gazetteer of Worcester & District, Third Edition. Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson & Co. 1879.

1. This is an error in the directory as it should be hundred of Oswaldslow

Churchill (near Worcester) Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Churchill is a small parish, situated about 5 miles E.S.E. from Worcester, and in 1851 contained 94 inhabitants.

The Church, dedicated to St, Michael, was probably built about the thirteenth century, and consists of nave and chancel, with bell-cot tower. The windows are early English, and other features are of about the same style. The church is small, and contains nothing of interest. There are a few charitable donations for the benefit of the poor. The living is a Rectory, in the patronage of Robert Berkeley, Esq. Rev. George Dinely, B.D., Rector; Rev. George Jenkins, M.A., Curate; Mr. William Summerton, Clerk. Service – 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., alternately.


Jenkins Rev. George, M.A., Curate, Rectory
Bullock Henry, farmer, Churchill Farm
Cormell William, miller, Churchill Mill
Jackson George, farmer, Townsend
Nash William, farm Bailiff to R. Berkeley, Esq., Churchill Wood Farm
Webb George, shoe maker

Source: Billings Directory of Worcestershire 1855

Churchill and Bredicott Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Brampton Charles, farmer
Hemus Thomas, farmer
Mantle John, farmer
Page Richard, farmer
Sharpe John, miller
Weston Thomas, farmer

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.


  • County: Worcestershire
  • Civil Registration District: Pershore
  • Probate Court: Court of the Bishop of Worcester (Episcopal Consistory)
  • Diocese: Worcester
  • Rural Deanery: Pershore
  • Poor Law Union: Pershore
  • Hundred: Oswaldslow
  • Province: Canterbury
  • Highway District: Upton Snodsbury
  • Polling District: Broughton Hackett
  • County Court District:  Worcester
  • Petty Sessional Division: Worcester

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