Broadway Lewis Worcestershire Directory 1820

Broadway, 5 miles from Evesham, containing 249 houses, and 1117 inhabitants. It consists of one large street, the houses whereof are chiefly built of free-stone, and has a neat church. The hills at the end of the town are famous for their romantic prospects, on which are several gentlemen’s seats.


Abday Wm., woolcomber
Ashwin Thomas, grocer
Ashwin William, vict.
Atkins Thomas, timber dealer
Averill Isaac, sen., farmer
Averill Isaac, jun.
Averill Stephen, solicitor
Averill Charles, surgeon
Averill Thomas, farmer
Ballinger James, carrier
Barnes John, farmer
Beard Mary, milliner
Bedford Rev. W. R.
Beesley James, joiner
Bloxham Jane, butcher
Bunn William, butcher
Careless R., schoolmaster
Careless Wm., farmer
Charlwood Isr., victualler
Clemson Joseph, mason
Coleman George, gent.
Coleman William, gent.
Collett R., blacksmith
Cooper Geo., shoemaker
Cottrell William, gent.
Crump Charles, farmer
Davis Richard, gent.
Davis John, gent.
Davis William, joiner
Davis Giles, wheelwright
Davis Mrs.
Dimmock George, saddler
Dobbins William, farmer
Faulkner T., horse dealer
Fisher Wm., shoemaker
Folkes Thomas, glazier
Frost Rebecca, draper
Frost Thomas, farmer
Goore Henry, victualler
Griffiths J. H., solicitor
Grinnell William, farmer
Grinnell Sarah, farmer
Grinnell John, miller
Grinnell widow
Hale Anthony, weaver
Halford Edward, farmer
Hall Joseph, farmer
Hassell Miss
Heeks J., timber dealer
Hiatt Mary, farmer
Hodges James, farmer
Hopkins James, farmer
Kite William, gent.
Lambley Sarah, farmer
Laugher William, baker
Lawrence Giles, vict.
Mann Thos., silk throwster
Martin Joseph, farmer
Marshall Wm., maltster
Meddows Henry
Meddows Fanny
Miles Stephen, hatter
Morris John, tailor
Osborne William, gent.
Petty Richard, hairdresser
Phillips Thomas, esq.
Phillips Mrs.
Phillips John, cooper
Poole John, farmer
Porter Miss
Postleweight Wm, gent.
Postleweight Mrs.
Rastall Thomas, weaver
Revers Thos. Flax dresser
Rodd Charles, farmer
Roper John, dealer
Russell Richard, gent.
Russell John, senior
Russell John, jun., farmer
Russell Michael, farmer
Russell W. C.
Savage Stephen, farmer
Savage John, farmer and pig dealer
Shuffery Thomas, grocer
Smith Thomas, surgeon
Smith W. F., surgeon
Smith Thomas, jun., gent
Smith Samuel, miller
Smith William, baker
Smith Ann, Maltster
Smith Joseph, baker
Smith Jane, schoolmistress
Smith Benjamin, dealer
Staite William, gent
Stanley Job, wheelwright
Stanley Ann
Stanley J., timber dealer
Stephens Wm., butcher
Stephens Giles, farmer
Stockford Thomas, baker
Stockford James, farmer
Stowe Thomas, butcher
Taylor William, gent
Taylor Cyprian, farmer
Townsend Richard, dyer
Varley George, victualler
Walker William, farmer
Watson B., schoolmaster
Wheatly Joseph, vict.
White Thomas, vict.
White Wm., sen., farmer
White wm., jun., carrier
White Francis, slater
White Stephen, maltster
Willan John, Esq.
Wylie James, gent.
Yeates George, Farmer
Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.