Bewdley, Wribbenhall and Neighbours Pigots Directory 1842

Bewdley is a market town, borough, both corporate and parliamentary, and chapelry, in the parish of Ribbesford, in the lower division of the hundred of Doddingtree, 129 miles N.W. from London, 14 N.W. from Worcester, 20 E. from Ludlow, and 21 S.W. from Birmingham; delightfully seated on the western bank of the Severn, over which a light and elegant stone bridge was erected in 1797. From the pleasantness of its situation and the beauty of the surrounding scenery, this place anciently obtained the appellation of BEAU LIEU, of which its present name is a corruption – Leland speaks of it in the following flattering terms. “The towne itself, of Bewdley, is sett on the side of a hille, so comely, that a man cannot wishe to see a towne better. It riseth from Severne banke by east, upon the hille by west, so that a man standing on the hille trans pontem by east, may discern almost every house in the towne, and att the rising of the sunne from east, the whole towne glittereth, being all of new building, as it were of gould.” The more ancient part of the town was built at a greater distance form the river, and the street called ‘Load street’ is supposed to have been the place where the inhabitants loaded their boats; there were formerly four gates, two of which were standing in 1811, but they have since been entirely demolished. In the 13th of Henry IV a petition was presented to parliament, from the men of ‘Bristowe’ and Gloucester, praying that they might navigate the river Severn, without being subject to the imposition of taxes by the men of Beaudley. At this period Bewdley appears to have enjoyed many privileges, among which was that of a sanctuary, for persons who had shed blood. Edward IV in the twelfth year of his reign, gave the inhabitants a charter of incorporation; and another was granted by James I, which was confirmed by Queen Ann, and remained in force until the passing of the municipal act, in 1835, which vested the government in bailiffs, four aldermen and twelve councillors, with the usual assistant officers, under the style of ‘the bailiffs, burgesses and inhabitants of the borough of Bewdley.’ The corporation hold courts of session, and a court of record for all pleas, and for the recovery of debts under £100. Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, Bart. M.P. of Stamford Court, in this county, is lord of the manor, and holds a court leet annually, at which certain officers are appointed. The same gentleman is representative of the borough in parliament. The boundary act defines the limits of the borough to comprise the parish of Ribbesford, and the several hamlets of Wribbenhall, Hoarstone, Blackstone, Netherton, and Lower Mitton with Lickhill. The manufacture of woollen caps, known by the name of Dutch caps, was introduced here in the time of Elizabeth, and continued some time to flourish, but has many years since disappeared: the principal trades now existing is malting, the tanning and currying of leather, and the manufacture of combs; there are besides a brass foundry, and some rope walks.

The places of worship are the chapel, dedicated to St. Ann, a neat stone edifice, with a tower, and chapels for Baptists, Unitarians, Wesleyan Methodists, and the society of friends. The living of Bewdley is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the rector of Ribbesford: the present curate is the Rev. John Cawood. The principal charities consist of a free grammar school, founded in 1591; a blue coat school for thirty boys and thirty girls; several alms-houses, and two schools, conducted upon the national plan. The market is held on Saturday; and the fairs on the 23rd of April, 24th July, and 11th December, for cattle, pedlary, &c. The parish of Ribbesford contained, in 1821, 3,798 inhabitants, and in 1831, 4,003; of which the last number 3,908 were returned for the (old) borough of Bewdley.

Wribbenhall is a hamlet, in the parish of Kidderminster, situate on the left bank of the river Severn, immediately opposite Bewdley, and connected with that town by the bridge before mentioned. The chapel was erected in the year 1701, at the expense of the inhabitants, on a plot of waste land belonging to Lord Foley. The inhabitants support, by voluntary subscription, two schools at Bewdley, for children whose parents reside in the hamlet. Population returned with Kidderminster parish.

POST OFFICE, Load-street, Bewdley, Christiana Baldwin, Post Mistress. – Letters from London &c. arrive every morning at six, and are despatched every evening at a quarter past seven. – Letters from Worcester, Stourport, Ludlow, Tenbury, south Wales, &c. arrive (by mail cart) every evening at half-past six, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before seven.


Baker Mrs. Ann, 2 Crane Villa terr.

Baker Slade, esq. Lower park

Baker Thomas, esq. Blackstone

Baugh Miss – , Load St

Caldwell Miss – , Load St

Cartwright the Misses, Wribbenhall

Cartwright Thomas, esq. Hill House

Cartwright Wm. esq. Wribbenhall

Cawood Rev. John, High St

Corker Mrs. Ann, Wribbenhall

Crane John C. esq. Wribbenhall

Crane Mrs. – , Grey’s Green cottage

Crane Rev. Joseph, Load St

Fletcher Rev. Joseph, Dowles

Fryer James, esq. Load St

Hallen Rev. William, Wribbenhall

Haslewoods the Misses, Load St

Ingram Rev. Edward Winnington, Ribbesford house

Mountnorris the Right Honourable the Earl of, Arley hall

Nichols Mrs. – , Wribbenhall

Prattinton William, esq. High St

Reynolds Mrs. – , Cottage

Reynolds Miss Jane and Mary, 3 Crane Villa terrace

Roberts W. A. esq. High St

Skey Arthur, esq. Spring grove

Soley Mrs. – , Sanbourn house

Sturge Hny. esq. Northwood cottage

Sturge Mrs. Rebecca, Load St

Whateley Mrs. Wribbenhall

Winnington Lady – , Winterdyne house

Woodhouse Col. Philip, Severn house


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

Barber Elizabeth, Load St

Cartwright Margaretta, Wribbenhall

Crowe Thomas, Wribbenhall

Hall Maria, Park lane

Lancaster Elizabeth (day & boarding) High St

Masefield George (boarding) Park house

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Wribbenhall – William Blaney, master; Mrs. Pitt, mistress

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Lax lane – William H. Lockyer, master; Sophia Lockyer, mistress

Pitt Elizabeth, Load St


Baker Slade, High St

Bury & Gardner, Load St

Marcy William Nichols (& town clerk) High St

Nicholas & Pardoe, Wribbenhall


Burlton James, High St

Jones William, High St

Roberts Francis Robert, Load St


Griffin Robert, Load St

Jefferies Benjamin (and oatmeal) Load St

Jefferies Francis (and confectioner) Load St

Powell William, High St

Winwood Benjamin, Welsh gate


Nicholls and Baker, Severn side – (draw on Barnetts’, Hoare & Co. London)

Savings’ Bank, Load St – (open every Monday from 1 till 2 o’clock) – Samuel Danks, actuary


Barnit William, Wribbenhall

Briadney Sarah, Welshgate

Pitt George, Load St


Allcock Thomas, Wribbenhall

Fowler Thomas, Wribbenhall

Jones Thomas, High St

Matthews Mary, Dog lane

Newman Richard, Welshgate

Tench Samuel, Hawthorn bush


Bryan Edward (and sub-distributer of stamps) Load St

Danks Samuel (and printer & sub-distributer of stamps) Load St


Barnett Joshua, Wribbenhall

Beach Hannah, Load St

Brown Thomas, Welshgate

Cook Francis, Dog lane

Hall William, Dog lane

Jeffries John, Wribbenhall

Lambert John, High St

Lister John, High St

Lister Thomas, Welshgate

Seed Josiah, Severn side

Street George, Load St

Young Joseph, Load St


Miles Richard, Tanner’s hill

Worrall John, Lower park


Lea John William, Severn side

Westwood John, Load St


Cole John, High St

Coles James, Lax lane

Crocket Samuel, Hawthorn bush

Draper Thomas, Welshgate

Edwards William, Load St

Forsbrooke John, Load St

Gill William, Load St

Mantle Richard, High St

Pountney William, Welshgate


Bevan James, Load St

Griffin William, High St

Mumford Joseph, Severn side


Barber Joseph, Load St

Biddell Thomas, Dog lane

Clark Allen, Wribbenhall

Coombes William, High St

Crow Edward, High St

Farmer George, High St

Fowler George, Dog lane

Lamb Samuel, High St

Watkins John, Load St


Morris Thomas, (and dealer in British wines) Load St

Reeve John (druggist) Load St

Wright William, Load St


Beaman William, Welshgate and Wribbenhall

Beddoe John Severn side

Clarke Mary, Load St

Crump John, Severn side

Worrall Samuel, Severn side


Cook James, Load St

Guise Joseph, Wribbenhall

Hopkins Samuel & Son, Severn side

Humpherson James, High St

Lankester Thomas, Load St


Coldrick James, Welshgate

Crump George, Lower park

Fox John, High St


Cattell Charles, Town’s mill

Crane Benjamin, Wribbenhall

Griffith George, Load St

Oakes Ann, Severn side

Parton John, Load St

Sturge Chas. & Henry, Wribbenhall


Barrow John, Load St

Bucklee William & Son, Park lane


Barber Mary, Load St

Barnet Nancy, Wribbenhall

Farmer Mrs. High St

Fry Ann, Load St

Lucas Mary, Load St


Alliance, Thos. Pettipher, Load St

Birmingham (fire) George Griffith, Load St

Norwich Union, William Wright

Phoenix, John C. Crane, Load St

Protector, Thomas Morris, Load St

Sun, Edward Bryan, Load St


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Farrington T. & A. Load St

Griffin Robert, Load St

Knowles Henry, Load St

Lucas Edward, Load St

Owens Benjamin, corner of High St

Owens Thomas, Load St

Pettipher Thomas, Load St

Reeve John, Load St


Humpherson James (and gunners’, forresters’ priming, drinking, drenching, & shoe horns) High St


Clark Samuel, Load St

Grove Benjamin, High St

Tovey John, Load St

Willey Thomas, Load St


Baker & Farmer, Severn side

Parton Joseph (& seed) Wribbenhall


George Hotel (commercial & posting) James Davis Morris, Load St

Wheat Sheaf (and excise office) Thomas Allcott, Load St


Crane John C. Load St

Gill John K. Load St

Townsend Edward, Load St


Baker John, Load St

Cartwright & Beddoes, Load St

Lawley Thomas & George, Load St

Minton Henry, Load St


Burlton James, high St

Crane Benjamin, Wribbenhall

Godsall William, High St

Griffin George, Waterside

Gunn William, High St

Minton William, Wribbenhall

Owens Benjamin, Load St

Parton Joseph, Wribbenhall

Roberts Francis Robert, Load St

Scott William, Load St

Tyler Thomas, Welshgate

Watkins James, High St


Barnes James, High St

Jackson William, Load St

Measures Thomas, High St

Page John, Welshgate

Southerton William, High St


Beach Thomas, Load St

Edwards John, Welshgate

Lowe Mary, Wribbenhall

Smith John, Coal quay


Farmer & Baker, Severn side

Parton Joseph (and hop merchant) Wribbenhall


Beddow John, Coal quay

Blackford John, Wyre hill

Cox Thomas, Load St

Green Joseph, Wribbenhall

Jefferies Benjamin, Welshgate

Lane Isaac, Load St

Lloyd Charles, Coal quay

Lucas Edward, Load St

Millward George, Wribbenhall

Oakes Ann, Severn side

Parton William, Load St

Payne John, Welshgate

Pountney William, Wyre hill

Powell Ann, High St

Powell Richard, High St

Smith Charles, Wribbenhall

Stokes George, High St

Webster Henry, High St

Willis John, Welshgate

Winwood Benjamin, Welshgate


Goodman Elizabeth, Wribbenhall

Lowe Emma, Load St

Salter Emma, Wribbenhall

Southan Emma, Load St


Cole James, Load St

Williams John, High St


Cooke Samuel, Wribbenhall

Hinton William, Load St

Houseman Edward, High St

Mason John, Wribbenhall

Minton George, Load St

Penney Thomas, High St

Smith Benjamin, High St

Trow George, Wribbenhall


Crane Thomas Howard, Load St

Owens Benjamin, corner of High St

Owens Thomas, jun. Load St


Allport Richd. (& fellmonger) High St

Baker George, Severn side


Anchor, Thomas Tyler, Welshgate

Angel, Joseph Barber, Load St

Barley Mow, Samuel Lamb, High St

Bell, James Watkins, High St

Black Boy, Edward & Ann Ree, Wribbenhall

Black Boy, William Pountney, Wyre hill

Cock & Magpie, Jane Crump, Coal quay

Duke William, Ellen Jefferies, Severn side

Fox, Sarah Griffin, Load St

Hole-in-the-wall, James Cooke, Welshgate

Hop Pole, Samuel Thompson, Load St

Horn & Trumpet, John Gwyer, Load St

King of Prussia, William Poller, Load St

Labour in Vain, Charles Lloyd, Coal quay

Pack Horse, John Hall Pardoe, Welshgate

Peacock, James Hooper, Lower park

Pump Makers’ Arms, William Instone, Wribbenhall

Red Lion, Letitia Lane, Wribbenhall

Saracen’s Head, Edw. Richards, Severn sde

Star & Garter, Chas. Pountney, Welshgate

Swan, John Watkins, Load St

Waggon & Horses, Ann Brown, Welshgate


Beach Thomas, Load St

Beaman William, Welshgate

Beddoe John, Coal quay

Blackford Joseph, Wyre hill

Brown Thomas, Wribbenhall

Cooke James, Severn side

Cooke Thomas, Lax lane

Cooke William, Severn side

Crocket Samuel, Hawthorn bush

Forsbrook Joseph, Load St

Goodman Frederick, Wribbenhall

Gwyer John, dog lane

Hunt James, Welshgate

Hurst Joseph, Welshgate

Hutton Thomas, High St

Inston William, Wribbenhall

Jefferies Elizabeth, Severn side

Millward George, Wribbenhall

Oakes Ann, Severn side

Payne John, Welshgate

Perks Mary, High St

Pountney John, High St

Pountney Thomas, Wyre hill

Smith John Coal quay

Smith Joseph, Severn side

Smith William, High St

Sutherton John, High St

Taylor John, Welshgate

Tudor Elizabeth, Severn side

Worrall Samuel, Severn side


Allen Charles, High St

Young Joseph, Load St


Brown Thomas, Wribbenhall

Fowler George, Dog lane

Salter James, Wribbenhall


Bancks & Stokes, brass founders, Load St

Beach Thomas, sacking manufctr. Load St

Bevan James, turner, Load St

Brookes Jno. Wine & spirit merchant, Load St

Campbell George, tea dealer, High St

Court Richard, land surveyor, Lower park

Farmer Joseph, saddler, Load St

Fieldhouse Saml. bellows makr. Wribbenhall

Gill John, brazier, Load St

Hammond John, confectioner, Load St

Inston William, pump maker, Wribbenhall

Marcy William, registrar of births and deaths, High St

Minton George, clothes dealer, Load St

Parton William, stone mason, Load St

Porter Thomas, dutch cap mkr. Welshgate

Pountney Richard, dealer in game, Load St


To BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Ludlow) calls at the George, every evening at a quarter past seven – the Red Rover (from Ludlow) calls at the Wheat Sheaf, every forenoon at eleven – and the British Queen Omnibus, calls at the George, every morning at a quarter past seven; all go through Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Dudley, West Bromwich, &c.

To BIRMINGHAM, the Emperor Omnibus, from the Wheat Sheaf, every morning at seven; goes through Kidderminster, Hagley, Hales Owen, &c. – and the Favourite Omnibus, from the Waggon and Horses, every Monday & Tuesday morning at nine; goes the same route.

To LUDLOW, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) calls at the George, every morning at half-past six; goes through Cleobury Mortimer – and Red Rover, from the Wheat Sheaf, every afternoon at 5; goes thro’ Tenbury & Leominster.

To WORCESTER, the Sovereign, from the George Inn, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past eight; goes thro’ Stourport and Ombersley.


To BIRMINGHAM, John Bennett, from the Waggon and Horses, daily, and John Farmer, from the George, every Tuesday and Friday.

To KIDDERMINSTER, Crowley and Co. and John Allen, from Severn side, daily, & John Farmer, from the George, every Tuesday and Thursday.

To KNIGHTON, Samuel Jones, from Severn side, and Samuel Dodd, from the Black Boy, every Monday night.

To LUDLOW, Benjamin Turner, from Severn side, every Monday and Thursday, and Samuel Dodd, from the Black Boy, every Monday night.


To BRISTOL, the intermediate places, and all parts of the North, William and Benjamin Devey, from their Warehouse, three times a week.

To SHREWSBURY, Thomas Harwood, Thomas Bratton, John Rees, John Jones, and Thomas Wilcox, from Cotterell’s warehouse, Severn side, daily.

To WORCESTER, Jane Crump, from Coal quay, every Monday and Friday, and John Crump, from Coal quay, by the Bewdley Boat, every Mon. & Friday.

Source: Pigot & Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Rutlandshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire 1841/1842

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