Bewdley, a borough and Market town, in the parish of Ribbesford, situated an the river Severn, 3 miles from Kidderminster, and 132 from London. In 1811 it contained 787 houses and 3671 inhabitants, of whom 939 were returned as employed in trade and manufacture. The new chapel which is a neat edifice is in the centre of the town, built in 1748; at a small distance from which, stood the Old Shambles, or the Walk, being a long range of timber buildings open on both sides, and were removed in 1783.

In 1795 an Act of Parliament was obtained for building a new bridge over the Severn, which leads directly down from the main street; the bridge is a very light and elegant stone structure, consisting of three arches with or tollhouse at the east end. Henry the 7th built a palace here for his son Arthur, ct which the ceremony of his marriage with the infanta of Spain by her proxy, was performed an Whitsunday, 1499; his corpse also rested here on its way from Ludlow to Worcester, the place of its interment. In the town are several dissenting meetinghouses, and a free grammar school founded by James the 1st. It formerly sent two members to parliament, but now only one. The town enjoys a good trade in malt, leather, horn, and Dutch and Sailors caps, which are much prized for their excellent napping, a considerable number of which are sent to London and other places for exportation. The corporation consists of a Bailiff, with 12 Aldermen and Burgesses. At Blackstone, a beautiful rock on the edge of the Seven, is an hermitage very curiously excavated in the rock, with a chapel and several apartments. The market is on Saturday, which is well supplied with cattle, corn, hops, &c. Fairs, April 23, July 25, and December 10.

Part II.
Section Eighth.


Allcock Benjamin, Corn Dealer, Load street

Allcock Benjamin, Tailor, High street

Allen Charles, Watch Maker, Load street

Allen William, Tailor and Draper, Load street

Allen Mary, Capper, Welchgate

Allport Jane, Tanner, Lower Park

Asprey Mrs. Load street


Baker Slade, Solicitor, High street

Baker Ann, Severn side

Baker George, Tanner, Severn side

Baker John, Mercer, Load street

Baldwin Thomas, Farmer

Banks Thomas, Load street

Banks Miss, Load street

Barber James, Dog lane

Barnett Joseph, Shoemaker, Load street

Baugh Mrs. High street

Baugh Miss, Load street

Bayman Martha, High Street

Baylis Robert, High street

Beach Thomas, Bag Weaver, High street

Beach Edward, Shoemaker, Load street

Beale James, Load street

Beddoe John, Owner, Severn side

Bennett Thomas, Cabinet Maker, Load street

Bennett Mrs. High street

Bibb John, Butcher

Blencow and Co. Druggists, Load street

Blount Thomas, Baker, Welchgate

Bradney Mrs. Park lane

Bradney Mrs. Severn side

Breeze John, Vict. King’s Head, High street

Brian Edward, Mason, Load street

Brookholding John, Hop and Seed Merchant, load street

Brookes John, Liquor Merchant, High street

Brookes George, High street

Brown Thomas, Shoemaker, Welchgate

Brown Thomas, Shopkeeper, Welchgate

Bucklee Thomas, Currier, High street

Burlton James, Maltster and Capper, High street

Burton Philip, Sailor and School Boy Cap Manufacturer, High street

Bury John, Solicitor, Load street


Cartwright Thomas, Merchant, High street

Cartwright and Beddoes Mercers, Load street

Cartwright Mrs. Severn side

Cartwright – Vict. Rose and Crown

Cawood Rev. John, High street

Challenger Thomas, Maltster, Load street

Clarke Daniel, Solicitor, Park lane

Clarke Mrs. Vict. King of Prussia, Load street

Cocksedge Henry, Load street

Coles James, Butcher and Vict. Angel, Load st.

Coles Miss, Liquor Vaults, Load street

Coles John, Butcher, High street

Cook James, Wood Collier, Welchgate

Cook Richard, Farmer and Vict. Running Horse

Coombes William, Shopkeeper, Load street

Cooper Thomas, Oatmeal Grinder

Corker Ann, Carrier on Severn, Severn side

Court John, Vict. Old Pack Horse, Load street

Cox John, Shopkeeper

Crane T. H. Chandler, Load street

Crane Joseph, Ironmonger, Load street

Crudgington Charles, High street

Crump Joseph, Load street

Crump John, Maltster, Load street

Crump Charles, Farmer

Crump Sarah, Cooper, Load street

Crump Jane, Vict. Cock and Magpie, Severn side

Crump Thomas, Oatmeal Grinder


Danks Samuel, Printer, Load street

Davis William, Shopkeeper, High street

Davis Thomas, Supervisor, High street

Davis Mary, Farmer

Davis Charles, Park lane

Doughton John, Grocer, Load street

Dodd Richard, Maltster, Severn side

Dovey Mary, Farmer

Draper Benjamin, Vict. Dog Wheel, Dog lane

Dugard Miss, Toy Shop, Load street

Dutton Mrs. High street


Edwards William, Butcher, Load street

Edwards Mrs. Severn side

Evans Thomas, Vict. Peacock, Lower Park


Farmer Samuel, Seedsman, Load street

Farmer Joseph, Saddler, Load street

Farr James, Watchmaker, High street

Field John, Carrier on Severn, Severn side

Fowler George, Wheelwright, Dog lane

Fox John, Cooper, High street

Frazier Richard, Farmer

Fry Phillip, Grocer, Load street

Fryer James, Surgeon, Load street

Fryer Thomas, Hair Dresser, Load street


Gill Richard, Tinman, Load street

Godsall William, Vict. Wheat Sheaf, Load street

Griffin John, Vict. Fox, Load street

Griffin Richard, Cabinet Maker, High street

Grove Samuel, Hair Dresser, High street

Green Miss, Load street

Gunn Jonathan, Load street


Hadduck William, Horner and Comb Manufacturer, High street

Hammonds John, Baker and Confectioner, Load street

Hammonds Thomas, Mason, High street

Hammonds Charles, Shoemaker, Load street

Harding Miss, High street

Hayley Thomas, Lower Park

Hazelwood Mrs. Load street

Hill William, Vict. Blue Boar, High street

Hill Elizabeth, Shopkeeper, Load street

Holder James, Tobacconist, High street

Holliday Mrs. High street

Hughes John, Grocer, Load street

Hughes William, Blacksmith, Dog lane

Hume Joseph, Vict. Hole in the Wall, Load st.

Hume Benjamin, Vict. Load street

Humphriom Joseph, Horn Turner, High street

Hunt James, Banbury Lock Manufacturer, High street


James Miss, Mantua Maker, High street

James William, Turner

Jefferies Grant, Saddler, Load street

Jefferies James, Druggist, Load street

Jefferies Francis, jun. Vict. Swan, Load street

Jefferies Francis, sen. Vict. Barley Mow, High st.

Jefferies Edward, Vict. Sun, Severn side

Jefferies Benjamin, Oatmeal Grinder

Jevons James, plumber and Glazier, High Street

Jones Rev. John, High street

Jones Thomas, Stone Mason, Severn side

Jones Richard, Wood Collier


King John, Powder Flask Maker

Knowles John, Load street

Knowles Margaret, Grocer, Load street

Knowles Richard, Maltster

Knowles James, Farmer

Knowles Thomas, Miller


Lambert John, Shoemaker, High Street

Lane James, Vict. Pack Horse, High street

Lane Joseph, Seedsman, High street

Lane Isaac, Shopkeeper, Load street

Lankaster Benjamin, Comb Maker, High street

Lankaster Thomas, Comb Maker, High Street

Lankaster John, Shopkeeper, Severn side

Laton John, Farmer

Lawleys Messrs. Mercers, Load street

Lister John, Severn side

Lea William, Brush Maker, Severn side

Lewis Miss, Ladies Seminary, Load street

Lewis James, Corn Dealer, Severn side

Lloyd Samuel, Vict. Labourer in vain, Severn side

Lucus Edward, Vict. Star and Garter


Mann Ann, Pawnbroker, Load street

Mantle Francis, Vict. Old Hop-pole, Load street

Marshall Mrs. Load street

Marson Thomas, Maltster, Severn Side

Mills Joseph, Butcher, Load street

Morris Samuel, Corn Dealer, Load street

Morris William, Shoemaker, Welchgate

Moseley W. M. Esq. Winterdyne


Newry John, Bagging Weaver, Loud street


Onslow Mrs. Ticken Hill

Owens Benjamin, Grocer and Chandler, Load st.


Pardoe, Nichols, and Co. Bankers

Pardoe and Nichols, Solicitors, Load street

Pardoe Mrs. Lower Park

Parkes Mrs. Lower Park

Patchett William, Butcher, Welchgate

Payton Nathaniel, Joiner and Vict. Talbot, High street

Perry Edward, Stone Mason, Dog lane

Pilkington Thomas, Surgeon, High street

Piper Joseph, Load street

Piper William, Grocer and Chandler, Load street

Piper James, Cabinet Maker, High street

Pitt Thomas, Butcher, Welchgate

Pooler Mary, Coal Dealer, Severn side

Pountney Sarah, Hatter, Load street

Pountney William, Tinman, High street

Pountney William, Vict. Black Boy

Pountney Mary, Farmer

Prattington Peter, Esq. High street

Prattington William, Grocer, Load street

Price William, Butcher, Load street

Pugh William, Baker, Load street


Radnall Miss, High street

Radnall Samuel, Vict. Hop-pole

Reynolds Mrs. Baker, Severn side

Richards – yarn Manufacturers, Load street

Roberts Wilson Aylesbury, Esq. M.P. High st.

Roberts, Baker, and Crane, Bankers, High street

Roberts Miss, Severn Side

Roberts F. R. Maltster, Load street

Roberts Rebecca, Lower Park

Romney Samuel, Baker, High street

Rule Miss, High street


Scarlett Mrs. Severn side

Shaw Thomas, Currier, Park lane

Sheldon Francis, Glazier, Severn side

Simmonds Mary, High street

Skelding Joseph, Farmer

Skey Jonathan, Dry Salter, Load street

Skeys Exors. Dry Salters, Severn side

Smith Benjamin, Tailor, Load street

Smith John, Rope Maker and Vict. Severn side

Southall Edward, Farmer

Stewart Mary, Severn side

Stokes George, Vict. Currier’s Arms, High street

Symmonds James, Horner and Comb Maker, Lower Park


Taylor John, Vict. Black Boy, Welch gate

Tench George, Miller

Tench James, High street

Thomas Anthony, Schoolmaster, Load street

Tudor – Tailor, Load street

Turnington William, farmer

Tyler John, Corn Dealer, Severn side

Tyler Peter, Vict. Duke William, Severn side

Tyler Elizabeth, Vict. Anchor, Welchgate


Walker John, Exciseman, High street

Wall Richard, Shoemaker, Loadstreet

Westwood John, Brushmaker, Load street

Wigmore Mary, Vict. Black Boy, Severn side

Williams Henry, Shopkeeper, Load street

Winwood Thomas, Vict. Waggon and Horses, Welchgate

Wysam Miss, High street


Mail, to Worcester every Afternoon; to Kidderminster, Stourbridge, and Dudley, every Morning.

Smith’s Caravan, to Worcester Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Mornings.

Field’s Barge, to Worcester twice a week.

Corker’s Barge, to Worcester twice a week.

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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