Brookfield Villa – Brown Mrs. Mary Ann, fancy repository
Brook Cots. – Scrivins Arthur, cab driver
Brook Cots. – Cooke Edwin, glover
Clifton Cots. – White Mrs. Jane, dressmaker
Clifton Cots. – Edwards Henry, bricklayer
Alix Villas – Bearfield C., working jeweller
Alix Villas – Best William, post office clerk
Tintern Villas – Hill Mrs. Martha
Tintern Villas – Brown Mrs. E.
Linden Villas – Mortlock Wm. E. coal agent
Linden Villas – Garside Edwin, skinner
Larch Villas – Benbow George, glover
Larch Villas – Cam Wm. Hy. (Cam & Son)
Ash Villas – Carey Mrs. Rose Ellen
Ash Villas – Parish Mrs.
Croft Villas – Thomasson Herbert Edward, ironmonger’s assistant
Croft Villas – Hill Geo. Edwd., rly. clerk
Here Is Barbourne Walk; Also Pitchcroft Walk
Hayes Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper
Here Is Waterworks Road; Also Sandys Road
Rossville – Drury Mrs. M.
Brookville – Birchley Albt. Hy., shoe finisher
Waverley – Andrews A. R., butcher
Ivanhoe – Hunting Thomas Sampson, inspector of postmen
Baylis Mrs. Annie, cab proprietor, &c.
Tarrant George, cab driver
Here Is Barbourne Road

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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