1 & 2. Lyons John Butcher, Globe Vaults

1. Green Thos. Chas., Coventry Arms Inn
2. Bullock Mrs. M. A., baker

3. & 6. Butt George H., eating house

Here Is Court No. 3.

House Void

Friar Street Mission Room – Services – Sunday, 6.30 p.m.; Band of Hope, Monday, 6.30 p.m.; Thursday, 7.30 p.m. – C. Cockbill, Missioner

Wyatt’s Almshouses

1. Evans H. & Co., lamp and oil merchants (see advt.)
2. Rodber William, fried fish shop.

Here Is Court No. 4.

1. Thompson Mrs. Mary, fruiterer
2. Giles Edward, watchmaker, &c.

Here Is Court No. 5. (Morris’s Passage)

1. Sheppy Charles, grocer and tea dealer

Here Is Union Street

Friar Street Hall (available for St. Martin’s and St. Helen’s parochial meetings)

1. Frost Thomas, general dealer

14A. Waldron Henry, china riveter

Here is Court No. 6. (George’s Yard)

George’s Yard –

George’s Yard – House void

George’s Yard – Rowberry William, labourer

George’s Yard – Bassett William, hawker

George’s Yard – (1.) Void

George’s Yard – (2) Nash Frank, j’man brush maker

George’s Yard –

George’s Yard – (3) Sefton Alfred, j’man brash maker

George’s Yard – (4) Nicholson Mrs.

George’s Yard – (5) Bunn Albert, hop porter

George’s Yard – (6) Molesworth Charles, labourer

George’s Yard – (7) Goldstone Frank, fish hawker

George’s Yard – (8) Devereux Charles, fireman

George’s Yard – (9) Smith George, grocer’s assistant

George’s Yard – (10) Norman Mrs. Mary A. F., dressma.

1. Hale Ernest, fruiterer
2. Goodwin Ernest John, hardware dealer

3. Rowberry William, fried fish shop

4. Ye Old City Bakery – Wall Ursula, baker, &c.

Here Are Charles Street And New Street; Also Pump Street


1. Seymour William, Eagle Vaults
2. Evans William, shopkeeper

3. Gardiner George, boot and shoe repairer

Here Is Court No. 9.

1. Annetts and Newman, shopkeepers
2. Reynolds A. T., hairdresser

3. Frost Thomas, wardrobe dealer

4. Waldron Frank, newsagent, &c.

Here Is Court No. 10.

1. Hughes William, butcher
2. Fiddler John, picture frame maker

School House – Bright Charles, caretaker

Adult Schoolroom

1. Williams Philip, Crown Inn
2. Watts Charles Ernest, hardware dealer

Here Is Court No. 11.

1. Harrison George, umbrella repairer
2. Harrison Mrs. G., wardrobe dealer

33 & 34. Martin W. H., fried fish shop.

1. Sigley John, Son & Co., wholesale and manufacturing confectioners
2. Banner Mrs. C. M., shopkeeper

3. Baylis George, hairdresser

4. Parry Walter, Cross keys Inn

5. Uncles James, tin plate worker

6. Collins Thomas, butcher

Here Is Court No. 13.

1. Hewitt Mrs., baker
2. Void

3. Burston Mrs. Harriet, furniture dealer

4. Hartwright George, butcher

5. Wright Thomas, hairdresser

6. Sandford Mrs. Mary Ann, wardrobe dlr.

7. Baddeley Wm. W., tobaccnst. & newsagt.

8. Westerway John, brush maker

49 & 50. Starkey John, boot and shoe repairer

1. Dorset Dairy Co. – R. H. Fereday, Mngr.
2. McCowen John Thomas, leather seller

Here Is Lich Street; Also Sidbury

Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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