Right Side from Foundry Street
Providence Tin Plate Manufactory – Williamson G. H. & Sons, Ltd., manufacturers of packing cases, deed and travelling boxes, &c.

  1. Hampton Herbert, journeyman tinman
  2. Hill William, shopkeeper
  3. Poole Richard Joseph, tinman

Here Is Court No. 7
14 Fowler Mrs. Rhoda, seamstress

  1. Void

Here Is Court No. 8

  1. Hughes William, tinman
  2. Turner Mrs.
  3. Brook Jas., bootmaker & furniture dealer

Here Is Temperance Street

  1. Hudson George, coal and oil dealer
  2. Testall Alfred, coal agent
  3. Griffiths Charles, boot and shoemaker
  4. Dyke Joseph shopkeeper &c.
  5. Cubberley William, beer retailer (Horn and Trumpet Inn)
  6. Jones Miss, dressmaker

Steam Joinery Works – Hancock Charles, steam joinery manufacturer

  1. Smith Edgar, glover
  2. Restall Thomas, fruiterer’s assistant
  3. Hollingshead Frederick, hawker

Here Is Court No. 9
Reeves Miss, machinist
Glazzard William, boot and shoe maker
Tyler George Henry, chair manufacturer
Barnett John, Limited, Corn and hay stores
Here Is New Street
The Cam Engineering Works – Cam John J., engineer, &c.

  1. Beswick Walter, labourer
  2. Crump William labourer
  3. Stevens Robert, hay trusser
  4. Turner John, cab driver
  5. Blundell Henry, potted meat maker
  6. Fudger William, grocer
  7. Williams Joseph, bootmaker
  8. Ratcliffe George, glover
  9. Taylor Mrs. Ann
  10. Avery Charles, labourer

Here Is Little Charles Street

  1. Brook James, boot maker
  2. Pulley Mrs., charwoman
  3. Dancocks Henry, hay trusser
  4. Kirby John, packer
  5. Hartall Alfred, journeyman shoemaker
  6. Blundell Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker
  7. Griffiths Edward, tailor
  8. Whiting Mrs Sarah, gloveress

Here Is Court No. 3

  1. Burton Frederick, labourer

Here Is Court No. 4

  1. Crump William James, labourer
  2. Ayers Mrs., seamstress

Here Is court No. 5

  1. Smith Richard Studholme, labourer

Here Is Court No. 6

  1. Smith & Co., brush manufacturers
  2. Fletcher William, clicker
  3. Woodward George, journeyman tinman
  4. Dean John Henry, timekeeper
  5. to 57. Providence Tin Plate Manufactory Offices –Williamson G. H. & Sons, Ltd.
  6. Simmonds Henry, Four Ways Inn

Here Is Foundry Street
Source: Littlebury’s Directory of Worcester & District. Tenth Edition. Printed and Published by Littlebury & Company, The Worcester Press, Worcester. 1905.

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