Pershore, a market town, consisting of two parishes, Saint Andrews and Holy Cross, 9 miles from Worcester, 9 ½ from Tewkesbury, and 103 from London, near the junction of the river Avon with the Bow, containing about 400 houses and 2000 inhabitants; the main street is near three quarters of a mile long and a considerable sum of money has been collected for paving the footway with flag stones, which will be a considerable improvement to the town. The parish is of great extent, having several manors and chapelries within its limits. In the reign of Edward the 1st this town sent 2 members of parliament, but never since. The church of Holy Cross contains several ancient monuments, it has a square tower with 8 bells, and is a curacy to St. Andrews, which is small and has a square tower with 6 bells. Here was formerly an extensive abbey of Benedictine Monks. The Market is on Tuesday, and the Fairs Easter Tuesday, June 26th, first Monday in August and the Tuesday before the 1st of November. The great Fair has usually been held in the church-yard, but we understand the Magistracy are determined to prevent a recurrence of a practice so disgraceful.



Aldington James, Gent. Bridge street

Amphlett William, Farmer

Anderson William, Gent. Bridge street

Andrews Robert, Bacon Factor, Newland street

Andrews Mrs. Schoolmistress, High street

Andrews Samuel, Gardener, Newland street

Andrews E. gardener, Newland street


Baker Robert, Surgeon, Broad street

Baker Henry, Liquor Merchant, Bridge street

Baker Ann, Gentlewoman, Broad street

Baker Sarah, Currier, Bridge street

Bannister James, Vict. Bell Inn, High street

Barnbrook Miss. Ladies Seminary, Broad street

Barry Rebecca, Gentlewoman, Bridge street

Baugh Joseph, Ironmonger, High street

Baugh Timothy, Fishmonger, Bridge street

Baylis John, Hair Dresser, High street

Bedford John, Solicitor, Broad street

Bennett Jane, Gentlewoman, High street

Bidlake Charles, Druggist, Bridge street

Blizard John, Ironmonger & Builder, Bridge street

Blizard Susannah, Straw Bonnet Maker, Bridge street

Blizard Stephen, Gardener, Newland street

Bomford William, Pig Dealer, High street

Bomford John, Pig Dealer

Bomford Bentley, Pig Dealer, High street

Bourne Mary Mrs. Priss lane

Bradflock John, Blacksmith, Broad street

Bromfield J. D. Gent. Bridge street

Brookes Thomas, Brazier, Broad street

Bromall Thomas, Tailor, Bridge street

Brown Walter Gent. Bridge street

Bullock Edward, Vict. Quiet Woman, High street

Bunn Richard, Boot and Shoe Maker, High street

Bunn – Vict. White Horse, Church street

Bunn James, Gardener, Church street

Burn John, Surgeon, High street


Chambers Joseph, Baker, High street

Clee William, Gent. Bridge street

Clee James, Auctioneer, Broad street

Cole Thomas, Gardener, Newland street

Collett G. Vict. Ship and Punch Bowl, High street

Collins Mary, Vict. New Inn, High street

Coombs James, Bricklayer, Broad street

Crook William, Gardener, Church street

Crook Mary, Gardener, Newland street

Cross Thomas, Woolstapler, Bridge street

Cross Richard, Schoolmaster, High street


Davis David, Draper, High street

Day J. Millwright, Broad street

Dayton Mary, Gentlewoman, Bridge street

Deacons Charles, Shoe Maker, Broad street

Dinely Rev. George, High street

Dinely Francis, Solicitor, Bridge street

Done William, Worcester Carrier, High street

Doughty John, Shopkeeper, High street

Drew Mrs. Gentlewoman, Broad street

Dudfield Thomas, Mercer and Draper, High st

Dudfield Jonathan, Gardener, Newland street

Dufty William Worcester Carrier, Priss lane

Dufty Richard, Gardener, Newland street

Dufty William, Gardener, Priss lane


Edwards Thomas, Baker, High street

Evans Miss, Gentlewoman, Bridge street

Evans Mrs. Gentlewoman, Broad street

Evans H. Butcher, High street


Farley Benjamin, Breeches Maker, Broad street

Farley William, Breeches Maker, Bridge street

Farley Joseph, Shoemaker, Broad street

Farley John, Basket Maker, Bridge street

Foster William, Butcher, Bridge street

Foster James, Gardener, Priss lane

Franklin John, Rope, Bag, and Twine Manufacturer, Bridge street


Ganderton R. Woolstapler

Ganderton Thomas, Woolstapler, High street

Ganderton J. L. Glazier, Bridge street

George Edward, Gent. Bridge street

Giles Sarah, Vict. Angel Inn, Bridge street

Glazebrook Thomas, Saddler, High street

Goodall William, Woolstapler, High street

Goodall Ralph, Grocer and Chandler, High street

Goodall James, Plumber and Glazier, High street

Goodall Thomas, Plumber and Glazier, Bridge street

Goodall Richard, Baker, Corn Factor, and Maltster, Bridge street

Goodall Edward, Skinner

Grant Jeremiah, Exciseman, High street

Gray John, Vict. Coach and Horses, Bridge street

Green George, Butcher, Church street

Green John, Baker, High street

Gwillam James, Vict. Talbot, Broad street


Hackett Samuel, Gent. Bridge street

Haines John, Gardener, Newland street

Hamhurst General, Broad street

Hammerton Mrs. Gentlewoman, Broad street

Handley William, Baker, High street

Harding Henry, Gent. Bridge street

Harley George, Carpenter and Wheelwright, Bridge street

Harley Edward, Shopkeeper, High street

Harris James, Butcher, Newland street

Hatch John, Auctioneer, Bridge street

Hatch William, Butcher High street

Hemming John, Draper, Bridge street

Hemming John, Tailor, High street

Holland Thomas, Gent. Broad street

Hope Thomas, Vict. Three Tuns, Bridge street

Hopkins John, Stocking Weaver, Priss lane

Hooper Edward, Boot and Shoe Maker, High st

Hooper George, Butcher, High street

Hudson Richard, Gent.

Hunt John, Tanner, High street

Hunter John, Gent. Bank, Bridge street

Hunter Thomas, Draper, Bridge street


Kings William, Vict. Chequers, High street

Kings James, Gardener, Newland street


Laight John, Butcher. , Bridge street

Laugher Charles, Druggist & Grocer, Bridge st

Laughton Mary, Stone Mason, Bridge street

Lloyd Edward, Carpenter and Joiner, Bridge st

Lloyd Thomas, Wyre Mill


Mac Alester Richard, Draper and Tea Dealer, High street

Martin Joseph, Grocer and Chandler, Bridge st.

Mason George, Horse Dealer, Bridge street

Melen Henry, Grocer, High street

Meredith John, Butcher, High street

Millington Mr. Gent. Priss lane

Millward Henry, Saddler, Bridge street

Milton William, Sen. Coal Dealer, Bridge st.

Milton William, Barge Owner, Bridge street

Mogridge Mrs. Broad street


Nash John, Vict. King’s Head, Bridge street

Nash John, Hair Dresser, Bridge street


Oldaker Edmund Wells, Solicitor, Broad street

Oldaker Mrs. Gentlewoman, Broad street

Oldaker Francis, Miller, Bridge street


Partridge William, Watch Spring Maker, High st

Phillips William, Boot and Shoe Maker, High st

Pool Mary, Gentlewoman, Bridge street

Probyn Rev. William, Bridge street

Pugh William, Joiner and Ironmonger, High st.


Racster John, Surgeon, Bridge street

Roberts William, Ironmonger and Maltster, Bridge street

Roberts Elizabeth, Draper

Russell Thomas, Saddler, Bridge street


Sheppard Rev. J. L. Vicarage House

Smith Mary, Milliner, Bridge street

Stephens Samuel, Joiner, Bridge street

Stephens John, Butcher, Bridge street

Stephens Robert, Cooper, Bridge street

Squires William, Vict. White Hart, Newland st.


Taylor William, Sen. Wheelwright, High street

Taylor William, Grocer & Wheelwright, High st

Taylor Francis, Fishmonger, Bridge street

Tidmarsh William, Baker, Bridge street

Tomlins Richard, Plough Inn, High street

Tovey John, Gent. Bridge street

Toney John, Shopkeeper, Broad street

Tyler William, Boot and Shoe Maker, Bridge st


Wagstaff Charles, Butcher, Newland street

Ward Thomas, Sen. Weaver and Corn Dealer, High street

Ward Thomas, jun. Weaver and Shopkeeper

Warner Robert, Watchmaker, Bridge street

Waters Rev. Mr. Bridge street

White Thomas, Shoemaker, Bridge street

Whitford William, Hair Dresser, High street

Wild Lester, Barge Owner, Bridge street

Wilson John, High street

Woodward Herbert, Solicitor, Bridge street

Woolley Mrs. Gentlewoman, Bridge street

Workman John, Gent. High street

Workman Joseph, Butcher, Broad street

Workman William, Butcher, Church street

Workman H. Butcher, High street

Wright John, Gardener, Newland street


From Different Inns.


London – Coach every Morning at six

Worcester – ditto every Evening at eight.


London – Coach every Morning at six.

Worcester – ditto every Evening at nine.

London – Mail every Evening at four.

Worcester – ditto every Morning at ten.


London – Coach every Afternoon, at half-past two

Worcester – ditto every Morning at eight

Done’s Waggons to Worcester, &c. twice a week

Dufty’s Ditto, ditto

Source: S Lewis Worcestershire General and Commercial Directory for 1820.

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