5 ….. Richard …… to Margerita Bagge.

25 Oct. Thomas Batcheler to Joan Jar. . . .

27 Nov. Michael Pavie to Juliana Noble.

  1. [No Entries.]


10 Oct. Thomas Bridges to Margery Bailie.


3 Aug. Thomas Boulton to Pantilian Noris.

15 Jan. Hugh Tampsum to Christiana Tamsum

23 Jan. Walter Cater to Joanna Apeslin.


4 April, Thomas Haiward to Margery In ….

8 May, John Marsialis to Johanna Damper.

9 June, Peter Thomas to Elena his wife.

19 June, William White to Johanna Bodnam, widow.

28 Nov. William Boulton to Margaret Hobbes.

3 …… William Burrowe to Agnes С ……. ott, widow.


16 May, Andrew Pavie to Editha Spender.

20 May, Stephen Wailande to Johanna Cobbe.

27 Jan. John Collins to Editha Miles.


27 Sept. Walter Bowie to Maria Longman.

13 Nov. Robert Jerome to Alice Walter.


17 Aug. William Phipp to Catherine Hodges.

15 Oct. Thomas Webbe to Elizabeth Hodges.

22 Oct. Thomas Browne to Christiana Pavie.

22 Oct. William Cundett to Elizabeth Walcum.

6 Nov. Thomas Pavie to Amia Hiscock.

6 Nov. John Pavie to Alice Antram.

20 Nov. John Hodges to Bagete Hepper.

14 Jan. John Moodes to Agnes White.


Visitatio Decani Sarum erat 9° die mensis Oct. Anno Dni 1582.

29 Oct. Christopher Stile to Jane Crude.

27 Jan. William Wellet to Margeret Williams.

26 Feb. John Yonge to Johanna Rogers.


[No Entries.]


13 March, John Sier to Johanna Perier.

9 May, William Phillipp to Johanna Newe.

9 May, John Webbe to Edith Rattue.

12 Sept. Nicholas Tente to Johanna Peter.

12 Oct. John Pavie to Agnes Pitman.

22 Nov. Henry Hulett to Editha Cooper.

20 Nov. Martell Ames to Margery Dison.

14 Dec. Thomas Hodges to Alice Humphries.


9 Aug. William Shorler to Agnes Ames.

25 Nov. Hugh Heade to Matilda Pavie.


20 June, Anthony Bigges to Elizabeth Boldie.

6 Aug. William Estman to Alice Titt.

18 Oct. Thomas Dickman to Eleinor Pavie.


19 July, Thomas Bartlet alias Webbe, to Agnes

20 Nov. Thomas Woorte to Johanna Elmer.


20 Oct. George Heale to Catherine Mathew.

17 Nov. John Joanes to Bridge Stone.


21 April, George Harris to Elizabeth Clerke.

28 April, Benjamin Tooker to Margaret Chasei.

9 Oct. Michael Waleringe to Agnes Hancocke.

6 Jan. William Stoven to Editha Hulet.

26 Jan. John Cooper to Catherine Barbar.

3 Feb. John Sibbie to Elizabeth Pavie.


1 Oct. Thomas Mainarde to Anna Godfrey.

5 Oct. John Bridges, gent. of the parish of Highworth, to Maria Yonge, of Little Durnford.

18 Oct. John Pinke to Cicely Denman.

9 Nov. Nicholas Shorte to Frideswide Pavye.

16 Nov. William Waters to Editha Jerome.


9 May, Nicholas Sexten to Johan Lumbarde.

31 May, Thomas Dawkins to Catherine Bosse.

26 Aug. Roger Phippe to Alice Ingrame.

Visitatio Decani 8° Septembris, Anno Dni 1591. Jo. Symons.

3 Oct. Arthur Moterface to Elizabeth Shorley.

13 Jan. Robert Cooper to Augusta Shorley.


29 June, William Smithe to Augusta Syer.

19 Oct. George Moodye to Agnes Carter.

23 Oct. Thomas Provender, gent. to Maria Coleman.

6 Nov. John Barnes to Maria Williams.

16 Nov. William Fuller to Mathea Pie.

26 Nov. Richard Williams to Hellen Cunditt.

27 Nov. Antony Messer to Agnes Poole.


14 June, Robert Jesse, alias Carpenter, to Battea Goldinge.

14 Oct. Henry Pettye to Eleanor Reeves.

14 Jan …… Apselin to Catherine Messham.


22 Aug. Thomas Brinson to Editha Waters.

Visitatio Decani Sarum fuit 9° die mensis Septemb. A.D. 1594.

6 Oct. John Greene to Joanna Jowes.

…….  Nicholas Williams to Agnes Hardinge.


4 Aug. John Briant to Agnes Steele.

12 Nov. Richard Heade to Anna Heade, vidua.


22 May, Hugh Prise to Joanna Coleman.

7 June, Benjamin Russell, minister, to Eliz. Erington, gent.

28 June, Robert Wansborow, of Shruton, to Alice Milkes, of Newtown.


28 April, Runion Burrow, of Woodford Parva, to Alice Hayward.

Visitatio Decani Sarum fuit 8° die mensis Septembris.

19 Nov. Nicholas Rent [Qu. Kent] of Boscombe, to Elinor Cunditt.

23 Nov. Richard Tutt to Frances Shorley.


4 Oct. Edward Ashley to Margeret Bartlet.

9 Oct. Barnard Merivale to Elinor Drake.

23 Oct. Robert Reeves, of Aldrington, to Editha Briant.

13 Nov. Timothy Smith, of Longstoke, to Joan Shorley.

4 Dec. John Rattue to Agnes Benger.

6 Feb. Robert Dewe to Elizabeth Golding, widow.


15 July, John Raye to Maria Muspurte.

8 Oct. George Cunditt to Margaret Girle.

8 Oct. Walter Hiscock, of Allenton, in the parish of Allcannings, to Egidia Coleman.

1 1 Nov. William Stanley to Ursula Andros.

21 June, Francis Waterman, of Laungford, to Steile.


9 June, Richard Bennet, of Stockon, to Susanna Colier.

23 Feb. Thomas Heiward to Ursula Blake, of Salterton.

Source: Parish Register of Durneford, Wilts, ab anno 1574 ad annum 1650 [ed. by Sir T. Phillipps].

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