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Fonthill Abbey in Wiltshire
Fonthill Abbey in Wiltshire

Wiltshire is bounded, North and North-west by Gloucestershire, North-east by Berkshire, East and South-east by Hampshire, South by Dorsetshire, and West by Somersetshire. It is from 39 to 54 miles long, and from 30 to 37 miles broad. It is divided into 29 Hundreds — Alderbury, Amesbury, Bradford, Branch and Dole, Calne, Cawden and Cadworth, Chalk, Chippenham, Damerham, Downton, Dunworth, Elstub and Everley, Frustfield, Heytesbury, Highworth, Cricklade and Staple, Kingsbridge, Kinwardstone, Malmsbury, Melksham, Mere, Pottern and Cannings, Ramsbury, Selkley, Swanborough, Underditch, Warminster, Westbury, and Whorwelsdown. The Thames and the Lower Avon are the principal Rivers; but there are also the Upper Avon, the Nadder, the Willey, the Bourne, and the Kennet. It has 26 Market-Towns. Wiltshire contains 1,379 square miles, or 882,560 acres. Population, 258,733.

Source: Leonard’s Gazetteer of England and Wales; Second Edition; C. W. Leonard, London; 1850.

Parishes in Wiltshire







  • Fifield Bavant, Wiltshire
  • Figheldean, Wiltshire
  • Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire
  • Fisherton Delamere, Wiltshire
  • Fittleton, Wiltshire
  • Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire
  • Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire
  • Fovant, Wiltshire
  • Foxley, Wiltshire
  • Froxfield, Wiltshire
  • Fugglestone, Wiltshire
  • Fullaway, Wiltshire
  • Fyfield, Wiltshire



  • Ham, Wiltshire
  • Hankerton, Wiltshire
  • Hannington, Wiltshire
  • Hardenhuish, Wiltshire
  • Heddington, Wiltshire
  • Heytesbury, Wiltshire
  • Heywood, Wiltshire
  • Highway, Wiltshire
  • Highworth with Sevenhampton, Wiltshire
  • Hill Deverill, Wiltshire
  • Hilmarton, Wiltshire
  • Hilperton, Wiltshire
  • Hindon, Wiltshire
  • Hinton Parva, Wiltshire
  • Hippenscombe, Wiltshire
  • Holt, Wiltshire
  • Homington, Wiltshire
  • Horningsham, Wiltshire
  • Huish, Wiltshire
  • Hullavington, Wiltshire
  • Hungerford, Wiltshire






  • Netheravon, Wiltshire
  • Netherhampton, Wiltshire
  • Nettleton, Wiltshire
  • Newton Tony, Wiltshire
  • No Man’s Land, Wiltshire
  • North Bradley, Wiltshire
  • North Bradley Christ Church, Wiltshire
  • North Newnton, Wiltshire
  • North Savernake, Wiltshire
  • North Tidworth, Wiltshire
  • North Wraxall, Wiltshire
  • Norton, Wiltshire
  • Norton Bavant, Wiltshire
  • Nunton and Bodenham, Wiltshire


  • Oaksey, Wiltshire
  • Odstock, Wiltshire
  • Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire
  • Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire
  • Old Sarum, Wiltshire
  • Orcheston St George, Wiltshire
  • Orcheston St Mary, Wiltshire
  • Overton, Wiltshire
  • Overton Heath, Wiltshire



  • Ramsbury with Axford, Wiltshire
  • Redlynch, Wiltshire
  • Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshire
  • Rollestone, Wiltshire
  • Rowde, Wiltshire
  • Rushall, Wiltshire





  • Wanborough, Wiltshire
  • Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Warminster Christ Church, Wiltshire
  • West Ashton, Wiltshire
  • West Dean, Wiltshire
  • West Grimstead, Wiltshire
  • West Harnham, Wiltshire
  • West Kington, Wiltshire
  • West Knoyle, Wiltshire
  • West Lavington, Wiltshire
  • Westbury, Wiltshire
  • Westport St Mary, Wiltshire
  • Westwood, Wiltshire
  • Whaddon, Wiltshire
  • Whiteparish, Wiltshire
  • Whitsbury, Wiltshire
  • Wilcot, Wiltshire
  • Wilsford, Wiltshire
  • Wilsford cum Lake, Wiltshire
  • Wilton, Wiltshire
  • Wingfield, Wiltshire
  • Winsley, Wiltshire
  • Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire
  • Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire
  • Winterbourne Earls, Wiltshire
  • Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire
  • Winterbourne Monkton, Wiltshire
  • Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire
  • Winterslow, Wiltshire
  • Wishford Magna, Wiltshire
  • Woodborough, Wiltshire
  • Woodford, Wiltshire
  • Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire
  • Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire
  • Worton, Wiltshire
  • Wroughton, Wiltshire
  • Wylye, Wiltshire



Wiltshire Hundreds

Wiltshire Hundreds Main Page

  • Amesbury Hundred
  • Chippenham Hundred
  • Dunworth Hundred
  • Ramsbury Hundred
  • Salisbury Hundred
  • Underditch Hundred
  • Warminster Hundred

Wiltshire Poor Law Unions

Wiltshire Poor Law Unions Main Page

  • Alderbury Poor Law Union
  • Amesbury Poor Law Union
  • Chippenham Poor Law Union
  • Tisbury Poor Law Union

Registration Districts In Wiltshire

Registration Districts In Wiltshire Main Page

  • Calne Registration District
  • Devizes Registration District
  • Malmsbury Registration District
  • Tisbury Registration District
  • Warminster Registration District

Inquisitiones Post Mortem


Abstracts Of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem  

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Bastardy Records For Parishes County Wide 1667-1883

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