The Blue Coat School The Foresters’ Guide to Birmingham and Its Neighbourhood 1883

The Blue Coat School from Old and New Birmingham

Adjacent to the Arcade, in St. Philip’s Churchyard, is this good old school. It was founded in November, 1722, and the school was built in 1724, and was much enlarged and the present stone front added in 1794. It was founded for the education of poor children, and in the selection of candidates preference is given to orphans, or to children who have lost one of their parents. Both boys and girls are eligible for admission. On each side of the central entrance is the figure of a boy and girl in the costume worn by the pupils, the work of Mr. Gibb, of Bath. The number of scholars is between 200 and 300, to whom an excellent education is given. Its income from subscriptions and property is nearly £5,000 a year.

Source: The Foresters’ Guide to Birmingham and Its Neighbourhood. Presented by the Demonstration Committee to the Delegates In High Court Meeting, Assembled in Birmingham, August, 1883.Specially Prepared For the Occasion by John Alfred Langford, LL.D; F.R.H.S. Birmingham: James Upton, Baskerville Printing Works, Great Charles Street. 1883