Surnames A Wrightsons Directory of Birmingham 1818

Aaron Abraham, Great Brooke-street

Aaron David, pawnbroker, Edgbaston-street

Aaron John, ditto, ditto

Aaron Solomon and Co. black lead pencil makers, Digbeth

Aaron Levi, watch maker and pawnbroker, Dale End

Abberley George, tailor, Exeter-row

Abbott Elizabeth, victualler, Navigation-street

Abbott Thomas, brass founder and lamp manufacturer, Park-street
Abick Christian, Summer-lane

Abrahams Abraham, factor, Dudley-street

Adams Alexander, gun furniture forger, bitt and stirrup maker, Steelhouse-lane

Adams John, tailor, Horse Fair

Adams James, grocer, &c. Church-street

Adams John, Weaman-row

Adams James, boot and shoe maker, Weaman-street

Adams James, jeweller, Church-street

Adams Mary, victualler, Lichfield-street

Adams W. R. and Co. oil thong manufacturer, Rea-st

Adams Thomas, victualler, Dudley-street

Adams Thomas, ditto, Wharf-street

Adams Thomas, carrier to Walsall and Wolverhampton, New-street

Adcock John, butcher, Cheapside

Adcock Ann, Constitution Hill

Adcock Henry and Son, jewellers and gilt toy makers, Summer-hill Terrace

Adcock William, Wharstone-lane

Adcock James, maltster, New John-street

Adcock Mary, victualler, Loveday-street

Adcock William and Thomas, grocers and chandlers, Dale End

Adcock John, joiner and carpenter, Hill-street

Adderley William, hairdresser, Worcester-street

Addis Thomas, fire brass and thimble maker, Great Charles-street

Adey James, plumber and glazier, Edgbaston-street

Adkins Thomas, tallow chandler, Monmouth-street

Adkins Samuel, apothecary and druggist, Bull-street

Adkins Thomas, Cambden Hill

Adkins James, butcher, Digbeth

Adkins James, die sinker, Livery-street

Ainsworth Isaac, saddler and harness maker, St. Martin’s-lane and Dale End

Ainsworth Benjamin, japanner and maker of ladies’ work cases, St. Paul’s-square

Akerman Thomas, Hall-street

Akers Henry, Bridge-row

Akers Robert, butcher, wholesale and retail bacon and cheese warehouse, Navigation-street

Alcock Thomas, Hagley-row

Alcock John, painter and glazier, Lionel-street

Alcock James, beadle to the Court of Requests, High-street

Alcock Joseph, butcher. High-street

Alcock Isaac, tailor and salesman, Edgbaston-street

Alcock Charles, victualler, Bell-street

Alcock Samuel, furrier and hat manufacturer, Dale End

Alcock Walter, butcher, High-street

Alcock William, Hagley-row

Alcock Thomas, jeweller and gold seal maker, Sand-st.

Aldrit William, bookbinder, Worcester-street

Alebon John, upholsterer, &c. Bromsgrove-street

Alkins Am., cutlery and toy warehouse, High-street

Allard W. H. chip and straw hat manufacturer, haberdasher, hosier, &c. Bull Ring

Allan John, Venetian blind and spring curtain and shade manufacturer, High-street

Allan Ann, straw hat and ostrich feather manufacturer. High-street, and No. 2, Clemens-street, Leamington Spa

Allarton Thomas, awl blade manufacturer, New John-st.

Allbutt William, jobbing-smith, Park-street

Allbutt John, blacksmith and farrier, Aston-road

Allcock Ann, Islington-row

Allday Edward, factor, Bartholomew-street

Allday William, butcher, Digbeth

Allday William, butcher, Bull-street

Allday Salter, butcher, Bordesley-street

Allday Thomas, butcher, Jamaica-row

Allday John, shopkeeper, Bordesley

Allen Edward, fire iron and fender maker, Bordesley

Allen Joseph, maltster and corn chandler, Deritend

Allen John, gilt wedding ring maker, tube raiser, stamper and piercer, Cherry-street

Allen John, curry-comb maker, Busby’s-courts Park-street, and Bull Ring

Allen J. and T. wholesale ironmongers, Congreve-street

Allen Josiah, engraver and printer, Colmore-row

Allen Michael, joiner and carpenter, Mary Ann-street

Allen Samuel, manufacturer of gun chest tools, cleaning rods, wadding punches, gun worms, lock vices, and fishing tackle, hard wood dealer, turner, &c. Whittall-street

Allen Elizabeth, Cambridge-street

Allen Samuel, Bordesley

Allen William, gilt toy maker, Loveday-street

Allen William, stone mason, Bath-street

Allen William, silk dyer, Dudley-street

Allen Sarah, butcher, Livery-street

Allen John, glass cutler, Brearley-street

Allen Thomas, victualler, Alcester-street

Allin William, grocer, Digbeth

Allin William, woollen draper and tailor, High-street

Allin William, salesman, High-street

Allin William, hatter, hosier, and stay maker, High-st

Allin Elizabeth, Sand Pits

Allison Henry, brass founder, Exeter-row

Allison W. and J. wool staplers and worsted manufacturers, Monmouth-street

Allport William, gun maker, Whittall-street

Allport Alice, Lichfield-street

Allport Samuel, clock and watch maker, jeweller, &c. Bull-street

Allport Edward, coach harness plater, Great Charles-st.

Allport Thomas, gun maker, Aston-road

Allport Simeon, jobbing smith, St. Paul’s-square

Allport Abraham, tailor, Coleshill-street

Allport Widow, Aston-road

Allsop Elizabeth, victualler, Pinfold-street

Allsop Thomas, farrier, Little Charles-street

Alston and Son, refiners, oil of vitriol, aquafortis,   and colour makers, Steelhouse-lane and Coleshill-street

Alston James, Winson Hill

Altree James, victualler, Lionel-street

Amos John, pocket book maker, Newton-street

Amphlett James, linen and woollen draper, Bull-street

Anchor William, goldsmith and jeweller, Duddeston-st.

Anderson David, gun maker and factor, Constitution Hill

Anderton Richard, cutlery, saw, and edge-tool maker, Bordesley

Andertons and Auster, merchants and factors, Whittall street

Anderton William and Sons, stamped and cabinet brass founders, nails, &c. Whittall-street

Anderton William, Moseley Wake Green

Andrews John, cabinetmaker and clothes dealer, Worcester-street

Andrews, John, carpenter, Lawley-street

Andrews and Avins, wood turners, Freeman-street

Ansell Thomas, baker, Deritend.

Anstey Samuel and Simeon, platers and pocket book makers, Great Charles-street

Anstey Simeon, shopkeeper, Livery-street

Anthony and Talbut, locksmiths and bell hangers, Col-more-row

Anthony Captain Charles, Calthorp-street

Anthony William, Exeter-row

Antley Richard, hat maker, Edgbaston-street

Anyon Joseph, baker, Nova Scotia-street

Appleby Ezra, lock and latch maker, &c. Buck-street

Archer Benjamin, bitt maker, Pinfold-street

Archer John, victualler, bridle bit, and   stirrup maker,

Archer James, bitt and stirrup maker, Loveday-street

Archer S, and C. boarding house, Whittall-street

Archer Thomas, gun maker, Lichfield-street

Armfield Benjamin, patent snuffer maker, Rea-street

Armfield Stanhope, snuffer maker, Aston-road

Armfield Edward and Son, button makers, Bath-row

Armfield Edward, snuffer maker, Canal, Walmer-lane

Armfield Mary, steel snuffer maker, Moseley-street

Armfield Thomas, steel snuffer maker, St. Paul’s-square

Armitage and Clarke, chemists, Aston-road

Armitage William, Ashted-row

Armitage James, Aston-road

Armstrong Joseph, cooper, Livery-street

Armstrong Samuel, jobbing smith, ditto

Armstrong William, veterinary surgeon, Lichfield-street

Arnold Francis, die sinker, Bath-street and Little Charles-

Arnold William, pork butcher, Spiceal-street
Arnold Matthew,         ditto,        Digbeth
Arnold Joseph,    ditto,        Smallbrook-street
Arnold Mrs. Ashted-row

Arpthorpe Thomas, stay and corset maker, Bull-street

Ashborn John, basket maker, Snowhill

Ashburn Ann, Camden Hill

Ashburner James, Great Brook-street

Ashburner William, Edgbaston

Ashbyshaw Joseph, brass founder, Bartholomew-street

Ashford John, horn button maker, Inge-street

Ashford John, victualler, stamper and piercer, Weaman-

Ashford Josiah, Bath-row

Ashford Joseph, file maker, Lichfield-street

Ashford and Ireland, factors, Moor-street

Ashford Mary, Hampstead-row

Ashford Thomas, grocer and druggist, Digbeth

Ashmall William, victualler and maltster, Mount-street

Ashmore John and Co. carriers. Edgbaston-street

Ashton Richard, cast nail manufacturer, Cheapside

Ashwell Joseph, thimble, ferrule, and fishing reel manufacturer, Little Charles-street

Ashwell Joseph, Caroline-street

Ashwin Ann, baker and maltster, Moor-street

Ashwin Charles Manly, surgeon. St. Paul’s-square

Askew William, gimblett head turner, Bartholomew-row

Askey Thomas, optician, Lichfield-street

Aspinall Thomas, tin-plate worker, Tonks-street

Assinder Joseph, tailor, Edgbaston-street

Astbury James, Snowhill

Astbury William, jobbing smith, Lancaster-street

Aston George, ironmonger, Snowhill

Aston Henry, gun barrel maker, Lawrence-street

Aston Joseph, victualler and spade-tree maker, Lionel-street

Aston John, victualler, Gosta Green
Aston John, gun lock maker, Prospect-row
Aston John,    ditto,            Lionel-street
Aston John, victualler, Holloway Head
Aston Jabez, shopkeeper, Aston-street
Aston Joseph, locksmith and bell hanger, Dudley-street
Aston Joseph, plater and compass maker, Coleshill-st.
Aston James, victualler, Deritend Bridge
Aston Richard, surgeon. Park-street
Aston Samuel, rule maker, Birchole-street
Aston S. and T. button makers, St. Paul’s-square
Aston Thomas, St. Paul’s-square
Aston S. and T. aquafortis makers, St. Paul’s-square
Aston Thomas, rule maker, Coleshill-street
Aston William, St. Paul’s-square
Aston Furnace Co.’s Paper Mills

Aston William, victualler and maltster, Whittall-street

Aston Thomas, gun lock maker, hollow locks, gold pans,
bands, touch holes, &c. John-street

Astley William, broker, Worcester-street

Astley T. cabinet case and ink stand maker, Alcester-st.

Atkins Mrs. Hagley-row

Atkins George, plumber and glazier, Salem Hill and

Atkins John, victualler, Hill-street

Atkins Thomas, cabinet brass founder, Moor-street

Atkins Thomas, jun. Moor-street

Attwood J, W. and Haynes, Summer-row

Attwood George and Sons, Adelphi steel works, Broad-st.

Attwoods, Spooner, Goddington, and Co. bankers, New-

Attwood Thomas, Crescent

Avern Edward, Plough and Harrow, Edgbaston

Avern Thomas, plater, Paradise-street

Averill Isaac, tailor, Bordesley

Averill Elizabeth, stamper, piercer, and military clasp
maker, Church-street

Avery William, linen and woollen draper, haberdasher,
&c. High-street

Avery Sarah, wheelwright, Aston-street

Avery W. and T.  (late Baldwin, successor to J. Beach) manufacturers of all sorts of scales, money scales, &c., Digbeth

Auster Thomas, pawnbroker, Park-street

Auster Roger and Son, brass founders and picture frame
makers, Bristol-street

Auster Roger, Bath-street

Auster Roger, Bristol-street