Platers and Manufacturers of Plated Wares Wrightsons Directory of Birmingham 1818

Allgood John

Allport Edward

Aston Joseph

Banister William

Bardell Edward

Barlow and Son

Bingley W. and Son

Benton John

Blocksidge Jesse

Boulton and Co.

Burn Charles

Burgess Thomas

Butts Thomas

Cheston Thomas

Cooper J. W.

Cope and Cutler

Cracknall John

Cutler Benjamin

Curson William

Cox W. and T.

Darby Samuel

Dixon Matthew

Dowler Mary and Son

Dunn G. B.

Dyer William

Eades Richard

Egginton Samuel

Evans Samuel

Evans James

Field and Hall

Godso [sic] John and Co.

Gilbert John

Gough John

Hadley Benjamin

Hardy Joseph and Co.

Hancock William

Hanson Matthias

Harding Thomas

Harwood Thomas

Hesketh Esther

Hipwood William

Horton John

Jarratt William

James and Gibbs

Jordan Thomas

Jukes John

Lander James

Lowe William

Lilly John

Lilly Joseph

Linwood John

Linwood Matthew

Macefield John

Magenis John

Magenis Thomas

Markland & Co.

Morgan George

Moore John

Nevilie & Lowe

Nicholds James

Overton William

Parker John

Pearson Richard

Phillips John and Son

Pimley Samuel

Platt William

Pool and James

Porter T. R.

Radcliffe John

Ratherham C. and Son

Reading John

Reid James

Reid John

Renshaw William

Robathan J. and J.

Robinson and Allport

Rogers John

Ryland William and Sons

Selkirk William

Shaw William

Shepherd Joseph

Sheppard and Corn

Sherwood John

Simpson and Co.

Simpson and Ellis

Small Thomas

Smith and Son

Smith James

Smith James

Smith George

Spooner William and Co.

Stephens Jeremiah

Swain and Davis

Swingler Thomas

Thomason Edward

Tongue William

Thropp John

Tonks Joseph

Turley Samuel

Turton John

Twiss Thomas and John

Twist Elizabeth

Vale Joseph

Waterhouse and Ryland

White and Allgood

Whitmore John

Whitehouse John

Wilkes John Aston

Source: Wrightson’s New Triennial Directory of Birmingham 1818. Printed and Published by R. Wrightson, At his Stamp office, 7, New-street, Birmingham; 1818.