Merchants Wrightsons Directory of Birmingham 1818

Attwood and Haynes

Barrs, Bent, and Barrs

Bates, Johnson, and Barrows

Bayley H. T. and Co.

Belles and Harrold

Blyths, Brothers

Blyth Robert and Son

Bolton Samuel and Thomas

Capper, Whitehouse, and Hawker

Carmichael John

Bielby, Hyde, and Co.

Chance William and Geo.

Daniel, Cross, and Co.

Deeton John

Delavan E. C. and Co.

Earl John

Francis and Lee

Frears Edward

Frost and Sons

Goddard and Co.

Grundy Thomas

Guest W. and J. and Co.

Guest Benjamin

Hadley Thos. and Co.

Hardy Joseph and Sons

Hasluck R. and T. H.

Hawkesley James

Hipkins James

Hobson Benjamin

Hughes Benjamin

Izon Thomas

Jones and Carter

Laugher Thomas and Son

Lewis and Tomes

Linwood William

Lowe Edward & Benjamin

Marindin and Abick

Mason and Sons

Maullin and Co.

Moilliet J. L.

Moore E. T.

Parkes and Lawton

Peake and Co.

Pickering and Co.

Potts Thomas

Rabones, Brothers

Reeves James

Richards J. E. and J.

Ridout and Co.

Robbins and Muchall

Scholefield, Redfern, & Co.

Sharpe J. and Co.

Shore Joseph

Shorthouse and Pearson

Smith and Walker

Solomon J. H. M.

Spencer John

Stanbridge and Gill

Turner John

Van Wart Henry

Walker Martin

Walker William and Sons

Wallis J.

Wallis and Banks

Wallis William

Walton Benjamin

Wheeler S. A.

Willington and Gill

Williams, Penn, & Williams

Wise and Lightfoot

Woolley, Sergeant, & Crane

Wright George

Yates and Hamper

Source: Wrightson’s New Triennial Directory of Birmingham 1818. Printed and Published by R. Wrightson, At his Stamp office, 7, New-street, Birmingham; 1818.