Askin Edw. Waterloo st

Arnold & Haines, Cannon st

Auster C. H. Bennett’s hill

Adams Benj. at Messrs. Lee and Hunt’s, Newhall st

Barker Geo. Bennett’s hill

Barlow Wm. 108, New st

Bartleet Jesse, Edmund st

Bedford & Yates, 85, New st

Benson Cornelius, Smithfield

Beswick Jas, 45. Cherry st

Bird R. & C.  H. Congreve st

Blackburn Jos. (and commissioner for affidavits in Lancashire) Gt. Charles st

Blood Geo. 25, Cannon st

Bond J. F. Upper Temple st

Bott John, 107, New st

Bower Edw. Up. Temple st

Burman W. S. 6, Smithfield

Burrish Geo. (and clerk to the Court of Requests), 17, Temple row

Capper W. H. Waterloo st

Cheney Edw., conveyancer, 77, Moor st

Colmore Thos. 41, New st

Corrie Josiah, 117, New st

Cottrell Sam. Bristol road

Crump Jas. & Son, Moor st

Cudlipp Jno. S. 17, Ann st

Dunn Chas. Waterloo st

Elkington Wm. & Son, Paradise st

Eyston Jno. Temple row w.

Fowler Wm. 17, Temple st

Gem R. W. & Son, New st

Gen Wm. Hen. 114, Moor st

Hanson Thos. 105, New st

Hawkins and Richards, 2, Monmouth st

Heywood Jas. Temple row

Holden M. New St

Jackson W. High-s Bordsley

Jessop Edw. Bordesley

Lee & Hunt, 69, Newhall st

Lefevre Thos. B. Cherry st

Lowe Sam. (and master extraordinary in chancery,) 6, Paradise st

Maudsley John, (and master extraordinary in chancery) 6, Upper Temple st

Meredith John, Old square

Mole Thos. & Son, Carr’s la.

Molesworth Jos. Ashted rw

Page Geo. A. St. Paul’s sq

Palmer Wm. 18, Paradise st

Parker Thos. L., 1, Cherry st

Parker Jos. Up. Temple st

Redfern Wm. and Clement, 24, Newhall st

Rowlinson D. T. Cherry st

Simcox John, 11, Bull ring

Slater Isaac Faulkner, (and commissioner for taking Irish affidavits), Cherry st

Smith Pritchard, Aston st

Smith Wm. 7, Temple st

Spurrier and Ingleby, 15, Paradise st

Stubbs John, Up. Temple st

Tyndall & Rawlins, 64, Lt. Charles st

Underhill J.M. G. Cherry st

Underhill Rich. 7, Cannon st

Unett John, Son, and Harding, 5, Old square

Webb and Dolphin, Jamaica row

Wellbeloved Robt. (barrister) 43, Paradise st

Whateley Jno. W. (and coroner) Bennett’s hill

Wills Fred. 22. Temple row

Wills Wm. 4, Cherry st

Source: The History Topography and Directory of Warwickshire 1830. Wm. West. Printed and Published by R. Wrightson, Athenaeum, New-Street; and sold by Baldwin and Craddock, and Hurst, Chance and Co., London. 1830.

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