An accident occurred to the Birmingham express train at Shipton, on Christmas Eve, 1874, whereby 26 persons were killed, and 180 injured. In the excitement at Snow Hill Station, a young woman was pushed under a train and lost both her legs, though her life was saved, and she now has artificial lower limbs.
Police-officer Kimberley was killed in the crush at Olton Station on the Race Day, Feb. 11th, 1875.
While getting out of carriages, while the train was in motion, a man was killed at New Street Station, May 15, 1875, and on the 18th, another at Snow Hill, and though such accidents occur almost weekly, on some line or other, people keep on doing it.
Three men were killed on the line near King’s Norton, Sept. 28, 1876.
Mr. Pipkins, Stationmaster at Winson Green, was killed Jan. 2. 1877.
Inspector Bellamy, for 30 years at New Street Station, fell while crossing a carriage, and was killed, April 15, 1879.

Source: Showell’s Dictionary of Birmingham 1885.

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