On New Year’s Day, 1745, a man was killed by a wagon going over him, owing to the “steepness” of Carr’s Lane.
The Shrewsbury coach was upset at Hockley, May 24, 1780, when several passengers were injured.
The Chester mail coach was upset, April 15, 1787, while rounding the Welsh Cross, and several persons much injured.
Feb. 28, 1875, must be noted as the “slippery day,” no less than forty persons (twelve with broken limbs), being taken to the Hospitals through falling in the icy streets.
Captain Thornton was killed by being thrown from his carriage, May 22,1876.
The Coroner’s van was upset in Livery Street, Jan. 24, 1881, and several jurymen injured.

Source: Showell’s Dictionary of Birmingham 1885.

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