Accidents from Fallen Buildings.—A house in Snow Hill fell Sept. 1, 1801, when four persons were killed.
During the raising of the roof of Town Hall, John Heap was killed by the fall of a principal (Jan. 26, 1833), and Wm. Badger, injured same time, died a few weeks after. Memorial stone in St. Philip’s Churchyard.
Welch’s pieshop, Temple Street, fell in, March 5, 1874.
Two houses fell in Great Lister Street, Aug. 18, 1874, and one in Lower Windsor Street, Jan. 13, 1875.
Three houses collapsed in New Summer Street, April 4, 1875, when one person was killed, and nine others injured.
Four houses fell in Tanter Street, Jan. 1, 1877, when a boy was lamed.
Two men were killed, and several injured, by chimney blown down at Deykin & Sous, Jennens Row, Jan. 30, 1877, and one man was killed by wall blown down in Harborne Road, Feb. 20, same year.
Some children playing about a row of condemned cottages, Court 2, Gem Street, Jan. 11, 1885, contrived to pull part on to their heads, killing one, and injuring others.

Source: Showell’s Dictionary of Birmingham 1885.

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