Accidental Deaths by Drowning.—Five persons were drowned at Soho Pool, on Christmas Day, 1822, through the ice breaking under them.
In 1872, John Jerromes lost his life while trying to save a boy who had fallen into Fazeley Street Canal. £200 subscriptions were raised for his wife and family.
A boat upset at the Reservoir, April 11, 1873, when one life was lost.
Boat upset at Kirby’s Pools, whereby one Lawrence Joyce was drowned, May 17, 1875. Two men were also drowned here July 23, 1876.
Three boys, and a young man named Hodgetts, who attempted to save them, were drowned, Jan 16, 1876, at Green’s Hole Pool, Garrison Lane, through breaking of the ice.
Arthur, 3rd son of Sir C. B. Adderley, was drowned near Blair Athol, July 1, 1877, aged 21.
Four boys were drowned at the Reservoir, July 26, 1877.
Two children were drowned in the Rea at Jakeman’s Fields, May 30, 1878.
Rev. S. Fiddian, a Wesleyan Minister, of this town, aged nearly 80, was drowned while bathing at Barmouth, Aug. 4, 1880.
A Mrs. Satchwell was drowned at Earlswood, Feb. 3, 1883, though a carrier’s cart falling over the embankment into the Reservoir in the dusk of the evening. The horse shared the fate of the lady, but the driver escaped.

Source: Showell’s Dictionary of Birmingham 1885.

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