Hay is 153 miles from London.  It has a market on Saturday; and three fairs, on May 17, August 12, and October 10.  It is seated between the rivers Wyall and Dulas, on the river Hay, over which is has a handsome stone bridge of seven arches.  It stands in the north-east corner of the county; it was formerly fortified by the Romans with a castle and wall, but in the reign of King Henry IV it felt the fury of a civil war; for Owen Glendour [sic], when he took p arms against that king, not only burnt it down to the ground, but laid waste all the parts adjacent, and nothing remains of its castle but a mound of earth and the intrenchment round it.  The town, as to its present state, is not contemptible, and has in its centre a Gothic gateway of a caste, built after the destruction of its Norman one, but there are no farther remains of the second castle but the entrance.

Source: Universal British Directory 1791

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