Aberfraw is a small town in Anglesea, North Wales, and lies twenty miles from Holyhead. A bye-road over the sands; fifteen miles from the Head; sixteen miles from Bangor Ferry; six miles from Newburgh; and eight miles from the post road. It derives its name from the river Aber, on the banks of which it is situated. On one side it is surrounded by sand banks; and on the opposite by fine fertile land, producing, in particular, remarkably fine barley. Though Aberfraw is now an inconsiderable place, it was formerly the residence of the famous Prince Llewellyn, the remains of whose house are yet to be seen. The river is navigable, in the summer season, for vessels from 30 to 40 tons burthen, up to its quay. The living is in the king’s gift, and worth 300_l_. per ann. The principal inhabitants are:


Owen Rev. John, Rector

Rowlands, Rev. – , Curate

Traders, &c.

Germain John, Victualler

Prichard John, Victualler

Parry Robert, Shopkeeper for Articles of all kinds

Williams John, Shopkeeper for articles of all kinds

Williams William, Victualler

Aberfraw being situated on the sea shore, the lower class of inhabitants subsist chiefly by fishing: it has, likewise, the advantage of an excellent harbour. There was formerly a market here every Thursday; but it has, of late years been disused. There are still kept up four fairs in the year, viz., on March 7; first Wednesday after Trinity; October 23; and December 11; chiefly for horned cattle, and woollen cloths; the latter of which are brought from Carnarvonshire. The simplicity of former times is demonstrated here, in the following remarkable circumstance; that though there are three public houses, yet not one of them ever hung out a sign. The house of William Williams, however, affords the best accommodation to travellers.

About one mile from Aberfraw, is the parish church of Llanguisin, which, from the peculiarity of its situation, demands notice; it stands in the middle of a small island, accessible only at low water, except by boat. Bodorgan, the seat of Owen Putland Meyrick, Esq. lies pleasantly situated, two miles from Aberfraw. Bodowen, (joining Bodorgan,) was formerly the country residence of Sir William Owen, now of Sir Hugh Owen. About one mile from the village, is the old romantic church of Llangadwalladar, where may be seen some ancient hieroglyphics, curiously painted on the windows.

Source: The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture 1791. Vol. 2.

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