Tragic Affair at Llanstephan.

The Rev. J. Wyndham Jones, Congl. minister, of Whitehouse, Aberedw, near Builth Wells, who was spending a holiday at Llanstephan with his family on Friday evening went for a bathe in spite of the stiff breeze blowing. He had not been in the water many minutes when a wave dashed him against the rocks and rendered him powerless to save himself. He was drowned before the eyes of his relatives, who were unable to rescue him. His body was got out of the water and means of artificial respiration tried for over an hoar and a half, bat with no avail.

The rev. gentleman was very popular in the Aberedw district, and was a well-known writer, especially on Welsh history and place names.

The Inquest.

An inquest on the body was held at the Edwinsford Arms, Llanstephan, on Saturday evening by Mr H. Brunel White. Mr Megicks, of Pentre, said that about 6.30 p.m. on Friday, in company with the deceased, he went to Gravel Gwyn to bathe. The tide was high and very rough, and witness decided not to bathe himself, but deceased was an excellent swimmer, and he undressed on the rocks and walked into the sea. There was no one else bathing at the place. In a short time the tide carried deceased away about 60 yards, but he did not call for aasiatance. Evidence was then given as to the recovery of the body. Dr. D, L. Williams, Ferryside, said he examined the body. There were three wounds on the head, each made during life, another over the right eye, and an extensive bruise on the right arm from the elbow to the wrist. No bones were broken. The bruises could all have been sustained by striking against rocks in a heavy sea. In his opinion death was caused by drowning. The big wound on the top of the head probably stunned the deceased. A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned. Deceased had been pastor of the Congregational Church at Aberedw for 18 years.

Source: Cardiff Times 12 August 1905

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