Smethwick Staffordshire – Trade Directory 1861

Last updated on February 14th, 2017


Borrill M. A., Belle vue terr

Morgan Rev. T. H., boarding school for young gentlemen, Shirland hall

National, Trinity square ; J. Jennings, master

Spon Lane Schools, free for the education of the children of the persons employed at the glass and chemical works of Messrs. Chance Brothers & Co.; Fredk. Talbot, principal; Henson Shaw, teacher; Miss Ellen Duff, governess; Miss Annette Teague, infant governess


Docker Ralph, Paxton house, Belle vue terrace

Dunn W. J., Kelvin cottage

Tench James, Brook street

Pope Leeke, Oldbury road 

Bakers, &c.

Bill John, Bridge street

Darby John, Cross street

Harrison Jas., Cranford st

Collett Wm., Albert street

Hughes William, Bridge st

Ingram William, Rolfe st

Reece Robt., High st west

Wakelin Wm., Lr Cross st

Woodward J., High st west

Beer Houses.

Bates Isaac, Birmingham rd

Bickford Richard, George st

Bishop Joseph, High st west

Brighton Samuel, Rolfe st

Butler George, Rolfe street

Campton Emily, Baldwin st

Chatwin Henry, Oldbury rd

Curran John, George street

Darby John, Cross street

Dixon Eli, George street

Dudley Ann, Poplar street

Derecourt John G., Rolfe st

Duncan William, Rolfe st

Edwards William, Union st

Edwards Jph., Oldbury rd

Fantham Isaac, Bridge st

Hadley Charles, Cross street

Halford Wm., Halford st

Harvey Wm., George street

Harris Samuel, Harding st

Hicks George, Albert street

Hopkins John, London st .

Kirby John, Oldbury road

Malcolm Dvd., Oldbury rd

Manning John, Bridge st

Maybury T., Brasshouse ln

Monk Martha, Bridge street

Normansell, J., High st west

Oatridge Orlando, Cape lane

Orton Geo., Brasshouse lane

Pargeter Thomas, Cranford street

Parker Edward, Cranford st

Pearsall Samuel, Spon lane

Powell Saml., High st west

Power Thomas, Heath street

Powner Thomas, Six ways

Prentiss Thos., Oldbury rd

Purcell John, Cranford st

Radford George, Cranford street

Randon W., Oldbury road

Roch Thomas, Oldbury rd

Simpson John, Rolfe street

Thomas S., High street west

Tilsley Joseph, Rolfe street

Wesson Walter, Cranford st

Whitford Benjamin, Hill st

Wilton Charles, Rolfe street

Workman John, Bridge st

Wood John, Rolfe street


Averall E., High street west

Brighton Samuel, Rolfe st

Bishop Jph., High st west

Butler George, Rolfe street

Jones William, Rolfe street; resd, Engine street

Litherland Thos., Bridge st

Norgrove William, Bridge st

Normansell Mountford, Halford street

Roberts Robt. (whitesmith), Oldbury road

Ward M., Rolfe street

Wedge Charles, Oldbury rd

Wilton Charles, Rolfe street


Allen Benjamin, Rolfe street

Lapworth William, New st

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Biddle Richard, Cross street

Bridge Edward, Oldbury rd

Connor Thos., Brasshouse In

Curran John, George street

Cottom John, Rolfe street

Cowdell Samuel, Rolfe st

Davis William, New street

Day Luke, South street

Evans Thomas, New street

Glover Mary, High st west

Harper Edwin, Poplar street

Hartill Samuel, New street

Hartill Simeon, New street

Howman James, Oldbury rd

Jennings Robert, Union st

Knapp Edward, Rabone In

Liggit Charles, High st west

Phillips James, George st

Preston Joseph, Baldwin st

Preston Thos., High st west

Simpson John, Rolfe street

Smart Thomas, Spon lane

Smith J., Rolfe street

Thomas John, Bridge street

Veal Arthur, High st west

Worrell T., Oldbury road

Worrall W., Oldbury road


Allen George, Windmill In

Brown Mary Ann, Uniou st

Buxton Wm., New street

Downing Geo., High st west

Middleton Thomas, Rolfe st

Millward Edward, Spon lane

Milward Henry, Rolfe street

Mould William Henry, Rolfe street

Mould Robert, Rolfe street

Newey John, High st west

Simpson Joseph, Rolfe st

Smart George, Rolfe street

Smith John, Rolfe street

Smith Thomas, Oldbury st

Smith William, High st wst

Tench George, Rolfe street

Thompson John, Union st

Vernon E. R., High st west

Vernon Edw., Oldbury road

Wood John, Rolfe street

Woodward E., High st west

Chemists and Druggists.

Boyle James, Victoria place

Frampton C. W. (agent to the Mutual Assurance Office), High street west

Sutton William, Rolfe street

Coal Dealers.

Dudley Charles, Lr Cross st

Gosling Joseph, Oldbury rd

Jones James, Rolfe street

Jones Thomas, Rolfe street; resd, Cross street

Jenks James, Rolfe street

Ray James, Poplar street

Whitehouse Thos., Rolfe st

Wilton Charles, Rolfe street


Goode William, Rolfe street

Mason Jph. B., Brewery st

Jenkins Geo., Windmill lane

Tromans Samuel, Cross st

Pears Samuel, Spon Line

Earthenware Dealers.

Gosling Jph., High st west

Mason P. E. and H., High street west

Owen Jph., Windmill lane


Clarke Samuel, Ragnall road

Darby Daniel, Oldbury road

Downing Thomas, Oldbury road, and the Oaks

Fawdry John, Oldbury road

Fenton John, Harding street

Gammon Benjamin, Cape of Good Hope

Hadley J., High park road

Hadley Jph., Oatfield farm

Holloway Daniel, Pool farm

Holloway Mary, Forge lane

Holloway Wm., Forge lane

Moulde John, New street

Moulde D., Smethwick lane

Parkes William, Chapelhouse farm

Parks William, Holly bank

Round Samuel, Bloomfield

Standley Joseph, Sandpits

Glass Manufacturers.

Birmingham Plate Glass Company, Bridge Btreet ; A. Hoggins, secretary

Chance Brothers &, Co., Spon lane glass works


Bagley Wm., Oldbury road

Green John, Rolfe street

Hansell A., potato salesman, Cranford street

Meyatt Chas., London street

Nicholls Anne, Union street

Powell J., High street west

Powell Thomas, Rolfe street

Ray Thomas, Engine street

Robson Matthew, Rolfe st

Wheatcroft W., Cranford st

Wilkins Geo., Windmill In

Woodhall Hy., Oldbury road

Grocers, Shopkeepers, and Provision Dealers.

Barton John, Cranford st

Barwood Sml., High st west

Bushell Jacob, Cranford st

Chatwin Hy., Oldbury road

Dancer C, Six Ways

Dodd William, Rolfe street

Edwards Edward, Rolfe st

Evetts Benjamin, Rolfe st

Evetts Mary, Rolfe street

Fenton John, Harding street

Fletcher Joseph, Rolfe st

Goodard John, New street

Grigg Thomas, High st west

Grigg Thomas, Cross street

Hall George, Oldbury road

Harrison Jas., Cranford st

Harvey Joshua P., Rolfe st

Henley Anne, Spon lane

Hill Robert, Cranford street

Holloway Wm, Causier st

Hughes George, New street

Hughes Thomas, Rolfe st

Hunt Henry, Rolfe street

Johnson William, Rolfe st

Jones James, London street

Jordan Joseph, Oldbury rd

Ladds Solomon, Rolfe street

Lea George, Rolfe street

Leedham Thos., Oldbury rd

Lockwood Jas., Rolfe street

Lovell Alfred, Rolfe street

Mallin Thomas, Oldbury rd

Maude Ann, Union street

Newall William, New street

Newey John, High st west

Newland William, Rolfe st

Pemberton Wm., Albert st

Ravenall William, Rolfe st

Robertson Rbt., Oldbury rd

Rogers Susan, Bridge street

Simpson Samuel, Rolfe st

Smith Edward, Oldbury rd

Smith Henry, Rolfe street

Sutton Thos., High st west

Smith Hanh., Brasshouse In

Thompson John, Union st

Thompson John, High st w

Timmins Thos., Oldbury rd

Vernon Jph., High st west

Wall C., Brasshouse lane

Wright Saml., High st west


Barnfield George, Rolfe st

Betridge Chas., Cranford st

Reece John, Rolfe street

Sharpe Sarah, High st west

Wood Joseph, High st west

Horse Dealers.

Lewis John, Oldbury road

Mould Dennis, Smethwick In

Inns and Taverns.

Bear, R. Sankey , Bearwood In

Blue Gates, George Allen Smith (Inland Revenue Office), High street west

Britannia (Old), W. Underhill, Oldbury road

Boot and Slipper, John Vaughan, Rolfe street

Cape of Good Hope, J. Gorton, Oldbury road

Crown and Anchor, William Warwick, New street

Crown, Hy. Mitchell, High street west

Engine Inn (Old), William Higgins, Rabone lane

Globe Inn, H. Cook, Cape In

New Talbot, John Ingram, High street west

London Works’ Tavern, H. Smith, London street

Moilliet’s Arms, J. Allerton, Cranford street

Navigation Inn (New), Isaac Fantham. Bridge street

Navigation Inn (Old), Wm. Lester, Forge lane

New Inn, Wm. Edwards, Union street

Old Talbot, Sarah Robinson, High street west

Plough, John Downing, Oldbury road

Red Cow, Charles Lewis, Birmingham road

Sow and Pigs, Saml. Hall, Birmingham road

Spon Lane Tavern, Samuel Underhill, Spon lane

Star, C. Skeet, Rolfe street

Swan Inn, Jane Rudge, Oldbury road

Travellers’ Rest, William Bridges, Brasshouse lane

Vine, J. Calloway, Albert st

Windmill Tavern, John Nicholls, Windmill lane

Ironfounders, &c.

Advertisement for James Watt & Co. pumping engines
Advertisement for James Watt & Co. pumping engines. Date: before 1895.

Astbury Thos., Smethwick foundry, Rolfe street

Bennet Peter Duckworth, Belle vue terrace

Cross Solomon, Queen st

Deeley George, Belle vue terrace

Horton J. & W., Etna works, Rolfe street

Page E., Crown iron works

Orme Wm., Dolphin works

Reeves H., Belle vue terrace

Watt J. & Co., Soho foundry


Mallin Thos., Oldbury road

Middleton Thos., Rolfe st

Tay Henry, Rolfe street

Tongue Wm. Thos.

Vernon Jabez, High st west

Joiners, &c.

Callaway John, Albert st

Mason Edwin, Oldbury road.

Newland Wm., Broomfield st

Walton E., High park road

Walton George (coffin mkr), Union street

Whitehouse Wm. (builder and coffin maker), Cross st

Linen and Woollen Drapers.

Gray John, Halford street

Gosling Wm., High st west

Moore Joseph, Rolfe street

Price & Stocker, Rolfe street

Prit Thos., Lower Cross st

Swift Wm., High st west

Welch W. S., High st west

Milliners, &c.

Carter Elizabeth, Cross st

Knock P., High st west

Scott My. Ann, Cross street

Smith Elizabeth, Cross st

Wilkinson H., Gt Arthur st


Hodgetts J., Oldbury road

Meredith Hannah & M ., Union street

Payne John, High st west

Plumbers, Painters, &c.

Bowdler T., Brasshouse lane

Copley Hy., Cranford st

Dudley Thos., High st west

Elliot John R., Brewery st

Holbrow N., Gt Arthur st

Mallet Hy., Halford street

Parkes John, South street


London and North Western Railway Station (Stour Valley line), Rolfe street; Mr. J. S. Best, station master


Deakin Thos., Brasshouse ln

Howes Philip, High st west

Robson Geo., High st west

Smith R, High street west


Allcock A., Birmingham rd

Allen Chas,, Windmill lane

Chavasse C. A., Bellevue terr

Davis Wm., Oldbury road

Gibson Thos., Oldbury road

Hicks Chas., High st west

Jackson J. F., Victoria place

Sutton Win., Rolfe street


Crabtree John, Rolfe street

Edwards Wm., Oldbury rd

Gray John, Halford street

Harris John, Cross street

Tench Wm., Spon lane

Vernon Jas., High st west


Clarence Fredk., High street

Lane Henry, Cross street

Timms Thos., Rolfe street


James Wm., High st west

Jones Wm., Rolfe street; resd, Engine street

Newland W., Broomfield

Price Thos., Brasshouse In

Ward Michael, Rolfe street

Source: Corporation General and Trades Directory of Birmingham and Wolverhampton; William Cornish, Birmingham; 1861.