Bilston, a large and populous village, in the parish of Wolverhampton, (but a distinct township for all parochial purposes,) from which it is distant about three miles, ten from Birmingham, and 121 from London. It is about one and a half miles long, contains two thousand houses, and eleven thousand inhabitants. It is famous for its coal and iron mines, and iron-works; is excellently situated both for land and water carriage, the great road from London to Holyhead, and from Birmingham to Manchester and Liverpool, passing through it; the Birmingham canal also passes close by it. By these means it has a constant and active communication with the metropolis, the western ports, and the large and numerous towns around it, so justly distinguished for their manufactures. Previous to the canal being cut, about the year 1772, only one blast furnace for smelting iron ore was erected; since which time to the present, 16 blast furnaces, and six mills for rolling and slitting the pigs into bars, have been erected. The principal trade carried on here, besides the iron and coal, is japanned and enamelled goods, which are got up in great abundance and cheap. Buckle-chapes was formerly the staple trade, which is still carried on, but very much reduced. There is a deep orange-coloured sand got here, which is sent for by founders from a great distance, to be used as a spuad to cast metal in; and it is also noticed for a quarry of remarkable stones, lying horizontally one under another, in 12 beds deep, every bed thicker the lower they go; the lowermost about one yard thick. The inhabitants make cisterns, troughs, &c. of the stone; some of which is curiously streaked with black. It has a chapel, a modern building, covered with slate. The chapelry is within the exempt jurisdiction of the dean of Wolverhampton, and is a perpetual curacy; the right of nomination to which is in the inhabitants at large, and its endowment is about £200 per annum. There are also two dissenting meeting-houses, and likewise a charity-school.
Attached to Bilston is Bradley, which is subject to the same officers, and is one and the same place, except in the Court of Requests, it being included in the Oldbury act, a few years before the Bilston act was prayed for. The decisions in the Oldbury court are final, and not subject to any appeal to a higher court; but the Bilston court is a Court of Record, and subject to appeal to the Court of King’s Bench.
Isabella Jackson, Post Mistress. — London Mail every day at 12 o’clock; and the North Mail every afternoon at three o’clock. A messenger leaves the Post Office every morning, to meet the North Mails at Wolverhampton, and returns at half-past two o’clock.

Rushbury H. P. Church-street
Stuart Francis, Newtown
Willim and Son, Church-street

Dummock Jeremiah, Moor croft works
Lee Thomas, High-street
Radnall Thomas, Finney Well
Williams Henry, Newtown
Yates Francis, Church-street

Auctioneers and Appraisers.
Corbett Richard, (and surveyor) Newtown
Walters Thomas, Church-street

Bakers, &c.
Beckett Benjamin, Bridge-street
Brighton William, Bridge-street
Cross John, High-street
Hill Benjamin, High-street
Howell Joseph, Mount Pleasant
Mallors James, Newtown
Partridge Philip, Mount Pleasant

Forster Charles, and Son, High-street,

Booksellers, Stationers, and Binders.
Bassford Stephen, Church-street

Boot and Shoe Makers.
Cardall Thomas, High-street
Dipple Richard, Newtown
Horrobin John, High-street
Price James, Newtown
Pritchard John, Church-street

Brass Founders.
Bowen John, Hall-street
Brett George, Green Croft
Causer Edward, Mount Pleasant
Constable Jesse, Lichfield-street
Cooper T. T. Bridge-street
Dean William, Church-street
Spencer Thomas, Church-street

Cabinet Makers.
Harden John, Duck-lane
Hickman Richard, Newtown
Riley Edward, Bridge-street

Chape Makers.
Lawley Thomas, Church-street
Linton Joseph, Church-street

Coal Masters.
Bagnall John, and Son, Freizland
Bagnall John, and Co. Toll End
Bagnall Edward, Stafford-street
Banks Peter, Barbers Fields
Birmingham Coal Company, Toll End
Dixon, Turton, Bourne, and Co. Tipton Green Colliery
Dudley and Ward, Viscount, Tipton
Fellows John, Church-street
Firmestone J. & W Highfield
Hartshorne Jonathan, High-street
Horseley Company, Tipton
Law John, Church-street
Morris Thomas, Tipton Green
Nichols Benjamin, Newtown
Norton, Turton, and Bagnall, Great Bridge Colliery
Parker George and Co. Tipton Works
Percival Joseph, Newtown
Price Thomas and Henry, Bilston Brook
Smith Richard, Tibbington Colliery
Sparrow Wm. & John, Bilston Iron Works
Turton and Co. Tipton Moat Colliery
Walker John, Mill Fields
Ward William and Co. Priest Fields
Williams, Jones, and Co. Wednesbury Oak

Pretty Thomas, and Co. Church-street
Turner F. E. Church-street

Titley John, Braidley
Williams Gabriel, Newtown

Becket Isaac, (box) Duck-lane
Foster Hoo Thomas, High-street

Fire Offices.
Atlas, William Dean, Church-street
Birmingham, Stephen Basford, Church-st.
County, Turner F. E. Church-street

Furniture Brokers.
Baker John, Church-street
Walters Thomas, Church-street

Grocers, &c.
Beebee Thomas, and Co. High-street
Brown and Sarson, Church-street
Butler J. P. High-street
Cooper Richard, High-street
Cresswell Edward, Church-street
Dean John, Newtown
Haynes Robert, Church-street
Hill Benjamin, High-street
Law John, Church-street
Leicester Job, Newtown
Mason Mary, High-street
Morris Hannah, Bradley
Pearson Benjamin, Church-street
Pool John, Church-street
Price William, High-street
Stockley Moses, High street
Stone Stephen, Coseley
Wathew Richard, Tipton
Wilkes John, Pot-house-bridge
Wills John, Church-street
Woodhouse John, Newtown

Hat Makers and Dealers
Morris Samuel, Church-street
Oldacre William, Church-street

Bull’s Head, John Batte, High-street

Iron Founders.
Brett George, Green Croft
Constable Jesse, Lichneld-street
Patridge Philip, Bradley
Spencer William, Bridge-street
Spencer Thomas, Church-street
Ward William and Co. Priest Fields

Iron Masters.
Adenbrook John, Esq. Moor Croft
Bagnall John and Co. Toll End
Blinks Richard and Co. Ettingshall Forge
Dixon Turton and Co. Tipton Foundry and Furnaces
Fareday Turton John, Bradley Iron Works
Firmestone John and William, High Fields
Hallen, Cooper, and Horner, Lower Bradley Iron Works
Hill Thomas, Tipton
Horseley Company, Tipton
Jefferys, Stevens, Smith and Co. Coseley Iron Works
Parker George and Co. Tipton Works
Parkes Zephenlah and Co. Dudley Port
Percival, Constable, and Morris, (dealers,) Bradley Works
Perry Thomas, (merchant,) Highfields
Price Thomas and Henry, Bilston Brook Works
Round, Caddock, and Co. Old Church Works
Smith Thomas and Co. Cappon Fields
Sparrow William and John, Bilston Works
Tickell, Chifney, & Co. (rod, sheet, & boiler plate, iron manufacturers,) Gold’s Hill Works
Turton William, High Fields House, West Bromwich
Turton John, Glass House Mill
Walker Joshua and Co. Gospel Oak
Walker John, Mill Fields
Ward William and Co. Priest Fields
Williams, Jones and Co. Wednesbury Oak
Wooley and Pretty, Gold’s Hill

Iron Mongers.
Cooper George, (and seedsman,) Church-st.
Etheridge John, Church-street
Pretty Thomas and Co. Church-street
Perry Thomas, (merchant,) Church-street

Barber Gerrard
Beckett J and Son
Bissell and Son, Newtown
Caddock Titus, Newtown
Caddock James, Green Croft
Chandless John, Newtown
Chesshire William, Newtown
Cooper Thomas, Mount Pleasant
Day David and Richard, Newtown
Dean John, Newtown
Etheridge John, Church-street
Hartill William, Hall-street
Hartill John, Priest Fields
Hill Harry, High-street
Jackson Samuel, Church-street
Lawley Thomas, Green Croft
Morgan Richard, (ware manufacturer,) Church-street
Pendrill John, Green Croft
Perry James, Newtown
Smith Daniel, Newtown
Thompson Isaac, Newtown
Tomkys John, Church-street

Joiners and Carpenters.
Hickman Richard, Newtown
Page William, near Bilston
Ryley William, Mill Fields
Sansome Henry, Church-street

Linen and Woollen Drapers.
Brook Thomas, High-street
Butler J. P. High-street
Cotterall Peter, High-street
Jackson and Brown, Church-street
Millington John, Church-street
Price Joseph, (woollen) Newtown
Proud T. A. Church-street
Silvey Richard, (woollen) Church-street

Baker John, (bag,) Church-street
Bructon Thomas, (bag) Church-street
Beckett Isaac, (bag) Duck-lane
Dean William, (rim) Church-street
Jennings Emanuel, (caddy) Back-lane
Woolley Edward, (bag)

Beebee Thomas and Co. High-street
Brown William, Newtown
Cockayne Thomas, Newtown
Mason Mary, High-street
Morris Charles, Church-street
Penn Richard, Finney-row
Rowley William, Church-street
Smith William, Bradley
Taylor Samuel, Stafford-street

Hartshorn and Hanson, High-street
Perry A. and Co. Church-street

Hickman Edward, Bilston Mill
Howell Joseph, Mount Pleasant
Nicklin R. and W. Tipton

Nail Casters.
Atherton James, Pinfold-street
Bent Joseph, Wood-street

Collins James, Church-street
Cross Joseph, High-street
Lockley John, Newtown
Thrustans John, Newtown

Pawn Brokers.
Atherton James, Pinfold-street
Caddock James, Brown-street
Wynn John, High-street

Plumbers and Glaziers.
Burton George, Church-street
Collins James, Church-street
Cross Joseph, High-street
Lockley John, Newtown
Thrustans John, Newtown

Pocket Stilliard Makers.
Lowe Samuel, Newtown
Salter William, Lichfield-street

Basford Stephen, Church-street

Rope Makers.
Hadden Benjamin, sen. Mill-lane
Hadden Benjamin, jun. Mill-lane
Hauxley James, Pinfold-street

Saddlers and Harness Makers.
Brown Charles, Newtown
Holland Charles, High-street

Stone Masons.
Aston John, Bridge-street
Beards Maria, High-street
Stone John, Church-street
Stone Stephen, Coseley

Best Norris, Church-street
Dickinson and Son , Church-street
Price Richard, Church-street

Tailors and Clothes Dealers.
Baker Humpige, Church-street
Beebee G. G. High-street
Millington John, Church-street
Price Joseph, Newtown
Silvey Richard, Church-street
Waldron John, High-street

Tallow Chandlers.
Brown and Sarson, Church-street
Law John, Church-street
Pearson Benjamin, Church-street
Smith William, Bradley

Taverns and Public Houses.
Angel, John Bowen, Hall-street
Acorns, John Becket, Bridge-street
Balloon, Robert Madley, High-street
Black Horse, Ezekiel Morris, High-street
Blue Boar, Thomas Cockayne, Newtown
Big Coal, Phoebe Thompson, Pinfold-street
Bird in Hand, Edward Fosbrook, High-st.
Bull’s Head, (old) Wm. Smith, Church-st.
Bricklayers Arms, John Sheyshutt, Wood-st
Bush, Thomas Cooper, Lichfield-street
Bush, (old) Job Hickman, Wolverhampton street
Brown Lion, Fanny White, Newtown
Bush, John Hoskins, High-street
Cock, William Tomkys, Church-street
Cock, Stephen Hill, Coal Lane
Castle, Joseph Chamberlain, Church-street
Crown, (old) Joseph Mayberry, Crown-st.
Crown, (old) Samuel Brown, Bridge-street
Crown and Anchor, Thos. Hall, Coseley-row
Cape of Good Hope, James Jenks, Wolverhampton-street
Fox, Mary Reynolds, Church-street
George, John Jones, Stafford-street.
Greyhound, Job Hartshorn, High-street
Green Dragon, Clement Hackwood, High-st
Hand and Bottle, Obadiah Johnson, Wolverhampton-street
Hand and Keys, James Foster, Wolverhampton-street
Horse and Jockey, Saml. Holloway, Church- street
Hop Pole, Richard Chambers, Hall-street
King’s Head, Joseph Shale, Field-lane
Leopard, John Fellows, Church-street
Malt Shovel, William Brown, Newtown
Malt Shovel, Susannah Holford, Church-st.
Nag’s Head, Edward Holloway, Wolverhampton-street
Navigation, Abraham Brereton, Pot-house-bridge
Recruiting Serjeant, Joseph Hartill, High-st
Roe Buck, John Hall, Bridge-street
Red Lion, James James, Church-street
Rose and Crown, Joshua Granger, Field-lane
Rose, (old) George Banks, Church-street
Red Cow, William Spencer, Bridge-street
Sir John Moore, Thomas James, High-st.
Spread Eagle, Wm. Taylor, Lichfield-street
Ship & Rainbow, Emanuel Jennings, Back-lane
Swan, Joseph Hill, Church-street
Turk’s Head, Hannah Price, High-street
Waterloo, John Fellows, Newtown
Waggon and Horses, James Walters, Newtown
Wheat Sheaf, Daniel Poyser, Newtown
White Horse, Abraham Cross, High-street
White Lion, Joseph Dancer, Mill Lane

Timber Merchants.
Barker and Bills, Tipton
Round Edward and Sons, Tipton

Tin Plate Workers.
Barber Gerrard
Barratt Hannah, Green Croft
Beebee Thomas and Co. High-street
Beckett J. and Son
Bissell and Son, Newtown
Caddock S. and S. Green Croft
Caddock James, Green Croft
Chandless John, Newtown
Chesshire William, Newtown
Fellows John, Newtown
Fullwood James, Newtown
Hawksford John, Hall-street
Hill Harry, High-street
Mills William, Duck Lane
Smith Daniel (and iron,) Newtown
Thompson Isaac, (and iron) Newtown

Tray and Waiter Makers.
Caddick S. & S. Green Croft
Granger Joshua, Field Lane
Hughes John, High-street
Lowe Thomas, Green Croft
Sower John, Cosetcy
Whitehead G. B. Church-street

Varnish Makers.
Heartall West, Newtown
Heartall John, Priest Fields

Watch and Clock Makers.
Adams Benjamin, High-street
Smith Thomas, Newtown

Wine and Spirit Merchants.
Bath William, Church-street
Oreton William, Newtown
Taylor Montagu, Church-street

Banks William, engineer, Newtown
Bates John, awl, blade, and needle maker, Newtown
Blaris and Stevenson, soap and red lead manufacturers, Tipton
Best James, vyce maker, Church-street
Bickley W. S. Esq. Maynell House
Burton George, hydraulic engine maker, Church-street
Dean William, fine steel ring maker, Church-street
Dodd Thos. saddler’s ironmonger, Newtown
Eyer William, iron undertaker, Newtown
Fellows Ann, steam engine fitter-up, Wood-st.
Goodball Henry, shoe dealer, Wood-street
Hackett William, hosier, Pinfold-street
Hickman John, iron gate and hurdle maker, Newtown
Hill Thomas, fancy gate and hurdle manufacturer, Tipton
Holloway Samuel, boat builder, Church-st.
Hughes Henry, straw hat maker, High-st.
Jenks John, currier and leather cutter, Hall-street
Law John, confectioner, Church-street
Jenkiss Thomas, iron merchant, Mount Pleasant
Marygold Thos. box moulder, Duck Lane
Page S. & J. file-makers, Coseley-row
Perry Mary, butcher, Church-street
Shaw William, hammer-maker, Church-st.
Spencer Thomas, cock founder, Church-st.
Starson William, potter, &c. Bradley
Tranta Samuel, blacksmith, Newtown
Tomkinson Thomas, farrier, Church-street
Woolley Edward, wood screw maker

Fairs at Wednesbury May 6 and August 4, for Pedlary. — Thomas Rogers, Post Master, London Mail, half-past 12 o’clock; North Mail, half-past two o’clock.

Adams Charles, Darlaston
Crowther E.& S. F. (solicitors) Wednesbury

Clark Thomas, Willenhall

Addison Samuel and William, Wednesbury

Bakers and Flour Dealers.
Bayley George, Darlaston
Davis John, Darlaston
Hnmpage William, Church-st. Darlaston
Goodhall Thomas, Willenhall
Hincks Samuel, Willenhall
Naylor Matthew, High-st. Wednesbury
Stone Jos. & Josiah, Market-place, ditto

Boot and Shoemakers.
Beddow James, High-street, Wednesbury
Green John, High-street, Wednesbury
Pedley Richard, (and patten] Willenhall
Pitt William, Willenhall
Smith Samuel, High-street, Wednesbury
Smith Mary, High-street, Wednesbury

Coach Iron Manufacturers.
Lees Wm. and Geo. Bridge-st. Wednesbury
Lees Thos. and Co. High-st. Wednesbury
Wood and Wheeler, High-st. Wednesbury

Curry Comb Makers.
Carpenter John, Willenhall
Read Silvester, Willenhall
Wakelim Thomas, Bell, Willenhall

File Makers.
Best Joseph, Bilston-street, Darlaston
Hanson Charles, High-bullin, Wednesbury
Nevill Benjamin, Willenhall
Wood George, Camphill-lane, Wednesbury

Gass Pipe Makers.
Russell John, High-street, Wednesbury
Russell James, Church-street, Wednesbury

Grocers and Tea Dealers.
Brown Benjamin and James, Wednesbury
Hinks Samuel, Willenhall
Hitchcox Mary, Willenhall
Parkes Richard, Walsall-street, Wednesbury
Pratt Mary, Willenhall
Stockley Moses, High-street, Wednesbury
Tibbetts Ann, High-street, Wednesbury
Tildsley Thomas, Willenhall
Tristram John, (and chandler) Willenhall
Wiggan Richard, High-street, Wednesbury

Gun Barrel Makers.
Rock Samuel, Wednesbury
Russell John, High-street, Wednesbury

Hinge Makers.
Cartwright Abel, Darlaston
Hipkiss Samuel, High-street, Wednesbury

Talbot, Thomas Whitehouse, Willenhall

Iron Founders.
Armfield and Son, Wednesbury
Wilks J. (door-chain, &c. maker) Darlaston

Iron Masters.
Adams Richard, Union-street, Wednesbury
Bills Richard, Darlaston

Dorsett James, Darlaston
Parks John, High-street, Wednesbury

Joiners and Carpenters.
Clark Thomas, Willenhall
Cox James, Willenhall
Horton Walter, Darlaston
Riley Thomas, High Bullen, Wednesbury

Linen and Woollen Drapers.
Adams Joseph and Dodo, High-street, and Stamp Office, Wednesbury
Bayley John, Pinfold-street, Darlaston
Cotterol Peter, High-street, Wednesbury
Davis Joseph, High-street, Wednesbury
Hooper John, High-street, Wednesbury
Lees Ann, High-street, Wednesbury
Rock Joseph, High-street, Wednesbury
Thornhill Charles, Darlaston
Yates William, Darlaston

Lock Smiths, Gun, &c.
Abel John, Bridge-street, Wednesbury
Bayley John, Pinfold-st. Darlaston
Bayley William, Church-street, Darlaston
Brighton Joseph, Darlaston
Duffield Win. (and nail maker) Darlaston
Duncan John, Darlaston
Espeley and Kendrick, Camphill-lane, Wednesbury
Gibbons Samuel, New-street, Wednesbury
Harper Joseph, Bilston-street, Darlaston
Holden William, Church-hill, Wednesbury
Keay William, Market-place, Wednesbury
Slater Edward, Spring Head, Wednesbury
Slater Edward, High Bullen, Wednesbury
Slater Joseph, High Bullen, Wednesbury
Stone Thomas, High-street, Wednesbury
Watson William, Darlaston
Whitehead John, (rim) High Bullen, Wednesbury
Wilks Job, Darlaston
Wilson Edward, Darlaston

Locksmiths in Willenhall.
Badger Thomas
Badger William, (and chest handle maker)
Bratt Joseph
Butler Edward, (pad)
Cooper Benjamin, (brass)
Fox Lydia and Sou, (cabinet)
Gosling Benjamin, (pad)
Haddock Thomas, (rim)
Hadley Richard, (pad) Little London
Hodson Joseph, (pad) Red Lion
Huntbatch George, (rim)
Lonsdale Elias, (mortice and brass)
Lawrance James, (pad)
Lees Priscilla, (rim)
Morgan Richard, (stock) Little London
Parks William, (varnish and pad)
Parks Samuel, (pad)
Pedley Henry, (mortice and brass)
Philips John, (and key)
Pitt Richard, (stock)
Preston William, (cabinet)
Tildsley Samuel, (and latch, &c.)
Wakelim Henrv, (rim)
Walker Elizabeth
Walton Richard, (cabinet and stamper)
Wardle William, (pad)
Whitehouse John, (rim)
Wooton Thomas, (bolt and latch)
Wooton William, (pad)

Bayley George, Darlaston
Barley Ann. DarIaston
Constable Simion, Walsall-st. Wednesbury
Fisher John, Willenhall
Hincks Thomas, Willenhall
Mason Isaac, Willenhall
Round Joseph, Bridge-street, Wednesbury
Stokes William, Willenhall
Whitehouse James,Willenhall
Wright Edward, Bridge-street, Wednesbury

Brown James, Church-hill, Wednesbury
Davis John, Darlaston

Plumbers and Glaziers.
Coleman John, Willenhall
Dixon Joseph, Darlaston
Hughes John, New-street, Wednesbury
Key Thomas, High-street, Wednesbury
Turner Joseph, Willenhall

Gillert Richard, High-street, Wednesbury
Miller and Ball, High-street, Wednesbury

Best William, Church Hill, Wednesbury
Biddle John, Willenhall
Bingham Charles, Church Hill, Wednesbury
Ledbury Robert, Church Hill, Wednesbury
Reynolds Charles, Church-st. Wednesbury
Rooker Abraham, King-street, Darlaston

Taverns and Public Houses.
Bell, William Foster, Church-st. Darlaston
Cock, Samuel Meek, Darlaston
Dog and Partridge, Thomas Patridge, Darlaston
Duke of Wellington, William Small, Darlaston
D. of York, Benjamin Skidmore, Darlaston
Green Dragon, Thomas Key, High-street, Wednesbury
King’s Head, Thomas Stone, High-street, Wednesbury
King’s Head, Edward Wilson, Darlaston
Talbot, Joseph Hatchley, High-street, Wednesbury
Turks Head, John Russell, High-street. Wednesbury

Taverns and Public Houses, in Willenhall.
Angel, Ann Turner
Bell, Thomas Wakelim
Bull’s Head, Joseph Hammersley
King’s Head, John Phillips
Neptune, Isaac Hartill
New Inn, George Freeth
Royal Artillery, Sarah Walters
Royal George, William Duncan
Red Lion, Joseph Hodson
Swan, Thomas George
Three Crowns, Joseph Read
Turk’s Head, Thomas Cartwright

Wine and Spirit Merchants.
Adamson Benjamin, High-st. Wednesbury
Loxton Charles, High-street, Wednesbury

Wood Screw Makers.
Aston Simeon, High-street, Wednesbury
Danks J. & Co. (& hinge makers,) Bridge-street, Wednesbury

Bills Samuel, stirrup, bitt, snaffle, and curb maker, Darlaston
Booth Joshua, bookseller, printer, and stationer, Wednesbury
Bowen David, bridle bit maker, Darlaston
Coleman Thomas, spring saddle tree bar maker, and nail manufacturer, Darlaston
Constable Simeon, pawn broker, High-st. Wednesbury
Fletcher James, salt warehouse, High-st. Wednesbury
Harper John, artist, Church-st. Wednesbury
Hemingsley John, jun. set maker, Pinfold-street, Darlaston
James James, carpenters’ tool maker, Darlaston
James Thomas, tailor and draper, Union-place, Wednesbury
Muckley Thomas, whitesmith, Church Hill, Wednesbury
Oldacre William, hatter, High-street, Wednesbury
Perrens William, roller buckle maker, Darlaston
Perry John, brass founder, Willenhall
Rogers Thomas, watch and clock maker. High-street, Wednesbury
Stevinson Samuel, jobbing smith, Willenhall

Miscellaneous in Willenhall.
Birch John, box ward maker
Bird John, tailor and draper
Braddock James, bolt maker
Clemson John, miller
Freeth George, letter cutter
Grimley John, die stamper and piercer
Lawrance Hugh, chafing dish and gridiron maker
Lees William, painter
Mason Isaac, tray and waiter maker
Milwood Thomas, tailor
Perry William, bolt, gridiron, chafing dish, &c. manufacturer
Rabone Richard, factor
Read Daniel, box ward maker
Read Joseph, steel truss maker to the Stafford Infirmary
Thorneycroft George, & Co. iron masters

Carriers, &c.
Disturnall John, Wednesbury, to Birmingham 3 days a week
Hawkswood Joseph, Bilston, to Birmingham every day except Sunday
Willis Benjamin, Bilston, to Birmingham Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
A Coach daily to Birmingham, from the King’s Arms, Bilston, at half past eight o’clock in the morning

Source: The Commercial Directory 1818; James Pigot, Manchester. 1818

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